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America's health care system is second only to Japan... Canada, Sweden, Great Britain... well, all of Europe. But you can thank your lucky stars we don't live in Paraguay!

-Homer J. Simpson


  • Often nude French actress Élodie Bouchez once again shows all three B's on screem. This time in scenes from "La Faute à Voltaire" (2000).

  • Here is a 3-pack featuring Emmanuelle Devosbaring breasts and bush in a coupl of scenes from 2005's, "Gentille".

  • One more French is Isabelle Huppert baring breasts and bush in a scene from "Gabrielle" (2005).

  • The only Yankee in today's batch of is California girl (and "Grey's Anatomy" co-star") Kate Walsh kinda-sorta showing some breast peeks in an "arty" love scene from "Three Below Zero".



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Loving Annabelle

Loving Annabelle (2006) is a love story which takes place in a Catholic High School between a precocious student, the problem daughter of a US senator (Erin Kelly) and a sympathetic lay teacher, niece of the mother superior (Diane Gaidry). It is a freshman extreme low budget effort from Katherine Brooks. Erin Kelly is the seducer and Diane Gaidry resists as long as she can. The story is really about getting there, so they are caught the first time they have sex, and the consequences in the released version are realistic. There is no way to let a teacher in a Catholic High School get away with a lesbian relationship with a student. However, both characters were sympathetic, which may explain its popularity with gay audiences. Also, the gayness of the relationship really had nothing to do with the consequences.

Diane Gaidry shows breasts in a shower, and a breast in a sex scene. Erin Kelly shows a breast in the one sex scene.

IMDb readers say 7.0, and it won two awards at minor festivals. If this film not contained lesbian themes, it would have probably not have had an audience. Much of the film takes place in the characters heads. Unfortunately, I learned nothing about the girl/girl dynamic from this film. I completely understand why women would like watching films about people like themselves. For men who love seeing girl/girl action, this is not your film. This is made for and by women who love women, and is successful with that audience. I think we will be seeing more and better films from Katherine Brooks. She got very good performances from her actresses, and, in the commentary, is full of ways she could have done it better. This is a lesbian film for lesbians, and, in that limited context. is a C+. Others will likely not enjoy it.

Diane Gaidry

Erin Kelly


"DOA: Dead or Alive"

DOA is a fun little flick, like all game adaptations is not a good movie, but it has a lot of eye candy and if you shut your brain off for 90 minutes, you may enjoy it.

Devon Aoki

Jaime Pressly

Holly Valance

Sarah Carter


"Locos Por El Sexo"


The movie tells the story of Nono,a young schizophrenic who believes he is destined to peace to the world. He is single and has always lived with his mother. When entering the Psychiatric "Santo Job", he discovers friendship thanks to Ramon, a lunatic who is obsessed with estigmas. The director of the psychiatric, a doctor anxious for fame, contacts with the madame of local whore-house (Neus Asensi) so that his patients visit the girls, following a peculiar therapy. The program works. The girls are happy and the crazy guys even more., Nono falls in love with Anita (Inma of the Moral). Everything seems to go well, until one day, one of the whore-house clients "the Míster", starts giving problems, even killing one of the girls. So Nono, Anita and his friends make a plan to stop the bad guys. Not a very good movie, but Inma looks great, so it's watchable.

Inma del Moral

Neus Asensi

No pics today, but check this out!

Young People Fucking (2007)

A Canadian comedy film in production with porn title but given that the director did most Stargate episodes don't expect another Short Bus, Lie With Me or Ken Park. The title will definitely have to change if they want a distributor or even a film festival screening.

Our "Sexy Movie" marathon rolls on and today's featured actress is B-movie veteran Belinda Gavin.


Notes and collages

Lisa Bonetin "Angel Heart"

.... "Angel Heart" is a terrific supernatural mystery about a low-life private detective hired to find a man; any explanation of the plot might spoil the tale. I recommend this film.

---as a side note this is the movie which Ms. Bonet made while also doing the g-rated tv series with Bill Cosby (wherein Mr. Cosby was really really really unhappy about this choice of a film role for her...)

Here are a ton of paparazzi pics of Kate Moss (and her friend) topless at the beach.

Next up, "Desperate Housewives" co-star Marcia Cross Looking very nice in this topless scene from 1996's "Female Perversions"

Maggie Gyllenhaal baring all in my personal favorite of all of her sex scenes. Her she is in 2002's "Secretary"

Pat's comments in yellow...

PURE nightclub in Las Vegas denied a report that they wouldn't pay Britney Spears her $400,000 fee because she passed out and had to be carried out on New Year's Eve. Their spokeswoman said they were "delighted with her appearance" and would love to have her back next New Year's Eve.

*Okay, now I'm starting to suspect that their spokeswoman is drunk.
*But next time, she has to fall on the floor without panties on.
*She'll need a reservation, of course; tickets are $75...
*They might've gotten away with not paying her; she can't even remember being there.

Squint Cingular - Tuesday, Apple introduced what it thinks will be two revolutionary products. Apple TV is a box that connects to your TV so you can watch video streamed or downloaded from the Internet. And the iPhone is a cell phone that also works as an iPod music and video player, Blackberry and computer.

*It's for the driver who feels a regular cell phone just isn't distracting enough.
*The goal is to make it possible to lose everything you own when someone steals your cell phone.
*Are there really that many geeks who want the videos they watch on the Internet to be shown in the family room?

That's Cruel: Tori IS Down And Out! - Catty fashion designer Mr. Blackwell released his lists of the Best and Worst Dressed Women of 2006. His Best Dressed included Kate Winslet, Angelina Jolie and Barbra Streisand. The more interesting Worst Dressed List included (counting down from #10): Meryl Streep, Sandra Oh (for too much jewelry), Sharon Stone ("an over-the-hill Cruella DeVille"), Tori Spelling ("down and out in Beverly Hills"), Mariah Carey, Paula Abdul, Christina Aguilera, Lindsay Lohan and Camilla Parker-Bowles ("the Duchess of Dowdy" whose feathered hats make her look like "a petrified parakeet from the Jurassic age"). The #1 Worst Dressed was a tie between "two peas in an overexposed pod", Britney Spears and Paris Hilton.

*Wait, I don't recall either one of them wearing any clothes in 2006.
*On the plus side, neither of them will ever win any "Worst Panties" awards.
*It's not fair to Lindsay Lohan: she has nice dresses; they'd just look better if they weren't always inside-out and backwards.
*If Sandra Oh wants to get rid of any jewelry, Sharon Stone will take it.
*Camilla could look a lot more stylish if she'd just stand next to the Queen.