Celblok H

Loes Haverkort (breasts) and Isa Hoes (butt)

The Affair
Maura Tierney

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The Ignorance of Blood

2014, 1920x792

Paz Vega

Pilar Mayo

SSI - Sex Squad Investigation


SSI - Sex Squad Investigation has lots of nudity by a number of woman
(although I think I had a censored DVD as I’ve seen more explicit images):

A. J. Khan

Angelina Havusinner

Frankie Babe

Lexi Martinez

Mckenzie Matthews

Rachel Travers

Robyn Hunter

Savannah Gold

Susie Best

Johnny's comments:

Most of these movies I either watched or would see on the shelf down at the video store where I spent way too much time at when I was younger. Hadn't seen either Fortress 2 or When Saturday Comes but I remember both getting plenty of promotion down the local video shop.

Fortress 2 is a cheap knock-off of the original (that was made in Queensland) and bafflingly has Pam Grier turn up for a rather rubbish role 2 years after Jackie Brown. That's the industry in a nutshell...

I could swear When Saturday Comes was promoted at my local video shop for 5 years when it was released. i never watched it, thought it was about football fans, but is actually about a local football star (played by Sean Bean) who gets his chance to play for Sheffield Wednesday, but blows it badly and gets an unlikely second chance after his life goes to shit. Standard stuff really.

Fortress 2


Liz May Brice 1080hd film clip (collage below)

When Saturday Comes


Rebecca Nichols 1080hd film clip (sample below)

Emily Lloyd 1080hd film clip (sample below)

Megan Mullaly in Why Him? (2016, cam, no nudity)

Kika Magalhaes in The Eyes of My Mother (2016, 720p)

Jennifer Lopez booty in stretch pants