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Lots of new seasons kicking off:

Ileana Huxley and Shanola Hampton in Shameless (s5e1) in 720p



Ivana Milicevic and Tanya Clarke in Banshee (s3e1) in 720p



Claudia Mehnert in the latest episode of Kreuzfahrt ins Glueck (Hochzeitsreise in die Tuerkei) in 2015

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The Color of Night



Has it really been twenty years?
The next few days will feature Jane March in this 80s/90s-style erotic thriller, the kind of film that almost make you wish Body Heat had never existed to breathe new life into this genre. You may well remember it as the film with Bruce Willis's dick. All of the images will be found in the edition for Thursday, January 8th

Today: the second film clip of Jane March



Honeymoon is a thriller about newlywed couple Paul and Bea (Harry Treadaway and Rose Leslie) who are to spend their honeymoon at Bea's remote family cabin. Things start off great for the couple, but after a warning to leave from the owners of the local restaurant, Bea is found naked in the forest later that night. Something is wrong with Bea as she now appears distant and does not know basic things about their relationship. She also has strange bumps on her thighs that she explains away as mosquito bites, but over time, Bea gets worse and seems to desperately try to be her former self, as if to remove suspicion, but only adds to it. What has happened to Bea and can she be cured of it before something horrible happens?

Interesting little two-hander that is basically a retread of a very well-known sci-fi fable (if I say which one, it will give away the ending, but you might be able to gather what story by my description), but works on mainly due to its narrow focus and fairly good leads (despite them being British/Irish actors putting on American accents for an American movie, strange casting in hindsight). And I'm not convinced that is Rose Leslie during the nude scenes below as her face and the naked body never appear in the same shot in either scene. Possibly her as Rose has already done a nude scene in Game of Thrones, but no real conclusive proof here.

Rose Leslie collages

TV and Film Clips

Scottie Thompson in The Lookalike (2014) in 720p

Sonia Suhl in When Animals Dream (2014) in 1080p

Asia Meana in Attack Of The Morningside Monster (2014) in 720p

Amanda Ryan in Love Eternal (2013) in 720p

Xenia Katina, also in Love Eternal