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Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.







Warlock 3

Today we have Warlock III: The End of Innocence.  This one gives us two "Babes in Bondage."

First Angel Boris with some T & A before she gets all tied up topless. Caps below and four clips here.

No nudity from Ashley Laurence just a little cleavage and her top ripped open by the bad guy. Caps and one clip here.







Notes and collages

The Stepford Wives

Original version.

Paula Prentiss

Part 2 of 2


Ms. Prentiss is the reason I wanted to collage The Stepford Wives. Katherine Ross showed a lot more pokies overall but watching Ms. Prentiss' braless puppies jump up and down is a grand experience.






"The Hunger"

Season 2: "The Diarist"


Merriam is a witch whose heart was recently broken and she uses her magic for vengeance. Laurissa, though, is also a witch and sets about learning white magic with which to protect Merriam's ex-lover, leading to a battle for his life between the two witches.


Lisa Ann Hadley


Daniela Olivieri







Blue Tiger

In "Blue Tiger" Virginia Madsen is a mother whose little son is accidentally killed during a shootout between rival Japanese Yakuza gangs of Los Angeles. The only clue she has is the killer's tiger tattoo. She becomes obsessed with exacting revenge and dyes her hair black, gets herself a tiger tattoo by Harry Dean Stanton, buys a gun (from a guy played by her real-life brother Michael Madsen), and goes undercover as a sexy waitress in a nightclub where the Japanese mafia is hanging out. She gets too close to a gangster who may be the one who killed her son.

The film has some Eastern philosophy mumblings (like "it will come full circle when the red tiger will meet the blue tiger") and an attempt at a doomed love story to go along the expected shootings and explosions. Despite the weak and hardly believable material she was given, Virginia Madsen displays both her major acting skills and her voluptuous figure in various stages of undress. The trailer advertises this as a film "from the people who gave you American Yakuza!"

Virginia Madsen







Two collections of film clips from Larry Clark's Bully: Bijou Philips and Rachel Miner

A film clip of Sarah Marshall in Sexy Boys

Three film clips from Cashback

Four more looks at Monica Bellucci in Shoot 'em Up

These are UC99's captures and comments, but somebody else's film clip.

I would like to introduce to you Parliamentary Secretary of State in the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, Dagmar Woehrl, member of the conservative CSU party - see her website here. In 1973 she appeared nude in a movie called "Die Stossburg." Film clip.






The Comedy Wire

Comments in yellow...

Here's a new way to warm buildings while conserving energy: a funeral home in Manchester, England, got complaints about how cold the chapel was.  So the Tameside Town Council drew up a plan to harness the heat from the cremation furnace to power the boiler and light the chapel.  They are moving slowly because they admit it's a "sensitive issue" to suggest that mourners be warmed by the burning of their loved ones.  But the Rev. Vernon Marshall said, "As a final act of generosity, it's a lovely way for the dead to provide comfort for the living at a difficult time."

*  And it's not like they're going to kick up a fuss about it.

AFP reports that 10-year-old Diego Palacios of Monterrey, Mexico, didn't want to go back to school after Christmas break, so he used industrial strength glue to stick his hand to the metal headboard of his bed.  His mother couldn't free him, so she called paramedics.   They used a glue-dissolving spray, but it took two hours, as he lay there watching cartoons on TV.  He made it to school three hours late.  His mother said, "I don't know why this happened. He is a very good boy."

*  They obviously have a strong bond. 

Police in Pretoria, South Africa, report that they caught the dumbest criminal of the year. The man came into the police station to report that he'd been held up by an armed gang who stole his cell phone, apparently to get paperwork for an insurance claim.  So police called the number of the phone to see who would answer.  It began ringing ... from the man's pocket.  He was struck speechless for several minutes, then claimed he'd given them the wrong number, but the serial number on his phone matched the one he'd reported stolen.  He was arrested for perjury.

*  And they confiscated his phone as evidence.

*  On the plus side, he got one phone call, and that was easy to make.

Taser International introduced the Taser MPH, the first combination Taser and MP3 music player.  It can be carried in a holster that attaches to your belt, and it holds 150 songs and shoots two darts that can deliver 50,000 volts of stun power.

*  But only if it's loaded with AC/DC. 

*  If the shock doesn't knock your attacker unconscious, you can play some Kenny G at him.

To encourage people to make out wills to protect their loved ones, Britain's Cooperative Legal Services commissioned a survey to rank history's greatest Wills.  Scottish hero William Wallace, played by Mel Gibson in "Braveheart," was #1, followed by William Shakespeare, Willie Wonka, Prince William and Will Smith. 

*  Since the 13th century, it's been all downhill.

*  The greatest will was the one Anna Nicole Smith got her 90-year-old husband to write.

On this day in 1978, a federal judge in Dayton, Ohio, ruled that high schools could not prevent girls from playing on boys' sports teams.

*  But if the boys tackled them, they could be charged with sexual harassment.