Naked on Stage

This time it's Ramola Garai who appeared naked on stage in 2014 in Tom Stoppard's Indian Ink

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The Color of Night



Has it really been twenty years?
The next few days will feature Jane March in this 80s/90s-style erotic thriller, the kind of film that almost make you wish Body Heat had never existed to breathe new life into this genre. You may well remember it as the film with Bruce Willis's dick. All of the images will be found in the edition for Thursday, January 8th

Today: the first film clip of Jane March

TV and Film Clips

Here's Katherine Waterston's long nude scene in Inherent Vice (2014)

Just for reference, here is Katherine Waterston in 2007, topless in The Babysitters in 1080hd

Daffany McGaray Clark in Reach Me (2014) in 720p

Danyi Deats in River's Edge (1986) in 720p

Angie Dickinson in Sam Whiskey (1969)

full screen


Pics and Collages

Juno Temple in Horns (2014)

Kendra Anderson, also in Horns (2014)

Kate Winslet, partial wardrobe malfunction

Wilhelmina supermodel Yara Khmidan