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Keys to Tulsa


DVD quality

Joanna Going film clip (samples below)




Deborah Kara Unger film clip (samples below)




Black Tie Nights

Continuing the first series of Black Tie Nights, the soft core show about two women, played by Amy Lindsay and Tiffany Bolton, who set up an introduction agency. The stories are trivial but there are lots of beautiful naked women.

Episode 5 - The Sex Sense

Amber France - shows the lot

Amy Lindsay - topless

Leslee Renee - topless


Rochelle Renee - topless

Tiffany Bolton - topless

Episode 6 - Luck Be a Lady

Symone Humphris - topless


Tamie Sheffield - topless


Tiffany Bolton - topless

Episode 7 - Girl on Page 19

Amy Lindsay - topless

Belinda Gavin - eye candy

Selena Lori - topless

Episode 8 - Makeover

Amy Lindsay - topless

Janet Tracy Keijsev - shows the lot

Kehli O'Byrne - topless

Tiffany Bolton - topless


Fubar II


Strippers: Shawna Herman and Crystal Molloy topless. The one in the santa hat (Crystal) is in the deleted scenes section but the very last one is missing from the DVD entirely despite being shown in theatres and on the redband trailer.

Dear Mr. Gacey


Creepy serial killer biopic, especially when the lead looks like Sean Penn.

Emma Lahanna: brassiere.

Michaela Mann: bra and panties as hooker.

Andrea Brooks: sexy.

Coopers' Christmas

aka "Coopers' Camera" (2008)

Mullet-ploitation about a sex video found in an old video camera partially taped over a 1985 family Christmas video.

Hayley Lochner: bra and panties.

Kate Campbell: bra and panties.

Jayne Eastwood: upskirt. Avert your eyes. It says
"John Byner has been here" up there.

"Kenny vs. Spenny Christmas Special"


This is the very last episode of the series.

Lori Alter: cleavage as Santa's helper.

Gravy Train


Spoof of 1970s exploitation movies from the makers of "Rock, Paper, Scissors: The Way of the Tosser".

April Mullen: sexy.

Jennifer Dale: sexy.

Katherine East: very nice cleavage.

Melanie Mullen: sexy in car trunk.


(2005; TV movie)

Typical televison movie but it's not on video or DVD.

Thea Gill: sexy.

Jovanna Huguet: nice cleavage.

Stephanie Zimbalist: cleavage.

Michelle Harrison: sexy.

The Last Christmas

 (2010; TV movie)

One of the many Christmas-in-trouble movies featured on the wimmin's network over the holidays.

Jennifer Pudavick: very nice cleavage.

Jennifer Finnigan: sexy only.

Natalie Brown: fully clothed sex.

Mail order Bride

(2008; TV Movie)

A light western.

Daphne Zuniga: cleavage, petticoats and leg.

"Lost Girl"

episode: "Blood Lines" (2010; s1e13)

Season finale. The second season should start shooting this year.

Anna Silk: cleavage.

Inga Cadranel: cleavage.

Ksenia Solo: cleavage, lesbian kiss with Anna.

Zoie Palmer: lesbian kiss with Anna.

Puppets Who Kill


Anna Silk BONUS: Anna in a much earlier role in "Puppets Who Kill" as a nurse at a sperm bank who gives handjobs to assist donors.

"Body Language"

season 2

Eila Balsam spreads her legs and shows some computer nerds a good time in episode "Amateur Night". You may know her as Naked News correspondent Eila Adams.

Marta Ogonek: full frontal in episode "Russian Roulette".



A lot of bad things happen to Natassia Malthe in this movie. Starring in it is one of them. Natassia Malthe: breasts, buns and an excellent crotch shot showing a perfectly shaved bikini line.

Oh, God! Book II


Denise Galik: very nice in sweater. This American b-movie actress has shown up in a lot of Canadian productions lately as if she moved up North.

"Men With Brooms"

(tv series)

Jennifer Dale: sexy in episode "Wedding Knells".

bimbos: various actresses from the final episode.

"18 to Life"

episode: "One Is the Loneliest Number" (s2e01)

Angela Asher: very sexy considering the competition from her much younger co-stars.

Stacey Farber: in cut-off shorts large enough to be her father's.


(New CBC spy spoof comedy series.)


Kathryn Bracht: sexy as dominatrix in first episode.


episode: "She Had You Fooled"

One of the three episodes Global skipped. Dropping episodes mid-season seems to be a new trend.

Alisen Down: sexy

"Power Play"

episode "The Cubicle" (2000; s2e11)

Kari Matchett of the new series "Covert Affairs" shows some upskirt after a session with Dr. Tom.





Bordertown is a standard "immigrants doing it tough in post-war Australia" drama series, until Cate Blanchett turns up as an over-the-top Italian albino gypsy shyster with bright red eyes. In order, her character dares to be 'punched in the stomach', teases her werewolf white pubes, has a graphic DIY abortion, marries a retard, lets a young girl sleep with the retard (girl gets pregnant), blacks up, gets local Aboriginal women to become prostitutes to make money for self and gets arrested for said act. Totally fucking awesome.

Other than that, a nice smattering of nudity, but it's pretty much a forgettable series that somehow, bizarrely made it to DVD.

Cate Blanchett film footage (collages below)


Christine Tremarco film footage (collages below)

Melita Jurisic film footage (collage below)

Linda Cropper film footage

Pat Bishop film footage


Film Clips

Kristen Stewart in Welcome to the Rileys (2010; HD)

Valerie Cruz in La Linea (2009)

Cassandra Harris - nipple escape in For You Eyes Only (1981)



April Burrill in The Chainsaw Sally Show

Deena - the new chick on Jersey Shore

Daria Werbowy 2011 Nude Calendar

Lou Doillon in Sisters (2006)

Chloe Sevigny, also in Sisters

Emmy Rossum in Shameless, season one preview


Kelly Brook and Riley Steele in Piranha 3D

More of Kelly Brook

Ashlyn Brooke, also in Piranha

Gianna Michaels, also in Piranha

Katy Perry on MTV Unplugged