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Today is a Time Machine travel day.


The Klansman


First up all the way back to 1974 for "The Klansman" with 2 chicks having really bad days.

Jeannie Bell has the boobs exposed as she is manhandled by a gang of creeps. Lee Marvin to the rescue. Caps and a clip.


Then Lola Falana shows some T & A in a rape scene. Caps and a clip.



SCOOP's NOTE. Here's a little extra from singer Lola Falana, the Queen of Vegas in the late 70s:

A brief flash or two in another 1970s classic, Lady Cocoa


TV Land

Over to TV Land for Amanda Bynes looking sexy on a visit to "Leno" back in 2007. Caps with a HD clip.




The theme for this week's collages is "early British" with all the movies made between 1966 and 1985.


Blowup (1966) was an enjoyable movie and is rated 7.6 on the IMDB.

The most nudity comes from Jane Birkin and Gillian Hills when they have a bit of a threesome. (There are a few frames of Jane's bush. )


This is accompanied by a film clip.


and Vanessa Redgrave show a bit of side boobage

These are also accompanied by film clips: Veruschka ... Vanessa

Sarah Miles is topless, but everything is hidden.

Curse of the Pink Panther

Joanna Lumley hasn't done a lot of nudity (I would love to get a good copy of Games that Lovers Play where she shows the lot) but there are some nice mud-covered nipples in Curse of the Pink Panther (1983).


Intimate Games

Plenty of naked women in Intimate Games aka Sex Games of the Very Rich (1976).

Felicity Devonshire,

Heather Deeley,

Maria St Clare,

Monika Ringwald,


and Suzy Mandel show the lot.

Anna Bergman,

Barbara Eatwell,

Lindy Benson,

Susan Glanville

and an unidentified woman are topless.

Claire Davenport, for the larger inclined, is in her underwear

and Joyce Blair shows an upskirt, sort of.


No nudity in Loot (1970). Lee Remick shows a bit of sex appeal in her underwear.



Another movie with some nice ladies is Percy (1971).

Antonia Ellis

and Janet Key are topless,

and Britt Ekland shows the briefest of nipple.

Adrienne Posta,

Cyd Hayman,

Elke Sommer,

Tracey Crisp

and Tracy Reed are very sexy in their roles.

Pink Floyd The Wall

You're more likely to watch Pink Floyd The Wall (1982) for the music but

Eleanor David,

Jenny Wright

and some unidentified women are topless.

Privates on Parade

Only brief topless nudity by Nicola Pagett in Privates on Parade (1982).


No visible nudity in Shalako (1968).

Brigitte Bardot is topless but the goodies are hidden.

Honor Blackman is in some passion-killing underwear.

Spaced Out

Lots of nakedness in Spaced Out aka Outer Touch (1979).

Ava Cadell


and Glory Annen show bush.


Kate Ferguson

and Lynne Ross are topless.


The Hunger

The Hunger (1983) shows a topless Ann Magnuson,

Catherine Deneuve (could be a body double)

and Susan Sarandon.

An unknown woman is naked as she goes swimming.


The Innocent

Miranda Richardson shows a breast briefly in The Innocent (1985)

and Kate Foster shows pokies.


Zeta One

Zeta One (1969) is another movie with a number of naked ladies, which seems to be the reason for it. There is certainly no plot.

 Yutte Stensgaard is completely naked.

Anna Gael,

Brigitte Skay,

Carol Hawkins,

Wendy Lingham


and Yolande Del Mar are all topless.

The lovely Valerie Lyon is very sexy wearing pasties

and Dawn Addams is a bit of eye candy.

There are a number of unidentified women in various stages of undress.


Tomorrow: Silk Stalkings



Here's a nice surprise. Katherine Heigl fell out of her blouse in The Ugly Truth.

Various pics of Jane Birkin


Film Clips