Poison Ivy: the Secret Society


Let's get the obvious matters out of the way first. This film has absolutely nothing to do with the first three Poison Ivy movies. It is not really even vaguely similar to them. I can't figure out why they chose to call it what they did, except maybe to sell a few extra DVDs. The title is such a blatant scam that I can't even figure out how they got permission to use that name.

What could the film be called? Well, if they had to rip off an established franchise, the logical title would have been The Skulls 3. In fact, the plot of this film is quite similar to that of the two Skulls movies, except that it deals with a secret sorority instead of a fraternity. A poor girl gets unexpectedly recruited into the powerful secret sorority of rich chicks, and all of her financial woes disappear, but she finds that there is a heavy price to pay. In return, the society expects her to do and to cover up things of a questionable nature. Blah, blah ...

Oh, well, no matter what they called it the film, the plot and the title aren't really all that important, because it's basically a softcore sex film, and it's technically sound, so the only important questions are, "Is it interesting?" and "Is it hot?"

For the most part, the answers are "No." The sex scenes are tepid, breasts only, and three of the four naked women are virtually unknown. The fourth girl, however, does sweeten the pot a bit. It is the cute blonde Canadian Miriam McDonald, who looks like Anna Kournikova, and was the star of DeGrassi: the Next Generation for many years, starting when she was 14. She's all grown up now, 21, although she looks younger and is playing a college freshman.

So if you've lusted after Miriam for years, you're going to be very happy with some of this action! (Shawna's not so bad either.)

Here's Miriam in a sex scene

Here's Miriam in an initiation rite with two other women, Bridie Lunde and Michaela Mann

Finally, here's Shawna Waldron, who did the bulk of the film's topless nudity in two separate sex scenes. One of the more interesting things to see is that her second sex scene is with Greg Evigan. That's right, it's BJ from BJ and the Bear! Geez, that was 30 years ago. He's 55 now, but looks much younger, and keeps his clothes on anyway. Unfortunately for his character, Shawna plays the evil chick, so ol' BJ's fate is not a happy one.


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Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.









Murder at 1600


Not a bad little mix of murder and politics, starring Wesley Snipes.

High quality (1920x1080) film of Mary Moore. Samples below








We are stuck in TV Land for today with Lisa Rinna clowning it up with Richard Simmons earlier in the week on the "Today Show." Lots of sexy legs and a little upskirt from Lisa as Mrs. Hamlin shows off her great body

 Caps and a clip of spectacular quality.








Notes and collages


"Las Vegas"

More of Nikki Cox. Season Two continues.

s2, e8

s2, e9









"Foto Gioia"

Sabrina Salerno is a European singer-actress who has minimal talent on both sides of the hyphen. She does, however have two other talents, and you can see them in this clip.










Electric Blue

In order to get any copies of this series, you have to pray to the Tikki gods and sacrifice a few goats. Germany sells a DVD set, but the episodes are heavily cut. I managed to acquire several of the very earliest, uncut episodes and will present them here.

Today: Michelle Bauer, part 2 of 3. Sample below.

I have to say Iím very surprised that with all the magazine spreads, including that full-on lesbian one, plus several adult movies, several bondage videos, at least one nude wrestling video (and probably a few things I missed), that Michelle didnít end up fully attached to the adult business instead of becoming one of the three most popular scream queens.








The Alphabet Killer


Based on a fictionalized account of the double-initial murders in Rochester New York in the late 1980's, 2008's crime thriller The Alphabet Killer is low action but interesting, with a touch of the supernatural. More importantly, it features Eliza Dushka's first nude scene.

Megan Paige (Eliza Dushku) is a police detective on the trail of a killer of young girls. Highly motivated and feeling extremely stressed out to find the killer, Megan develops Adult Onset Schizophrenia. After months of symptoms including hallucinations and erratic behavior, there is an episode of violence that sends her to the hospital, and leads to her losing her job.

Two years later, Megan's life has returned to some semblance of normalcy, and she is now working as a uniform officer on desk duty, but when another murder of a young girl occurs, Megan is brought in as a consultant, and her life again turns into a living hell. This time, Megan is determined to find the killer regardless of the costs.

Despite some negative reviews from others, I found this to be an interesting and quite different crime story, although the focus was much more on the main character than the crime. Not the greatest I've ever seen, but not bad.


Eliza Dushku






Here's a gyno-cam photoshoot of Czechsploitation actress Marie Veckova

This is what I love about Czech actresses. They're not embarrassed to do such photoshoots under their real name. I've seen North American model portfolios where they have posed for Playboy but won't do any nude modeling, or they will do "erotic" modeling but refuse to do any open leg shots or anything that will make them "uncomfortable." No wonder the North American porn industry is hurting.








Jessica Alba is not naked (as usual) in her Campari calendar, but the pics are extremely high quality, and so is she, so here are four of the best images. I don't know if these pics will sell any booze, but if the Campari lads ever get her naked in pictures of this caliber, I'll buy a few gallons of that shit.

And I don't even drink.

I'll just use it as anti-freeze.

Monica Cruz, Penny's not-as-hot sister. We've seen this before, but I think this is an upgrade.


Film Clips

More from De Unge Aar, the latest Danish film written by Lars von Trier. This time we see Therese Damsgaard. Sample right.

And one more from De Unge Aar, Malin Brolin-Tani. Sample right.

The women of La Ragazza del Vagone Letto: Fiametta Flamini, Gianfranca Dionisi, Silvia Dionisio, and Zora Kerova. This is a sleazy 1979 Italian movie that comes close to hardcore porn.