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Secret Desires


Secret Desires is the latest comedy from Seduction Cinema, and will be released 2/28/2008.

This one again makes good use of their extensive loop library. Darian Caine is a bored housewife who finds an old projector in her closet, and a real of loops. They are supposedly so sexy that she can't help watching and stroking herself. Nor can her husband's coworker, Jackie Stevens, or her neighbor, Molly Heartbreaker. Meanwhile, hubby and a male coworker provide the comic relief as the not altogether unwilling hubby is the object of seduction for his male coworker.

The two disk set includes an audio CD of the sound track, bonus loops, and a "behind the scenes" special. All in all, it is good lightweight erotic entertainment with the always entertaining Darian Caine, and the fascinating Molly Heartbreaker.

Darian Caine and Jackie Stevens show breasts, and Molly Heartbreaker shows everything, as do numerous women in the loops.

Darian Caine

Jackie Stevens

Molly Heartbreaker










Rojo Sangre


We lead it off today with Rojo Sangre, which was written by horror legend Paul Naschy, who also starred in it. We have a "Babe in Bondage," Rebecca Alemany, who is beaten and whipped. Please be warned this is a brutal scene. 2 clips. Caps below.



Amazon Women on the Moon



Wash that away with the delicious nudity of Monique Gabrielle in "Amazon Women on the Moon". Three clips and a sample cap below. (You can see all the caps back in the archives on June 21 of last year.)







Notes and collages

The Stepford Wives

Original version.

Paula Prentiss

Part 1 of ?


Ms. Prentiss is the reason I wanted to collage The Stepford Wives. Katherine Ross showed a lot more pokies overall but watching Ms. Prentiss' braless puppies jump up and down is a grand experience.






"The Hunger"

Season 2: "Sacred Fire"

Luann is a kind and generous woman who volunteers to help the homeless find food and shelter but when she sees Nick, a friend from High School who lives on the street, he warns her that there are street people who are aliens in disguise, intent on killing humans. He knows who is an alien and who isn't, and he has to kill every last alien on earth or die trying. He started with his wife, as any good husband would do. Luann thinks that living on the street has brought Nick to insanity, but she should know better.

Kim Huffman



Lisa Tower








Britney paparazzi: extremely HQ, but no nudity

A film clip of Elizabeth Taylor in The Driver's Seat. 1974 film. It's a VHS cap, 320x240, so the quality is unspectacular, but it still offers a rare look at La Liz in her see-through bra. I've seen caps from this before, but never the live action.

HD caps from Basic Instinct

Sharon Stone

Jeanne Tripplehorn

I need to get this.






The Comedy Wire

Comments in yellow...

"Crime Is The Disease. Meet The Epicure" - Three inmates at a Kane County, Illinois, jail are suing the sheriff, claiming that the food they receive is not up to the standards of other jails.  For instance, they
claim that "cookies and cakes are served soggy due to wet and cracked trays."  The three are seeking $2 million damages. 

*  $2 million?!  We're serving these crooks too damn many cookies and cakes! 

*  These guys should know: they've dined at every jail in Illinois. told the UK Sun that the first Monday in January is the busiest day of the year for divorce filings.  A lawyer explained that when couples are spending less time together, their problems aren't as apparent.  But the holidays force them to be together and face their unhappiness, which is exacerbated by relatives and debts.  Then comes New Year's resolutions, and thinking about what they want for the future, followed by divorce filing on the first day of the first business week of the year.

*  They want to make absolutely sure the divorce will be final before next Christmas. 

*  So if you want to stay married, spend Christmas as far away from your spouse as possible.


Despite claims that violent films breed violence, a University of California study found that the opposite is true: violent movies reduce crime. They examined violence levels in blockbuster movies from 1995 to 2004, and found that on days when people were packing theaters to see the most violent movies, real violence fell.  They estimate that violent movies have cut assaults in the US by an average of 52,000 a year over the past decade because would-be assailants were in theaters, consuming soft drinks and watching violence instead of out drinking booze and causing violence.

*  Of course, the next night, they tried out the ideas they got from the movies.