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Ok...I admit that I conspired with a family of chipmunks to knock off 3 of those pigeons. But I swear on Grannie Scoopy's grave that I have an alibi for the other 60!


  • Two clips of Emmanuelle Seigner from "Backstage" (2005). Toplessness in #1 and underwater triple Bs in #2.

  • Here is Emmanuelle's younger sister, Mathilde Seigner baring (and slapping) her bum in a scene from the 2006 movie "Camping".

  • Our final French babe of the day....Here is Virginie Ledoyen showing all 3 Bs in a scene from "Saint Ange" (2004).



Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.





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Vampire Strangler

Vampire Strangler (1999) is an early Misty Mundae film made when she was 20. The entire cast and crew consisted of her, a boyfriend, and a shaman/strangler/camera man. The DVD is labeled the "extra naughty edition." Mundae sports a tattoo on her shoulder, and a nose stud. The film looks as if it was shot on a consumer grade VHS camcorder. The DVD box describes a reasonable film.

"Lydia (Misty Mundae) has just arrived from her native Romania, and she moves in to the home of her cousin Billy. Bursting with virginal beauty, Lydia is endowed with a luscious body and an inviting mouth that beg to be ravished. It's not long before Lydia succumbs to Billy's sexual advances and her own surging desires. The erotic abilities she possesses are astonishing to behold as she works her eager, straining young body to the breaking point. But while the two of them are in the throes of wild fornication, a deviant voodoo shaman mysteriously appears and utters an evil incantation. The curse transforms Billy into a vampire, and he immediately unleashes his unearthly bloodlust and super-sexual hunger-savagely having his way with Lydia-with her screaming for more. Billy's attack turns Lydia into an insatiable vampire, and it will be her delectable fate to stalk and seduce young female victims to fulfill her deepest, bloodiest, wettest fantasies."

Complete Spoilers Ahead

Now, here is what really happens. Misty strips and gets into a bathtub. Someone starts strangling her. She flops like a fish out of water for about 10 minutes, then the strangler vanishes. Next, she is laying in bed, and the strangler reappears. We get another 10 minutes of her flopping like a fish, then we cut to her calling her cousin and announcing a visit. They roller skate, then go back to his apartment for sex. After he eats her, she blows him, and they screw a little, the shaman who has been dancing in their front yard knocks on the door and hits them up for a donation for his church. When they donate, he gives them a voodoo doll as a reward. The brilliant cousin sticks a needle into the neck of the voodoo doll, turning himself into a vampire, and then bites Misty. That is the entire film, other than the deleted scenes, which are basically more sex.

End Spoilers

Misty is naked for much of the running time, and for the lengthy deleted scenes. While the intercourse could be simulated, the oral sex is not.

IMDb readers say 3.2, and based on 2 dozen votes. This is an easy F, with no story, no production value, poor acting, terrible photography, and the carpet munching sequence is completely masked by his huge hair. So who should see this? Anyone who can't live another day without seeing Misty Mundae's mouth full of cock.

Misty Mundae, all 3 Bs, gyno-views and giving a BJ!


Another visit to the soft core flick, "Sexy Movie".

Today it's former Heff-babe Katie-Lohmann showing off her robo-goodies while gettin' it on.



Here are 4 zipped .wmvs of the scene 'capped above. (1, 2, 3, 4)

Dann reports on "Beyond Dream's Door":

An independent production from 1985 with a no-name cast, this supernatural thriller still manages to weave an interesting story.

A Psychology student is haunted by nightmares that seem inter-connected. In order to gain a sense of what's happening to him, he agrees to take part in dream research. What he doesn't know is that by agreeing to take part in the research, he's also agreed to take part in a dream research experiment.

Initially, the student feels his terrible dreams stem from the unexpected loss of his parents, but as the dreams get worse and more horrifying, he seeks help from various teachers on campus. Still, things continue to get worse.

A decent enough scary story, hampered by some shaky acting, but all in all not a bad effort.

Darby Vasbinder


Starting off in France today with some brief topless nudity by Constance Dollé in Boudu (2005).

Constance Dollé

"You and Me"
Still in France, we have some brief breast exposure by Marion Cotillard in You and Me aka Toi et Moi (2006)

Marion Cotillard

"A Deadly Encounter"
The Hallmark Pay TV Channel in Australia is one of the worst for nudity as they tend to censor their shows, and I presume it is the same in other countries. They even took out the nudity from Full Body Massage, so you can imagine how short (and disappointing) that movie was. So I was a bit surprised when there was some clear breast exposure by France Viens in A Deadly Encounter (2004).

France Viens

No nudity in Sueño (2005), just some cleavage and an upskirt by Ana Claudia Talancón.

Ana Claudia Talancón

"The Driller Killer"
The Driller Killer (1979) is supposed to be a cult horror film, and it certainly has plenty of gore. There is topless nudity by Baybi Day and Carolyn Marz in their only movie appearance.

Baybi Day Carolyn Marz

Here is a bonus, zipped DIVX video clip of Carolyn Marz

"Mars Needs Women"
Another shocker of a film is Mars Needs Women (1967). No nudity but Bubbles Cash gives a brief view of her burlesque act.

Bubbles Cash

No nudity in Prime (2005) but Uma Thurman looks good, as always, and model Mini Anden is there for her looks.

Uma Thurman Mini Anden

"The Eiger Sanction"
The enhanced breasts in The Eiger Sancton (1975) come from Brenda Venus. Some eye candy is supplied by Vonette McGee and Candice Rialson.

Brenda Venus Vonette McGee Candice Rialson

"A Touch of Spice"
Some very good breast exposure by an unknown in the Greek/Turkish film A Touch of Spice aka Politiki kouzina (2003).


From the Skinster...here is UK actress and TV hostess, Zoe Lucker baring a bit of breast in several episodes of of the Brit series "Footballers' Wives".

Pat's comments in yellow...

The Voice Of Morality - In an interview with the French magazine Gala, Angelina Jolie slammed Madonna for "illegally" adopting a baby whose father is still alive from Malawi, which has "no real legal framework for adoption." Jolie said she would never visit an impoverished country where adoption is illegal, for the sole purpose of taking away a baby.

*There would also have to be some sort of movie shoot involved.
*Angelina Jolie would never steal away someone else's beloved family member!
*In Madonna's defense, her sole purpose was not to take away a baby...It was to get publicity.

Better Name: Norma Desmond - The Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics announced the discovery of a diamond 4,000 km (2,485 miles) across, or 10 billion trillion trillion carats. It's a chunk of crystallized carbon 50 light years away in the constellation Centaurus, named "Lucy" after "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds." Astronomers said it's an old star that once burned brightly, but faded and shrank. They said our sun will also die and turn into a giant diamond in five billion years.

*Elizabeth Taylor wants to know if it could hurry up a little.
*Kobe Bryant has already bought it for his wife.
*Why can't NASA go there and finally have a space mission that shows a profit?