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Plugg is a 1975 sex comedy where a private detective Plugg (Peter Thompson) is tasked with getting information the shut down an escort agency called Pussycats. He decides to follow one of the Pussycats, Kelli Kelly (Cheryl Rixon) when she hooks up with farmer (Phil Cleary) who spends a bit of time with her and get the evidence necessary. A cop, Inspector Closer (Norman Yemm) and a bumbling sidekick (Reg Gorman) attempt to stop Plugg while a very determined parking inspector (Bon Maguire) just keeps booking everyone. After Plugg gathers the evidence, the cops arrest Plugg on the charge of 'excessive ogling'. Will Plugg beat the charge? Will the Pussycats be shut down? Do I care?

Well, the rare Perth-shot movie is an absolute abomination, a sex comedy with gags that were dated in the 60s, baffling references to the Pink Panther, not a lot of sex and vast periods of the movie with no nudity, a lead actor who is absolutely useless and wears a trenchcoat for most of the movie and completely naked when he's not, possibly spending more time than Penthouse Playmate Cheryl Rixon naked, a terrible selling point if ever there was one. All this just to get Cheryl Rixon naked and it's feels like a complete waste of time and probably cheaper just to buy a Penthouse magazine back in the day. At least you can keep that. Alvin Purple does this type of movie so much better.

Quite possibly one of the worst Australian movies ever made...

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