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The Color of Night



Has it really been twenty years?
The next few days will feature Jane March in this 80s/90s-style erotic thriller, the kind of film that almost make you wish Body Heat had never existed to breathe new life into this genre. You may well remember it as the film with Bruce Willis's dick.

Today: all of the images

lots of Jane March

and one of somebody else

She Wants Me


Elizabeth Brissenden film clip (collage below)



Leila Leigh film clip (sample below)

Jennifer Jostyn film clip (sample below)

America Olivo film clips (samples below)

Pics and Collages

Kate Moss hanging around topless, as is her wont

Rachel Weisz in The Constant Gardener

The last great nude scene of 2014: Katherine Waterston in Inherent Vice

TV and Film Clips

And the first great nude scene of 2015 - already in 1080p: Charisma Carpenter in Bound

Franziska Walser in Nie Mehr Wie Immer (2015)

Kathleen Wise and Monique Zordan in Four Nights in the Hamptons (2014) in 720p



Melanie Nicholls-King in The Wire (s3e12) 720p

(the other woman in the scene is Sonja Sohn

Brigitte Lahaie in Island Women (1980)

Anitra Ford in the original version of The Longest Yard (1974) in 720p