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Love Boat

The Love Boat ran for about 10 years, from 1977 to 1987. There was no nudity but pokies and cleavage were in abundance. For those who came in late, each episode usually consists of three stories. Two-part episodes sometimes consisted of four or five stories. The characters and The Love Boat's crew generally work within one of those stories.

These collages cover the first half of the fifth season and were first screened in 1981 and 1982.

Theme song here, to get you in the mood

Ep. 1 - The Expedition/Julie's Wedding/The Mongala/Julie's Replacement/The Three R's/The Professor's Wife Part 1

Delvene Delaney (an Aussie sex symbol from the 70s) - sexy

Jenilee Harrison - pokies

Katherine Helmond - not bad for a 53 y.o.

Michelle Phillips - cleavage

Episode 2 - The Expedition/Julie's Wedding/The Mongala/Julie's Replacement/The Three R's/The Professor's Wife Part 2

Delvene Delaney - sexy

Donna Dixon - cleavage

Jenilee Harrison - pokies

Michelle Phillips - nice

Episode 4 - The Incredible Hunk/Isaac, the Marriage Counselor/Jewels & Jim

Christopher Norris - cleavage

Joan Van Ark - lovely pre-emasculation

Lauren Tewes - pokies

Episode 5 - Country Cousin Blues/Daddy's Little Girl/Jackpot

Lauren Tewes - cleavage

Randi Oakes - cleavage

Episode 6 - Chef's Special/Kleinschmidt/New Beginnings

Trisha Noble - sexy

Episode 7 - The Lady from Laramine/Vicki Swings/Phantom Bride

Irlene Mandrell - sexy

Juliet Mills - cleavage

Ep. 8 - Farnsworth's Fling/Three in a Bed/I Remember Helen/Merrill, Melanie & Melanesia/Gopher Farnsworth Smith Part 1

Linda Evans - sexy

Morgan Fairchild - sensational cleavage

Ep. 9 - Farnsworth's Fling/Three in a Bed/I Remember Helen/Merrill, Melanie & Melanesia/Gopher Farnsworth Smith Part 2

Jessica Walter - cleavage

Linda Evans - cleavage

Morgan Fairchild - cleavage

Episode 10 - Love, Honor, and Obey/Gladys and Agnes/Radioactive Isaac

Berlinda Tolbert - bikini cleavage

Lauren Tewes - pokies

Episode 11 - He's My Brother/Zeke and Zelda/Teach Me Tonight

Elaine Joyce - sexy

Lauren Tewes - pokies

Susan Richardson - sexy

Unknown - nice

Episode 12 - Take a Letter, Vicki/The Floating Bridge Game/The Joy of Celibacy

Carlene Watkins - sexy bikini cleavage

Episode 13 - Doc Take the Fifth/Safety Last/A Business Affair

Britt Ekland - cleavage

Irena Ferris - cleavage

Judy Norton-Taylor - cleavage

Episode 14 - Good Neighbors/Captain's Portrait/Familiar Faces

Arlene Golonka - sexy

Episode 15 - I Don't Play Anymore/Gopher's Roomate/Crazy for You

Joanna Cassidy - cleavage

Mackenzie Phillips - nice

Unknown - sexy

The Skin I Live In


La Piel Que Habito (The Skin I Live In) is the latest from Spanish director Pedro Almodóvar and it's as weird as ever. Dr. Robert Ledgard (Antonio Banderas in his first Almodóvar film since 1989's Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down! Can't believe it's been that long) is a world famous specialist on growing skin for humans who has developed skin that can not be harmed. He is helping Vera Cruz (Elena Anaya, ah Almodóvar couldn't resist with Vera Cruz, could he?) seemingly recover from shocking injuries and has rebuilt her skin with this perfect skin. One day, the doctor's maid Marilia (Marisa Paredes) is contacted by her deadbeat son, who bursts into the house and ties up his mother and spies Vera on the monitors and he loses it. She looks exactly like someone he knew and was supposedly burnt to death in a fire. He grabs Vera and rapes her, only to be then shot dead by the returning doctor. The doctor soothes Vera and then we head back 6 years we're at a wedding that is attended by the doctor and his mentally unstable daughter Norma (Blanca Suárez). During the night, she sneaks off with Vicente (Jan Cornet) where they are about to have sex, but Norma is confused as to what is happening and fights him off. Vicente strikes her unconscious then leaves the party, but not before the doctor as seen him leave. He finds his daughter who wakes up and thinks he has attacked her. He put her in a psychiatric hospital and finds Vicente and kidnaps him, taking him to a remote place and chaining him up. When Norma dies tragically in hospital, the doctor is about to unleash one unholy revenge on Vicente. And that's just the start of it... Yeah, you know I'm an easy lay when it comes to anything Almodóvar does, I've been loving his films for about 20 years now. The Skin I Live In is definitely one of his more twisted ones and it's taken me a few days to work out how twisted it is. The twist is truly fucked up and the more I think about it, the more fucked up it seems. I loved the Eyes Without A Face vibe to opening act of the film and it's great to see Banderas back. Elena Anaya (in her first Almodóvar film, shocking I know...) is gorgeous in this film and is great in the final act. The Skin I Live In is a very good Almodóvar film, not amongst his best, but up there though, very enjoyable and mind boggling at the same time ...

Elena Anaya

Blanca Suarez