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  • First up, two vids of French actress Elsa Zylberstein. Here she is baring breasts, bum and some underwater bush in a scene from "La Petite Jérusalem" (2005).

  • Here is one more of Elsa Zylberstein. This time we see her topless in the tub in a scene from "Petits meurtres en famille".

  • Our second French babe for the day...Here are two vids of Isabelle Carré showing some breast views in scenes from "Quatre étoiles" (2006).

  • Once again, here is Isabelle Carré. This time showing breasts as well as a hint of frontal nudity in scenes from "Bain de jouvence".



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"The Art of Dying"

The Art of Dying (1991) is a cop thriller directed by and staring Wings Houser. Someone is luring runaways who want to break into show business to auditions, and reenacting famous murders on film, but actually killing the kids. Wings isn't exactly famous for his sensitivity. In the opening scene, for instance, he and his partner respond to a domestic disturbance. He stops to get a hot dog on the way into the building, despite the screams coming through the window. They enter the apartment, and the husband attacks. He stabs Wing's partner. When Wings finally gets the best of him, the wife jumps him. He flings her ... right out the upper floor window.

His reputation doesn't jibe with the rest of his actions, however. He goes way out of his way to try and protect runaways and return them to their parents, and has an ongoing relationship with a mysterious woman, Kathleen Kinmont, who shows up at his Malibu beach front cottage, fucks him silly, then leaves.

He is certain a local pimp is implicated in the deaths, but police shrink Michael J. Pollard warns him that a much taller man committed at least one of the murders, the one that covered the Psycho shower stabbing. As happens in any tough cop film, he is suspended, and must continue to investigate anyway.

We have breasts and buns from T. C. Warner as a victim, breasts from Angela Rae as another victim, and breasts from Kathleen Kinmont in a pretty hot sex scene.

IMDb readers say 3.8. This score is certainly not for the plot outline which could have been made into a very good film, but for the execution. A little more energy, and some suspense hook to boost the curve of excitement, and this could have been an excellent film. The acting was not glaringly bad. I basically like tough cop crime films, both comic/buddy films, and hard nose investigator types, and hence found this acceptable. We will call this a C-, enough to satisfy genre fans, but it could have been much more.

Angela Rae, just barley showing goodies.

Kathleen Kinmont covered in suds, and then covered in milk

T.C. Warner in her nude and screen debut.


An addendum to yesterday's post....

Ildiko Ferenczi did show her trimmed beaver in "5ive Days to Midnight" but there's some confusion because the stripbar scene contained shots from both the uncensored R-rated shoot and the PG-rated shoot where all the strippers and topless waitresses are covered up. The PG-rated shoot was probably meant for syndication (the dirty s-word in my vocabulary).

Here is a better resolution cap now in hamstercam mode.

Ildiko Ferenczi

New for today...I also posted a Caroline Rhea video in jigglevision. The original file is 2Megs in mpeg format.
Click here to check it out.

Today we have a little soft core from "Sexy Movie".

Here is Dawn Arellano showing it all in a love making scene from this decent little flick which actually had some plot and even a few laughs.



Here are 5 zipped .wmvs of the scene 'capped above. (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

Notes and collages

Linnea Quigley in "The Return of the Living Dead" (1985)

...I had forgotten just how much time Ms. Quigley pranced about very nude in this film!
"Hotel Erotica - The Competition"
Starting with a couple of episodes from the Hotel Erotica Season 1 (2002). First up is The Competition, with nakedness from Cynthia Shaw, Jennifer Lawrence and Diana Espen (April Flowers). Lauren Hays is a bit of enhanced eye candy.

Cynthia Shaw Jennifer Lawrence

Diana Espen (April Flowers) Lauren Hays

"Hotel Erotica - Chasing Jamie"
More of the same by Angela Nicholas, Lauren Hays and Stephanie Swift.

Stephanie Swift Angela Nicholas Lauren Hays

"Adam & Eve"
At the other end of the scale, nudity wise, is the teen flick Adam & Eve (2005). The nudity either comes from some unknowns viewed on a TV screen or it's hidden. The relevant actresses are Emmanuelle Chriqui, Courtney Peldon, Lisa Wilhoit, Lacey Beeman and Brianna Brown.

Emmanuelle Chriqui Courtney Peldon

Lisa Wilhoit Lacey Beeman Brianna Brown

Thanks to DeadRed for these 'caps of the über-busty Julia Anderson going topless in scenes from the "Masters of Horror" episode, "Right to Die".

From the Skin-man, here is British babe Saffron Burrows showing off her bum and also showing a bit of breast exposure in scenes from "Klimt" (2006).

Also from "Klimt" here is Verena Mundhenke baring all 3 of her beautiful Bs.