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More Kim

Kim Cattrall shows her stuff on Sunday night's Sex and the City 

DAI's version

Graphic Response's version


"Mountain of the Cannibal God" (1978)

La Montagna del dio cannibale (1978), or Mountain of the Cannibal Gods is being re-released tomorrow. This new version appears to be remastered, and contains 17 minutes of additional footage, which, as near as I can tell, has never before been released. The first 2/3 of the film is a nature study, as we see jungles and jungle creatures doing what jungle creatures do, as  Ursula Andress, her brother, and the rest of their band search for the forbidden Mountain of the Cannibal God. The most controversial segment of the film occurs during this portion. Seems they had a boa who followed them like a puppy while they were filming. The decided to include it in the film, but it was sleeping, so they walked a small monkey past it. Not only did that wake the snake up, but made him hungry. Final score, snake over monkey, one-nil.

There is some nudity during the first section. We see Ursula undressing (breasts only), and an unknown showing breasts while seducing her brother. Once they climb the mountain, things switch to high gear. Ursula is declared a Goddess (these cannibal savages know talent when they see it), stripped, and painted orange. Here, we see breasts, buns and bush. The unknown exposure among the natives is bordering on hardcore. We see a couple doing the doggy, a woman masturbating, including a gyno shot, and inserting one finger, and some guy banging a wooly beast. There is also a graphic scene wherein someone tries to rape Ursula. They catch him, Bobbitize him, then slit him open for dinner.

The film has been criticized for having very little cannibalism. There is a scene where some natives eat the intestines of an iguana, a very graphic scene where they fight over human intestines and force Ursula to take a bite, and a meal where they chow down on raw birds and live snakes. IMDB rates it 4.1 of 10. Scoopy said solid genre film (C), but, based on the clean transfer and the added footage, I will have to upgrade that to a C+.  Even the National Geographic portion is almost watchable with this high quality transfer.

Don't miss unknowns 12 and 14 if you are the type who picks and chooses


You just knew that Hugo would get to this soon. Here are his versions of Dancing at the Blue Iguana

Hugo also looked at Something About Sex

And one more, of Uma Thurman in The Golden Bowl



Scoop, for the Babe in Bondage we have Maggie Myatt in 1997's box-office bonanza "The Man Next Door".  (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9).  She Really gets roughed up. Too  bad she didn't lose the Sweater. Terrible movie

We cranked the Time Machine back to 1980 for sexy Nancy Allen in "Dressed to Kill". (1, 2

Oh and a couple of leftovers full size of Lisa Watkins and Micki Anne Corbin in "Night Train to Terror".

HBS Grafix

Chloe Sevigny in "Boys Don't Cry" (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)

Katja Flint in two movies. Second one is "Marlene". Not sure about the first (1, 2)

Nic Nac

Reaching once more into the very back shelves of the Vault of Obscurity


Nastassja Kinski in "Maria's Lovers"


Vlatka Simac in "Moscow" (1, 2)

Mr Skin

The older version of Helena Bonham Carter, otherwise known as Sandrine Bonnaire,  in "Tir Vue" (1, 2, 3, 4). This  scene is new to my eyes.


Deborah Kaufmann in "Der Koenig der letzten Tage"


French Porn Star Chloe des Lysses (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8)

From Tsunami - Olivia Pascal and Elizabeth Tessier

Silly Stuff


Ciccolina whips one out and asks the Hungarian masses, "Hungary?" Let's pray this doesn't give Janet Reno any ideas.  (Pat Reeder
The Comedy Wire)

Election hopeful exposes breast to show political stance

A prospective candidate in Hungary's general election says she exposes one of her breasts to reflect her political views. Porn star Ilona Staller, alias Cicciolina, says she shows her left breast to reflect her left-wing political views. She says she does not think her 'trademark' publicity stunt will be too daring for Hungarians.

In an interview published in the Magyar Nemzet daily, the Hungarian-born actress said: "The Hungarians' problems are not my breast or that they are too prudish, but that because of the intervention of the current government they have fallen back instead of advancing."

The 50-year-old plans to run as an independent candidate in Budapest's working-class Kobanya neighbourhood.

Staller, who was a member of the Italian parliament for five years starting in 1987, says she is most concerned about such social issues as public health, homelessness and the problems of pensioners. "Although lots of things tie me to Italy, I have always considered myself
Hungarian," said Staller.

The first round of Hungary's general election will be held on April 7.

Scoop's note: in a related story, Pat Buchanan agreed to conduct his next campaign with his right testicle exposed.

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