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Australia - A Bug's Life

Italy - Cosi E la Vita

Brazil - Meet Joe Black

Japan - Armageddon

France - Mulan

South Africa - Rush Hour

Germany - Enemy of the State

Spain - The Mask of Zorro

Hong Kong - The Conman

Sweden - Enemy of the State

Estonia - theatre closed

  • Jennifer Connelly
  • From Krypton, here are several 'caps of Jennifer Connelly in a love scene with Antonio Banderas, from the movie "Of Love and Shadows".
  • Jennifer Connelly in "Of Love and Shadows" #2.
  • Jennifer Connelly in "Of Love and Shadows" #3.
  • Jennifer Connelly in "Of Love and Shadows" #4.
  • Jennifer Connelly in "Of Love and Shadows" #5.
  • More Rasslin' with Crow
  • You can always count on Crow to cover the ringside action. From WWF Raw, here's Terri Runnels getting beaten up, oh and falling out of her clothes in the process.
  • More of Teri Runnels caught during her soon-to-be-nominated-for-an-Emmy performance.
  • An excellent close up of Teri's thong.
  • One final 'cap of the Rasslin' babe.
  • Elisabeth Shue
  • From the movie "Cousin Bette", here are a few 'caps of Ms. Shue's bum.
  • Another dorsal view.
  • A closer look at Elisabeth performing the official right of passage for all men ages 13-17 during the 70's.
  • One more from "Cousin Bette", this time a semi-rare exposed breast.
  • From Graphic Response
  • Giving new meaning to the phrase, "milk, it does a body good", here's the famous drooling scene with Emmanuelle Seigner in "Bitter Moon".
  • Next, Graphic salutes the erotic thriller, "Wide Sargasso Sea". First, here's a collage of Karina Lombard.
  • Next from "Wide...", this next tribute collage features Rowena King.
  • From Elliffen Graphix
  • First up from Elliffen, here's former Penthouse pet, and actress from such great B-movies as "Phantasm II", "Angel 4: Undercover", and of course "Rock n' Roll Cops"'s Samantha Phillips.
  • Next, from "Women: Stories of Passion" episode: "The Lover from Another Planet", here are vidcaps of Amy Lindsay.
  • One more of Amy Lindsay from "Women...".
  • Fun House Variety
  • From the movie "Zandalee", here's Erika Anderson, by The Night.
  • More fun from the Russ Meyer, Roger Ebert classic "Beyond the Valley of the Dolls", here's Dolly Read. Thanks to Donbun.
  • Dolly Read in "Beyond the Valley of the Dolls" #2, By Donbun.
  • Vidcaps of Diana Frank, from the movie "Arranged Marriage", by EOS.
  • Diana Frank by EOS #2.
  • This one is definitely for the Euro Scoopy (and Canadian) folks...From Maelstrom's Eye, here's Xenia Seeberg from "Lexx: The Series". I think her breasts are covered in sauerkraut!
  • One thing I miss most from the 80's (besides velcro, and neon shoelaces) are all of those "Deathstalker', and 'Sword of the Conquerer', type movies. We really need more of those on the straight-to-vid circuit in the new millenium. But I guess you can't throw ninjas and Hummers into those things. Oh well, let's remember the good old days with these 'caps of Maria Socas in "The Warrior and the Sorceress".
  • From ReCap, here's another 80's flashback, a shower scene with Cheryl-Ann Wilson from "Cellar Dweller".
  • Finally today, from "Spin City", here's Jennifer Esposito.
  • You'll find more great work by Chumba, Elliffen, Valentino and more at the StarNet web site. Click Here.