France, season one, 1080hd

Chloe Jouannet in episodes 2 and 6

Claire Keim in episodes 4 and 5

France, episode 4, 1080hd

Roxane Duran

Yes No Maybe
Denmark, season two, 720p

Carla Philip Roder in episode 1

Carla Philip Roder in episode 3


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"The Wire"

s1e3, 1920x1080

Wendy Grantham

Dierdre Lovejoy




Ana Girardot

Vanessa Guide

A Tous les Vents du Ciel


Noemie Merlant

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Death Wish


An unknown woman bares a bit of behind

and Kirby Bliss Blanton shows some cleavage in Death Wish

Brick Dollhouse


more 60s exploitation fare

Janice Kelly

Behind the Centrespread

1981, 1080hd

The Centrespread was the focus of yesterday's Moronic posts.
This represents the extras from the Centrespread Blu-Ray.

Julie Sims and Amber film clip (sample below)

Brenda Knowles film clip (sample below)

Helina Hamilton film clip (sample below)

Kylie Foster film clip (samples below)

Pam Walker and Jane McIntosh film clip (sample below)

various women film clip (sample below)

Sara Malakul Lane in Who's Watching Oliver (2017) in 1080hd


season seven, 1080hd

The series had a nudity slump in its middle years. This side-boob scene was about it for the 7th season, and it was from the season premiere. After that - pretty much nothing.

Sheeri Rappaport in s7e1

Aniston booty, 1996