What a day!

As I explained earlier on Other Crap, I'm stuck far from home in a small trucker motel on interstate 70. The interstate is closed going east. It's open but undriveable going west. We had ten inches of snow yesterday followed by -30 wind chills last night. As a result of that combination, all the roads, although now plowed, are like hockey rinks. I have no way to get home, and our hotel currently has no phone, no internet and no TV, so I'm making do with a laptop tethered to a slow smart-phone 3G connection. Hey, I'm happy just to be safe and warm. Thank God the motel never lost electrical power when they lost everything else.

It's interesting that almost everything around us was closed today except those anchors of American life, Wal-Mart and McDonald's. (Also at our exit: Burger King and Wendy's, neither of which opened today!) The Wal-Mart was open with only ten employees. At the time I went in there, my son and I were the only customers, and the only register open was the little express lane where they keep the cigarettes. There were no parking places cleared by the plow, but a path was plowed in front of the store. We parked about five feet from the front door, as if the mammoth store were a 7-Eleven. Amazing! Because that store was open, my son and I were able to live a normal day in our rinky-dink motel, with plenty of food, entertainment and reading material. The McDonald's, which we could walk to from our motel, ran the place all day with a crew of four - and they did a damned good job. They couldn't keep the dining area clean, and they ran out of many things, but they kept everyone fed and full of hot coffee.

Anyway, bottom line: I'm only going to be able to report the big stories until we get out of here. I have some material on two hard drives, but I don't have Aesthete's stuff. I do have Defoe's other film clips, but they are very large ones, and I don't have the connection speed to get them to the server.

So I'll catch up on everything else when I finally make it back to Stately Scoopy Manor.

For now, here's what is important:

Emmy Rossum did a nice topless scene on the season premiere of Shameless.

And we got a better version of Margot Robbie's nude scene in The Wolf of Wall Street

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