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One More Saturday Night


A 1080p film clip of Bess Meyer

Killer Joe


Scoop's note: This is a re-run. One of the film clips was corrupt when I first posted these a couple of weeks ago. Here are all the replacement files.

1080p film clips of Juno Temple

1080p film clips of Gina Gershon


Golden Temple Amazons


It's time for caps and clips of a Jess Franco movie sometimes called Golden Temple Amazons and at other times referred to as Amazons in the Temple of Gold.  No matter: we got a temple and we got gold but most important for all of us of the Funhouse, we got Amazons.  I dunno, maybe two dozen of em, topless.  All but two are background scenery.  As Jess Franco movies go this one is less icky than most; a few people die and there is the usual cinematic portrayal of sadism of the Medieval sort, but this time he does not revel in the pain.  The dialogue is laughable, the worst I have heard since I struggled through half of the original Expendables (good grief that movie was horrible at a level that redefined the word).  And the action - if'n that's what you wanna call it - is oh so silly. What brings up to the table, however, are the nekkid ladies. And as is always the case, Jess delivered, big time.

As the principal actress, Analia Ivars, spends the entire movie wearing an upper garment that appears constructed of four fox tails hanging loosely from a collar.  If you are a fan of side boob this movie is for you; and often enough the individual tails swing to the side and there for all to see is usually one but sometimes two breasts for all to see.  Lovely breasts, too, for this movie was made when Analia was in her prime time.  There are eight scenes - the cap and clip numbers match so that each delivers the same goods - many outdoors but a few inside the temple of gold.  My favorite caps are those in #7 - it is constructed from a couple of slow pans from face to hootie.  Analia would go on to star - if that is the correct phraseology - in several other Jess Franco movies; those include two films shot 12 years later (Lust for Frankenstein and Mari-Cookie) when the bloom had come off this particular rose.  In Golden Temple she was cute as a button and ever so attractively built.

Alicia Principe plays the wife of a treasure hunter.  At the first sign of water she strips down and jumps in.  Alicia is a slim, lovely lass; she is the only one to go full frontal.  Gotta love that babe.  Hers is one of a couple of scenes in which a hippopotamus plays the heavy, not just in absolute tonnage but also in menacing presence.  Apparently, Jess was of the opiniont that hippos are predators.  A second scene has Alicia wake up nekkid next to everyone else in her party.  She is topless for a minute before her hubbie takes off his poncho and gives it to her to wear.  The bastard.

Eva Leon is a Jess Franco staple.  Every movie of his has a woman of some advanced vintage look and act the part of a sadist.  SS matron or women's prison warden or, in this case, office manager to the head Amazon, there is always such a character at the center of a Franco movie.  Eva is none too attractive, particularly from behind.  I mean, really you are cast in the part of a person who struts around in a thong and you do nothing to tone up those glutes??  The horror, the horror.  Eva is in two scenes.  She wrestles and loses to Analia in a prearranged contest and then she gets all bad-ass (as if the thong view were not enough) on Alicia and her hubby.  In both cases, the golden vest she wears flies open early and often to reveal upper goodies.  Again, I am not a fan but there you go.

Finally Francoise Blanchard plays a topless spokeswoman for the head Amazon.  She tells Analia's parents to scoot because they have stolen gold from the temple and... well you know the drill: dad is a prick, picks a fight, dies, takes his idiot wife with him and that leaves Analia's character to grow up in the forest, which looks like it should be Africa although I was pretty certain the Amazons were said to live in Asia Minor.  But who am I to quibble?  Francoise is a classic beauty.  The movie would have benefitted greatly had she spent much more time on the screen, clad as she was. 

There is also a clip of topless Amazons riding around on horseback.  All other Amazons were blond but in this clip there's a redhead or two.  Go figure. 

Today: part 2. Clips and caps of the other women besides Analia Ivars

Alicia Principe

Eva Leon solo

Francoise Blanchard

Eva Leon with Analia Ivars

Random amazons



Defoe's clips for the week:

Claire Keim in Jusqu au Bout du Monde (2013) in 1080p

Delphine Chaneac in another episode of Le Transporteur (s1e7 in French numbering)

Emilie Dequenne in A Perdre la Raison (2012)

Christelle Cornil in Au Cul du Loup (2011)

Camille de Sablet and Valerie Lang in Holiday (2010)

and one vintage ... Catriona MacColl in Peau de Chagrin (1980)


Film Clips

 Christiane Paul, Maria Ehrich in Das Adlon: Eine Familiensaga (2012)

Ana Kavalis, also in Das Adlon: Eine Familiensaga

Alexia Rasmussen in The Comedy (2012) in 720p

Kate Lyn Sheil in Green (2010) in 720p

Sophia Takal, also in Green

Keira Knightley in The Jacket (2005) in 720p



Sadie Alexandru in s1e10 of Femme Fatales

Diana Elizabeth Torres in s1e11 of Femme Fatales