"Spartacus: Blood and Sand"

Episodes 1 and 2

Do you like movies about Gladiators, Billy?

The story of Spartacus is about a man fighting for honor and the things he loves, and that story has inspired men for generations. Set in ancient Rome about 70 years before the time of Jesus, at the tail end of the Republic, when Julius Caesar was in his twenties, it incorporates a backdrop of scheming, violence, and all possible variations of bawdy conduct. The style is pretty cool as well, although it is a blatant copy of the film 300.

I have a feeling this show might get huge. If it were on HBO I would be certain, but I just don't know if Starz has the muscle to create hit original programming from their marketing base. But they did great with the content. It is big, lurid fun. I think you guys are gonna like what we see in this series. I enjoyed it a lot.

And if it does not become a hit for Starz, it will nonetheless become a hit on this page (and Dudes as well), since it features plenty of sex and nudity, including full frontals from both sexes. (And, it is rumored, a gay gladiator who betrays his sexual preferences with an erection at an embarrassing time.)  In terms if sex and nudity, this will be "Rome" squared. Look for this show to dominate the best nude scene voting next year. (Lucy Lawless already placed high this year from the screener alone. Wait until we start seeing this in HD!)

In Episode 1, the Spartmeister defies the order of a glory-hungry Roman soldier so that he can go home to defend his village. Needless to say, this does not play well in Rome. Spart is hunted down. His wife is sold into slavery and he is sent to the arena to die, which he stubbornly refuses to do. When he knocks off a bunch of armed gladiators with his bare hands, his life is spared and he gets a full scholarship to gladiator school.  Episode 2 shows his school days, right up until his graduation, which he earns by not being dead. (In those days you could easily identify the valedictorian. He was the guy breathing.)


Here is the complete catalog of nudity (female variety) from the screeners for the first two episodes. (The quality is not so good. But imagine the HD stuff we will see in about two weeks!))

Episode 1

Episode 2

Here's the HD trailer, which includes a quick open blouse from Lawless and some miscellaneous hanky-panky.


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Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.







Horror Rises from the Tomb


The Time Machine returns to the seventies for more from "Horror Rises From the Tomb", this time with Betsabe Ruiz as a "Babe in Bondage" who meets a not so nice ending at the hands of Paul Naschy. Betsabe winds up all full frontal. Caps below and a this clip.



TV Land

Over in TV Land Melissa Sagemiller puts on a leg & thigh show for Jimmy Kimmel. Caps below and this HD clip.



Beautiful Kate


Johnny's comments about this Aussie film: "It's a pretty good film about a prodigal son who comes back home to visit his dying father with his soon to be trophy wife, but the visit unleashes memories of his sister Kate (Sophie Lowe) and the horrifying secrets that came about in the last few months of her life. Let's just say that she's a little messed up. The film's not for everyone because of it's revealing secret, but worth a look."


Briony Kent film clips (collages below)

Maeve Dermondy film clips (collages below)

Sophie Lowe film clips (collages below)




Lucy Brooks in an episode of "Wire in the Blood"

Erin Davis in an episode of "Show Me Yours"

Naturi Naughton in Notorious, one of the top twenty last year.

Olga Kurylenko in Hitman

Victoria Tennant in The Ragman's Daughter

Robin Sydney in Skull Heads


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