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Although this Dennis Hopper film about gang-bangers has now been consigned to oblivion, it generated tremendous controversy when it was released because of the gang incidents that were anticipated in and around the theaters screening the film in big cities. (The film's release in the spring of 1988 coincided with the national media's upgraded recognition of gang violence as a major story.)

There were some incidents of violence reported at theaters where Colors was playing, prompting some big theaters to drop the film, but I don't remember anything about the severity and frequency of the verifiable incidents. Most of the real violence seemed to come from Sean Penn, the film's star, who was arrested during its production for punching a photographer who was taking pictures of him without permission. He eventually served a month in jail for this assault.

Maria Conchita Alonso film clip. Sample below

Ara Thorpe film clip. Sample below

Unknown actress in a film clip. Sample below







Jamie Lee

I don't know about anybody else, but I never get tired of looking at a young Jamie Lee Curtis and her perfect breasts in "Trading Places".



A few years later Jamie was still sexy in "A Fish Called Wanda", but no nudity.



Over in TV Land Amy Robach showing off her great gams on the "Today Show".







Notes and collages


"Las Vegas"

More of Nikki Cox. Season Two this time.

s2, e1

s2, e2

s2, e3

One left over from Season 3

s3, e23









s2, e6

Peta Sargeant film clip. Collage below









Anna Bergman, Ingmar's daughter, in Intimate Games

More of Amy Winehouse topless. Apparently she will never wear clothes again.

Linda Hastreiter in A Virgin Among the Living Dead

Vanessa Minnillo in Disaster Movie

Kelly Brook in a bikini. Great shot.

Michelle Trachtenberg in Mean Magazine. One is the original, one has some Photoshop work


Film Clips

Two major league, mainstream French actresses doing full frontal nudity: Julie Gayet in Select Hotel and Isabelle Carre in La Femme Defendue.

Cristina Brondo in Herederos

The women of La Voyage en Douce: Dominique Sanda and Geraldine Chaplin

Beatriz Rico in Istanbul Kanatlaramin Altinda