Scoopy Jr. here...I'm holding down the fort while Sr. takes a few days off. As usual though, a great new Peta Wilson find kept him from golfing the day away.


The big find of the day is Peta Wilson flashing her lower body in a nude appearance that neither Mr Skin nor I were previously aware of. The imager has identified the show as Troubles, but that must be what it is called in European syndication. Given that it stars Peta Wilson and Julian Sands and that she refers to him as "George," it must be the show known in English as Strangers - a one-year series about North Americans traveling abroad which was a French/Canadian co-production. Specifically it is episode six: Going Without." The show was originally broadcast in English, but this is a dubbed version broadcast on the French-language NT1.

By the way, I'm not rehearsing with my STYX cover band. We broke up. Too much competition. We re-formed as an Air Supply cover band because we knew we would have 100% market share in that niche. The move has had both advantages and disadvantages. The good news is that nobody remembers what the band members looked like, so we can convince everyone that we are the REAL Air Supply. The bad news is that the real Air Supply doesn't actually have any fans.

Peta Wilson


  • Here's a vid of Peta Wilson flashing from "Strangers".

  • Here are two zipped avis of Marianne Basler topless in scenes from "Série noire", episode "Le cimetière des durs".

  • Here is Marianne Basler again, this time almost full frontal, and also topless in a sex scene from "Le Sang du renard" (1996).

  • Marion Cotillard baring her breasts during a love scene in "La Boîte noire" (2005).

  • One more clip of French actress Marion Cotillard. Here she is showing assorted, poorly filmed fleshy bits in scenes from "Mary" (2005).



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"Rush Week"

Rush Week (1989) is a teen slasher that takes place at a small college during rush week. Pamela Ludwig has just transferred in, is majoring in journalism, and wants a juicy assignment. Her advisor gives her rush week. As she half-heartedly starts on that assignment, she gets wind of a missing coed, and decides that would make a much better story. She also meets the head of BBD house, the Animal House of this school. He will serve as love interest, red herring, and eventually, savior. We know early on that the women are being murdered by someone with a double-bladed ax. The bodies disappear. Just before their demise, the girls pose for a sleazy photographer for $100.00.

Kathleen Kinmont, Toni Lee, and Laura Burkett provide the requisite nudity, but in a radical change of form, girls don't have to have sex to die, they need only show their boobs. Kinmont shows breasts and buns, Laura Burkett shows breasts, and Toni Lee does full frontal and rear.

You should guess the identity of the killer long before the end of the film.

IMDb readers say 4.0. Maybe, but that might be a little harsh. There are some laughs, some moments of real suspense, and many of the characters are likable. This is a C-, on our scale, good enough for genre fans.

Kathleen Kinmont toplessness and a thong view.

Laura Burkett also topless.

Toni Lee mostly toplessness, but there are frontal views in 1-3 and a bit of bum in #16.


You might think its Thanksgiving all over again as we look in on this "Turkey" called "Strip 'n Run".

It's a really bad movie, but at least Sita Thompson gives up some T & A playing what else, but a stripper.


Dann reports on "Snakes on a Plane": In spite of it's apparent big budget, fancy technical effects, and well-known stars (Samuel L. Jackson and Julianna Margulies among others), this action horror flick from 2006 is still a B-movie, but a very good one. Predictable script and general hoakiness, along with gratuitous nudity and basic silliness, don't stop it from being a lot of fun to watch. Additionally, the music video is very cool, and has it's own nudity (nip-slips).

There's no point in wasting a lot of time with a description. What else could Snakes on a Plane be about but snakes loose on an airplane? The fact that they're there to kill a government witness to a murder by a ruthless bad guy is incidental; they're there and they're a giant pain in the ass, nipple, head, or wherever else they happened to bite their victim. Samuel L. Jackson had the best line in the movie: "That's it! I've had it with these mother fu*kin' snakes on this mother fu*kin' plane!"

The group in the music video is called Cobra Starship, and was apparently beefed up by members of other groups. One of them, a Swedish beauty named Maja Ivarsson from The Sounds, was kind enough to wear a very loose fitting top with no bra, so it's got several nip-slips. Even better, it was included on the DVD, and while I don't normally collage music videos, I couldn't pass up this one.

This is first-rate fun, well worth the ride.

Samantha McLeod Maja Ivarsson


The bouncy-bouncy jogger in American Pie V: The Naked Mile is Trisha Echeverria (her name was spelled wrong in the credits).
Alexandra Janicek shows a little toplessness in "5ive Days to Midnight" (2004)
Here is Cynthia Potvin proudly showing off her breasts in "Human Nature" (2004).
Ildiko Ferenczi working the brass pole while wearing only a thong and some antlers in another scene from "5ive Days to Midnight".
Some mild breast exposure and pokies from Nicole Hancock in "Human Nature".
Tiffany Amber Knight strips down to her undies while playing a dancer on the Canadian TV series "Billable Hours".

Finally today, here is Carrie Clayton a stripper in a number of television episodes on cable.

Carrie Clayton:
in "Billable Hours"
Carrie Clayton:
in "G-Spot"
Carrie Clayton:
in "Jeff Ltd."
Carrie Clayton:
in "Tilt"

From Frenchpic, here is Geneviève Rioux topless in a few scenes from the 1986 movie "Le Déclin de l'empire américain".

The Skinster serves up Lyndsay Griffin having some aquatic fun in scenes from the direct-to-vid flick "Final Move" (2006).

Talk about a serious B-movie! Not only does it star a lesser Baldwin (Daniel), it also features the words "Directed by Joey Travolta" in the credits!