"One from the Heart"

One from the Heart (1982) is a musical romantic comedy produced by Francis Ford Coppola in his Zoetrop studio. It is a concept film with a rather simple formula love story but a very radical method of filming. His idea was to merge the best of film, stage, and TV methods into "real time cinema." It was shot entirely in the studio, and used theatrical lighting and stagecraft techniques with mostly stationary camera angles, other than the use of an early steadycam, operate by the inventor, for one scene. It was too be TV like in that the intent was to have several cameras, and cut among them much the way a TV director would. They quickly discovered that a reel of film was only 10 minutes, pretty much killing the idea of cutting back and forth before it got started. So, what we have is a musical comedy done with stage effects and lighting, and music by Tom Waits, who also sings duets with Crystal Gale. This was a film that essentially nobody saw, as Coppola pulled it from the theaters after one week. Many changes went into the DVD version, which also includes a second DVD of special features.

It begins with 20 minutes of connubial combat between Teri Garr and Frederic Forrest. After being together for five years, she buys them a trip to romantic Bora Bora, he buys the house they are living in. Both are furious, she thinking there is no romance in her life, he wanting stability and commitment. After a fight, she leaves. She meets someone through the widow of the travel agency where she works doing the window display, and he bumps into a stunningly beautiful circus performer (Nastassja Kinsky). I already said this was a Hollywood boy meets girl formula, so it is not revealing much to say that they both have affairs then end up together.

This experiment, which was meant to be the first of a long line of "real time cinema," was a flop, but is not without interest. Important to us was the only nudity in Terri Garr's career, including breasts in great light, and a long shot of her buns in dim lighting. Kinsky did her own circus stunts, including tightrope walking and walking on top of a huge ball, skills she acquired for this film. Gene Kelly assisted in the choreography.

IMDb readers have this at 5.9, which is not that bad a score for a musical comedy made long after musical comedies were considered watchable. Terri Garr as her usual charming self, and the visuals are stunning. It does have the pace and staging of a stage show, but they used music and lyrics to advance the story, so it is not overly talky. All in all it is an oddity worth seeing once. C.

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    Hi, y'all. I'm taking a mini-vacation. I'll still be digging up some other crap every day, and will chip in with some movies as well, but not with my usual volume of verbiage and such! In addition to the comments below, I also did four more collages from the ICMS caps.



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    Castaway (1986) - Day 4

    Today is the fourth and final day of the huge Amanda Donohoe contribution from Castaway (1986).
    I have to inform you that cap #49 may very well not be Amanda. The end credits did list body doubles (I think mainly for the scenes were Amanda's and Oliver's physical degradation is shown) and the breasts in that shot seem to have a different shape than Amanda's; plus the pubes look like they belong to a natural blonde, something Amanda is not. So I'll let you decide.

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    Paparazzi pics
    Let's begin with one more look at the first big paparazzi story of the week...Kirsten Dunst falling out of her top while swimming.

    Now for the second big paparazzi story of the week...frontal views of Anna Kournikova caught pulling down her bikini bottom!

    • Anna Kournikova (1, 2, 3)

    'Caps and comments by Dann:

    "Resident Evil: Apocalypse"
    2004 sequel to Resident Evil, which was based on a video game, once again provides tons of action and fun with a very thin plot, but hey, with pleny of zombies and ass-kicking action, who needs a plot?

    In the first film, the huge and evil Umbrella Corporation shuts down their experimental lab known as The Hive after a deadly virus outbreak turns everyone into zombies. Alice, played by Milla Jovovich, was head of security and wound up as the subject of some experiments which turned her into a kind of superwoman, and enemy of Umbrella.

    In Apocalypse, Umbrella reopens The Hive to see what went wrong. Unfortunately the virus escapes into Raccoon City, and Umbrella responds by quarantining the whole city to prohibit anyone from leaving, with plans to destroy the city and the virus with a nuclear explosion.

    Alice, along with some uninfected, must fight to escape not only the zombies, but a mutant killer creature called Nemesis designed to kill all non-zombie survivors so they can't escape and expose Umbrella.

    A fun no-brainer zombie/evil corporation movie, as good or better than the first. I enjoyed it.

    New Euro-Nudity from LC
    Eva Birthistle The Irish actress topless in scenes from "Ae Fond Kiss..." aka "Just a Kiss" (2004). Looks like it's scheduled to come to US DVD in Mid March.
    Isabelle Carré Topless and baring her bum in scenes from the French movie "Eros thérapie" (2004).
    Virginie Ledoyen The French actress best known of course as Leo DiCaprio's love interest in "The Beach". Here she is baring all 3 B's in scenes from "Saint-Ange" (2004).
    My apologies to Vejitta for taking so long to get back to part 2 of his coverage of the Mexican movie, "El Tigre de Santa Julia".

    Today's batch features Ivonne Montero. The other ladies can be found in the January 3rd, 2005 Fun House update located in the Back Issues.

    To are Vejiita's comments about the movie:
    The movie is about a boy that comes to the city and enlists in the army, but he finds out the army is not helping people at all. After being shot by his own captain, he goes back to the city where he meets a writer. When the writer sees the boy help a woman, he writes in the paper about this misterious guy who is helping the poor people and he becomes a legend, kind like The Zorro.

    After that, and with the help of the writer, he forms a band of renegades. However, after a bad incident with 2 men, he ends up recruiting only women. Cristina Michaus plays the woman he helps first, Isaura Espinoza plays his aunt (yes he sleeps with his aunt), Ivonne Montero plays a girl who wants El Tigre so she joins his band, Anilu Pardo plays a woman who help El Tigre went he came back to the city and Iran Castillo is his love interest.

    Christina Applegate
    (1, 2)

    DeadLamb takes a look at the Will Ferrell comedy "Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy" (now on DVD). In #1 Kelly Bundy shows some leg while on top of Ferrell. #2 features a fantasy sequence not shown in theaters will Applegate almost falling out of her apron.

    Maggie Grace Scantily clad and doing some sunbathing on a recent episode of the new ABC hit series "Lost". 'Caps by Twitchy.

    Pat Reeder
    Pat's comments in yellow...

    Who's Your Agent? - T.J. Myers, the blonde looking for her father on Fox's "Who's Your Daddy?," was more than just an adoptee and a military veteran. Turns out she's also an aspiring actress with minor TV credits, a former reality show contestant, and the star of such soft-core porn films as "The Dallas Connection" and "Seduction of Innocence," in which she played a small town girl who wants to move to Dallas and become a stripper.

  • So this isn't the first time she's heard the phrase, "Who's your daddy?"
  • She hoped that by taking off her clothes in bars, she might someday meet her real dad.
  • Her dad is now saying, "Uh, I think there's been a mistake, she's really not related to me..."
  • These guys pretending to be her dad weren't just contestants, they were FANS.

    Alexander The Great Rationalizer - Oliver Stone is blaming the massive flop of "Alexander" on America's homophobia. He told London's Daily Telegraph, "There's a raging fundamentalism in morality in the US. From day one, audiences didn't show up. They didn't even read the reviews in the South because the media was using the words 'Alex the gay.'" But he hinted that he'd make changes in the DVD version, saying the "bond" in the homosexual scene could be "suggested in different ways."

  • Perhaps high-fiving, or sharing a couple of brewskis.
  • Homophobic Americans decided to stay home and watch "Will & Grace" and "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" instead.

    NOTE! Stone is lucky we gay-bashing nose-pickers didn't read these reviews. Don't stop at page one! Page 5 is where watching "Alexander" is compared to passing a kidney stone.

    Just Vanilla - New York Daily News columnist Lloyd Grove reports that Britney Spears has hired a new manager and she wants him to help her ex-backup dancer husband Kevin Federline become a rap star. An insider told Grove that Federline is bragging that now that he's splitting Britney's money, he's going to hire all his friends to be his posse. But the spy laughed at the idea of Federline as a rap star, saying he's "no Vanilla Ice."

  • For most people, that would be a compliment.
  • The way he treats women, he DOES kind of sound like a pimp.
  • Hey, people laughed at the idea of Britney being a singing star.

    Rats! - The reality show "Fear Factor" is being sued for being too disgusting. Cleveland, Ohio, paralegal Austin Aitken says an episode in which contestants had to eat dead rats so grossed him out that it made him and another family member vomit. Further, the show made his blood pressure rise so high, he became dizzy and bumped his head when he tried to flee to his room. He's suing NBC for $2.5 million. "Fear Factor's" spokesman had no comment.

  • He couldn't talk; he had a mouthful of worms.
  • One question: WHY was he watching this?!
  • I'm suing Fox over "Who's Your Daddy?"...That made ME vomit.
  • They should watch something less bloody and disgusting, like "CSI" or "Extreme Makeover."
  • NBC's attorney said, "I don't think this is legally actionable, and if I'm wrong, I'll eat a bug."