One Fish, Two Fish
Tuna's project today is part two of "The Corporate Ladder", this time featuring Meilani Paul. Tuna's thumbnail report: plenty of nudity and a watchable film.

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Blinky has Kirsten Owen today. Not too much flesh. I think #3 and #6 are your best bets.

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Yesterday: Jakki (#1 , #2 , #3 , #4)

The Page Three Gold girls today are Maria Whittaker from 11 May 1987 and Gail McKenna (#1, #2, #3)

The WhyScans Bonus today is some more unedited caps of All Saints. WhyScans invites you to use them for collages if you care to, because he's pressed for time. (#12, #13, #14, #15, #16, #17, #18, #19, #20, #21, #22, #23, #24, #25, #26)

+ Ever wonder what Playboy and Page Three other softcore models do when not modeling for Playboy or the British tabs? Fred does. Fred, or as he is known in the ancient Elventongue, "Frodo", specializes in "outing" the harder action from these ostensibly wholesome girls. His comments:

"In yesterday's posting of Fitness Models, I noticed that many like Devon Michaels, Leanna Scott and Mason Marconi are also Porn Stars. Linda O'Neil is a well known Stripper and model in Men's Magazines. Fitness modeling seems to be just another hiding place for Porn Stars and Strippers. My favorite Fitness Model is Judy Ramirez. Judy is better known as Alana a Stripper at The Gold Club in San Francisco, and is also a Hot Body and magazine Model under that name. Before she became a Fitness Model, she did a lot of smoking fetish work. I wonder if she quit smoking before she became a model for fitness. I've also included one pic of another Fitness Model, April Arikssen who seems to be making a statement on the subject."

Alana aka Judy Ramirez. (#1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8) April Arikssen

The Industry Insider
You long-timers know that we even have our own awarded filmmaker among the Scoopy nephews. He's a niche filmmaker (he specializes in filming surfing action!) who sends us some of his private stuff when it relates to the discussion. His comments:

"Hi. Saw you had Mason Marconi yesterday. Here are a few I shot. These are scenes and related material from a movie I did called Hot Dog Girls."

I've never seen this particular film, but it turns out Insider also had an acting carer. He claims to have been the worst actor of all time, based on his one acting role. Coupled with this claim is the possibility that he may also have been practicing his craft in the worst movie ever made. (The Beach Girls and the Monster, starring Jon Hall, and rated 1.2 on the IMDB ratings - and the lowest possible is 1!!!)

Mason and others Mason and others The video box. Mason and the insider's girlfriend, actress Tonya Qualls. Mason and others Mason and others Mason and others Mason

Kensit Great stuff!

I'm embarrassed to say I don't even know who sent these great pictures to me. It's Patsy Kensit, ol' kinky girl herself (see the Page Three section), in the February GQ-UK, and she is showing plenty! My favorite is the first one, which is the cover shot, and there is also worthwhile nudity in the next two.

(#1, #4, #5, #6, #2, #3)

El Kabong Mr Kabong has two shots of the late porn star Nancee Kelly from Rear Review #1 (I knew I should have gotten a subscription to that from Publisher's Clearing House) - important because she is actually kelly Van Dyke, daughter of Jerry, niece of Dick. I understand she had a close relationship with Dick as well as dick. (#1, #2) MergaMan Merg is the internet legend who manages to outfox the Stern censors. His comments:

"I think you'll get a kick out of these. The year was 1984 or 1985 and the dance compa"tit"ion on Star Search was tough so this couple decided to pull out the "A"ces when the time was right! I also am attaching a Stern Shot that is just o.k. I'll send more soon."

Star Search Star Search Star Search Stern

Members' Bonus - comments by Stone Cold

a Last installment of this month's magazines, some of which were stolen from the office of Rasta Dentist
  • Brandy Ledford, former Guccione of the Year, now associated with "First Wave"
  • Three of LoriDawn Messuri, hyped by Femme Fatales for her contribution to "Wasteland Justice". This movie must be about our block, where we dispense fatal justice without fear of being caught, thanks to the efficient evidence disposal service provided by Mayor Giuliani's fine waste collection team. Haven't seen LoriDawn in the hood yet.
  • LoriDawn Messuri
  • LoriDawn Messuri
  • Taimie Hannum. Fred and Tuna been talkin bout this suga for a while now. Sleuth says she be most famous for her lipstick stains on the manhood of Slash of Guns 'n Roses.
  • Taimie Hannum
  • Taimie Hannum
  • Taimie Hannum
  • Taimie Hannum
  • Lisa Axelrod. Famous groupie, say Sleuth, and not just for one group, but for many.
  • Lisa Axelrod
  • Lisa Axelrod
  • Lisa Axelrod
  • Teresa May. Famous as the video bitch in "Smack My Bitch Up". this one don't look like her. The one below seems to be her for sure.
  • Teresa May. I don't know shit about this, but this picture and the other one seem to have different sized guns. This suga got cannons and the one above got a cupla mofo'n Derringers.
  • Two members of Tribe 8. Bassist Leslie Mah ...
  • ... and lead singer Lynn Breedlove
  • Lynn Breedlove. These ladies are not available, if you catch my drift. If you don't catch my mofo'n drift, they carpet munchers. In concert, Lynn asks male audience members to suck her big plastic tool, which is in this picture.
  • I've seen a few of these topless pictures of Lene Nystrom, but I don't remember seeing this one of her without her shorts. Total shit quality. Is it bullshit? If it's bullshit, blame Mr Sleuth, not me.
  • some other Scandinavian singer named Robyn. She the one in the cowboy hat. Swedish suga in a cowboy hat? ... It's a whole Viking-Cowboy exchange program. Vikings needed a supply of horns for those hats they wear. Cowboys had plenty of horns, no fish in their diet. They had to cut a deal. Simple as that.
  • Emily Watson. I always joke about robbin' my dentist, but I really did steal this from his office. Nobody will ever notice a missing page from an old issue of Vanity Fair. Been sitting there for months and I'm the only one ever opened it. Vanity Fair not a big seller in the 'hood. Don't get me wrong. We can see that New Yorker and Vanity Fair are written and designed by slicks, but they might as well be written in mofo'n Martian. Rasta Dentist also has Architectural Digest and Cigar Afficionado in his office. I never axed him how he made these choices, but they touch my life in a special way, like Camembert, Ben Affleck, and spiral notebooks. I never seen the movies Emily makes, but I know they always nominate her for white people awards like best Irish accent in a continuing drama, and she got some big-ass guns.
  • I ain't no expert on this, but I don't remember seeing the Bijou Phillips guns before. Bijou's mama is a real Mama, if you catch my mofo'n drift. If not, look it up, cracka.
  • a

  • Rebecca Immanuel cleavage from FR
  • Jana Hora in "John Sinclair ... " (Slarti)
  • Nicola Warren in "Capriccio" (Undercover)
  • Nicola Warren in "Capriccio"
  • Nicola Warren in "Capriccio"
  • Nicola Warren in "Capriccio"
  • HUMOR: a great billboard
  • HUMOR: the ultimate Christmas present - the remote controller for your girlfriend
  • Scandinavian singer Cia Berg of Whale (great photo, and great scan from the Honte)
  • Justina Vail in "Lost Souls" (Neuroscan)
  • Justina Vail in "Lost Souls"
  • Click Here!