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Frankie Shaw

Project Eden- Vol. I

Emily Fradenburgh is in her underwear in Project Eden- Vol. I (2017).

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The Defilers


Kathy Sharpe

Sandy Sinclair



Johnny's comments:

Another Australian redux series, this time from the newly released Bluray of the 1981 sleazathon Centrespread, which was very unexpected but most welcome. The Bluray is a gorgeous transfer, far superior than the VHS release, plus it's in widescreen which makes those sleazy scenes look far better.

The Bluray has some special features which I'm currently working my way through including a behind the scenes doco which is very interesting also a UK re-cut which I watched a few minutes of and is completely nuts but it doesn't look like any new footage. There's also another movie on the release, Felicity, which with the special features I will get around to capping.


Centrespread is a 1981, um, uh, sci-fi softcore drama, yeah, that'll do... set in the not too distant future where the world is divided into the have and the have not and the world is run by a central computer system that determines who are the haves. A sex publication, yeah, that'll do... has hired Gerard (Paul Trahair) to be their photographer and has one month to come up with the most stunning shots for their special edition, I assume... Gerard is given free reign to find the best model for these shots and after a hard days shoot, visits an antique shop on the poor side of town and discovers Niki (Kylie Foster) working there and instantly declares that she's the one. But, Niki is not interested in being a model, even if it means that she will go to the otherside. Gerard chases Niki, determined to get her to pose while becoming more disillusioned by the state sanctioned models and set-ups. Will Niki pose for Gerard? Will Gerard become less comatose? How many naked girls showing very 80s nudity can you fit into one movie? Will this film make a jot of sense?

Awwww, who cares?

The first film from notorious producer Wayne Groom (Maslin Beach, hopefully coming soon to the site, Strangers, Summer of Love, which aired once on Channel 9 in 2001 and has sadly never been seen again starring Bree Maddox that had some good nudity in it from memory) is a total tax write-off if ever there was one. The whole sci-fi, post-apocalyptic setting and how it manages to be a life and death situation that Gerard has to get the perfect nude shots is so baffling that I wonder why not just show naked girls for 75 minutes instead. It'd make more sense. The actors are pure amateurs with only Kylie Foster seemingly having any sort of career (check out Kitty and Bagman for more nudity from her). Paul Trahair never gets out of first gear, a total walking comatose and being the lead character, that's just pure death. But, there's lots and lots of naked girls and a bit of sexual abandon, so, there's that to get you through. Fave scene involves Gerard being taken aback that Niki is wearing underwear cos they don't bother with that on the other side of the world.

Kylie Foster film clip (collages below)

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Sharon Stone in Scissors (1991) in 1080hd

Maddalena Crippa and Silvia Pernarella onstage in Der Park (2015)

Miley Cyrus