TV Round-Up

The latest episode of Groland is covered in Defoe's section below.

More important by far are the following captures from an upcoming HBO series, True Detective.

These are the magnificent large breasts of Alexandra Daddario. While we are at it, there are rear views with her legs somewhat parted. An early frontrunner for the best nude scene of 2014. No clips yet, but they can't be far behind.

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"The Sopranos"



Lorraine Bracco


Defoe's picks o' the week, part 1 (more tomorrow)

Louise Monot in Le General du Roi (2014) in 1080p

Unknown in Groland, December 21st episode, in 1080hd

Camille Lellouche in Grand Central (2013) in 1080p

Alix Benezech and Pauline Bayle in Le Quepa sur la Vilni (2013) in 1080hd

Isabelle Gelinas in La Nuit du Reveillon (2011) in 1080hd

Barbara Schulz in Celle Que J'Aime (2009) in 1080p




The Howling 3: The Marsupials


Back to the Australian Classics.

The Marsupials: The Howling 3 is a 1987 comedy horror sequel in name only which follows Jerboa Jerboa (Imogen Annesley) who escapes from her cult-like family after the leader Thylo (Max Fairchild) makes a play for her and decides to head to the big city. In Sydney, she meets Donny (Leigh Biolos), who is working on a cheesy horror movie about shapeshifters directed by Jack Citron (Frank Thring). They fall for each other, but there is something a little different about Jerboa. Well, there's the hairyness and the pouch. After being exposed to strobe light at a party, she wakes up at the hospital with the doctors flummoxed by her. Oh and Jerboa is pregnant. Meanwhile, Professor Harry Beckmeyer (Barry Otto) is on the search for a mysterious creature that he is convinced exists and comes across Jerboa, but she escapes before he can find out more about her. Meanwhile, ballerina Olga (Dasha Blahova) is exposed as a werewolf during a rehearsal and runs away to the cult-like family. Jerboa also heads back there where she gives birth to well, something not quite human. With the government on the tail of these creatures, the professor falls for Olga and they settle together while Donny finds Jerboa and after escaping the government's clutches, they decide to start a new life in America with child.

The Howling 3 is well, impossible to sum up in a sentence. It's a bizarre, off-beat movie that unlike it's predecessors, is not really a horror movie at all. It's been summed up as camp, but it really isn't that camp even with the presence of Frank Thring and Barry Humphries (as Dame Edna). The second half of the movie is surprisingly earnest and bafflingly apes the ending of Bliss (another Barry Otto movie where he goes back to nature). It is also a pro-werewolf movie, even to the point where werewolves are eventually accepted as the same as humans. Well, they aren't really werewolves, but derivative of the possibly extinct thylacine aka Tasmanian tiger (which was also the fascination of the recent movies Dying Breed and The Hunter). This is the first time I've watched this movie in full and I didn't think it would leave me baffled like it did. The Howling 3 is not a great movie, it's very cheesy at times, but it's definitely a fun and highly watchable movie.

Oh, and Imogen Annesley is just so pretty, this was only her second movie after Playing Beatie Bow. Shame her career never took off like others of the time did. One of these days, that mini-series Flair will turn up where Imogen had her best nudity. How about a late night screening on one of your multi-channels, Channel 7?

Bizarrely, The Howling 3 has turned up on Bluray in the US (along with Howling 5 & 6; where's 4?), but it's possibly the shittiest Bluray I've ever seen and have spent far too long trying to fix the video. Also, it's in fullscreen when the DVD is in widescreen and has a director's commentary from the always enjoyable Philippe Mora (Mad Dog Morgan, The Return of Captain Invincible and the Howling 2).

Annesley Imogen

TV/Film Clips

Various women (see below) in Goltzius and the Pelican Company   (2013)

Anne-Louise Hassing

Haline Reijn

Kate Moran

Maaike Neuville


Mariana Aparicio Torres in Van God Los (2013)

Elva Trill in Ripper Street (s2e2; 2013)

Grit Paulussen in Unten Mitte Kinn (2011) in 720p

Franka Potente in Blueprint (2003)

Cynthia Nixon in Advice From a Caterpillar (1999)

Shannen Doherty in Blindfold: Acts of Obsession (1994)

Ann-Mari Max Hansen in Hjerter er trumf (1976)


Alyssa Sutherland in Vikings (episode 9)

Brie Larson and Shailene Woodley in The Spectacular Now (2013) in HD