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DVD quality

Susan Sarandon film clip (samples below)

Georgina Cates film clip (samples below)


Katherine Borowitz film clip (samples below)

Aida Turturro film clip (samples below)




The Crew



Cordelia Bugeja film clips (collages below)


Cordelia Bugeja and Rosie Feller film clip (collages below)



Film Clips

Kierston Wareing in Bonded by Blood (2010; 1080p; sample below)

Tara Woodward in episode 4 of Cold Lazarus (1996; sample below)

Simona Cavallari in Die Kaltenbach Papiere (1990; samples below)

Olga Fadeyeva in Blue Nights (2008; sample below)

Olga Fadeyeva in Man of East (2008; sample below)

The women of Andy Sidaris's Guns (1990). They are the usual suspects who appear in Andy Sidaris movies: Brimhall, DeVasquez, Speir, Spangler, Malin, Strain, Vasquez

Fanny Krish masturbates in X Femmes



Victoria Abril in Leur morale .. et la notre (2008)

Olivia Wilde

Emmy Rossum

Sydney Phillips in Cause of Death (1991)