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Hot Spur


Today the Time Machine goes all the way back to 1968 for the notorious western roughie "Hot Spur" loaded with lots of "Babe in Bondage" action. Virginia Gordon was the January 1959 Playboy Playmate of the month and in this flick she shows it all as she is tied up, raped, whipped and manhandled by a deranged psycho seeking revenge for the rape of
his sister. An unknown plays the deranged stable hand's sister in these flashback caps and a clip as she is topless getting tied up and raped.

Two film clips (massive download). Collages below.

Virginia Gordon



TV Land

Over in TV Land Nicole Petallides returns as she visits the Fox News Channel's overnighter 'Red Eye". Once again she is hot and leggy in her red dress. Caps with a HD clip.





Gabrielle Chaplin in The Final Destination

Michelle DiBenedetti in Hooking Up (last two from the special features)

Leah Viens-Gordon in Hooking Up

Alison Whitney in Hooking Up

Michelle Duquet in the pilot for Show Me Yours

Momo Iizawa in several different episodes of Jyouou

Tricia Helfer

A nip-slip from Victoria Silvstedt



Film Clips