Wild Things

I'm still playing around with the new hi-def formats. This particular movie was on Blu-Ray. Blu-Ray caps, like HD-DVD are 1920x1080, but if the screen ratio is extremely wide, then the caps will obviously be 1920xAAAA with black space occupying an amount of space equal to 1080 minus AAAA. In this case, the caps were 794 pixels high. the blank space 286.

Denise Richards





Cat People

This one is on HD-DVD. The image quality is terrific, but HD-DVD is more difficult to work with than Blu-Ray. With Blu-Ray, the film is workable as soon as the AACS protection is lifted, but HD-DVD requires two more additional steps, and is a thorough pain in the rump.

I messed around with the color. Some of these images are the original color from the film, some have been adjusted, still others have the original color in the big image with an adjusted version in the inset. I did whatever seemed right to me.

Nastassja Kinski


Annette O'Toole


Love Lies Bleeding

This is a 2008 film (Street January 15th) which went straight to DVD. It's about a pleasant, naive young couple struggling through poverty. She's working in a supermarket. He's an Iraq vet with an assault conviction which makes it difficult for him to get any job at all. Because of their restricted cash flow, they live in an apartment building so run-down and infested with crime that they are terrorized by their own neighbors, some gangbangers who steal their possessions with impunity.

One day the gangbangers get into a massive shoot-out with some dirty feds, and the Iraq vet stumbles upon the scene, which seems to be nothing but corpses and a satchel full of money, which he expropriates opportunistically. Unfortunately for him one of the corpses is not quite dead yet, and is a lunatic crooked agent played by Christian Slater channeling The Joker. Slater tracks the fugitive couple through a few states, and they finally decide to return the money to get him off their back - straight swap, money for freedom. Slater, being quite the little Iago, likes to be evil just for the sheer joy of it, so he's is planning to take the money and kill them as well. The Albuquerque police also into the mix, since a savvy local detective immediately figures out that the young couple will probably be killed needlessly by the ruthless, lawbreaking feds. This leads up to a three-way chase and a final shoot-out with guns and shotguns blazing.

It's a routine and predictable script of no special merit, but I found it watchable because the couple is extremely naive and likeable, while Slater's character is deranged enough to provide some menace.

There is just a tiny bit of nudity from Jenna Dewan, which is a shame because she's a cutie. Here's the film clip. Sample capture below.


  • * Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe).

  • * White asterisk: expanded format.

  • * Blue asterisk: not mine.

  • No asterisk: it probably sucks.


Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.








Eaten Alive


Today we have part 2 of "Eaten Alive" with plenty of full frontal nudity.

Me Me Lai shows it all as she is poked by three different guys in a jungle ceremony. Later things get a little bloody for Me Me. Caps and 3 clips.

Paola Senatore topless and then lots of full frontal nudity in a bloody ending as she becomes snack food for the cannibals. Caps and 5 clips.


Finally, three more clips of Paola and Me Me.










Uber-busty Hefmate Petra Verkaik in a strip-and-wiggle extravaganza called Centerfold Fantasies.  The caps are old...did 'em years ago...but these fourteen clips are brand spankin' new.









Notes and collages

The Jerk

Bernadette Peters









"The Hunger"

Season 2: "Replacements"

The women in a town appear to be turning against the men, and the town doctor becomes determined to find out what is happening, because his own wife won't put out like she used to. He finds out that a small dog fetus look-a-like creature is controlling them by sucking on their nipples.

Instead of joining the powerful enemy, as I would have done, he tries to destroy them all.


Stellina Rusich







American Pie presents Beta House

Call it a formula, or call it a tradition, but the sixth American Pie spin-off, 2007's American Pie Presents: Beta House, delivers all the silliness, fun, and crude humor of its predecessors, and with a really nice bonus. It has, at least in unrated form, more nudity than all of the others including The Naked Mile, the previous nudity champ.

Taking up a year after The Naked Mile, Eric Stifler and Cooze are back at collage, this time starting their freshman year. They pledge Beta House fraternity, which is led by cousin Dwight, who has happily upheld the Stifler legend by bedding every co-ed in site. He has big plans for Eric and friends as Betas.

Things go awry when the Geeks fraternity decides that the Betas and their partying ways must be shut down, and to settle the feud that ensues, an outrageous contest between the two fraternities, with events like the "unhook the bra" race, is organized to declare a winner. The loser will give up their house.

Typical goofy fun, exactly what you expect from a Pie, coupled with amazing nudity, make this another must-see. Oh, yeah, and I don't normally do multiple collages of one actress from the same movie, but I dumbly forgot Sarah Power's "twister" scene, and I didn't want to lose it.

Sarah Power Sarah Power Angela Besharah Dawne Furey
various Ashleigh Hubbard Christine Barger Meghan Heffern






Two stars for Elisha Cuthbert. One for looking great in a bikini. The other for giving the paparazzi the finger.

A film clip of Evan Rachel Wood in Across the Universe

A film clip of Winona Ryder in Dracula

Nicole Rayburn was my film nudity rookie of the year last year, with three topless appearances. This one is in Blur (which is the one I haven't seen.) The others were Kisses and Caroms and Cougar Club.

A film clip of Kim Dawson in Butterscotch

Finally, a large gallery of Julie Ordon topless on St Barts