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Scoopy Jr. here...filling in for a few days while Scoop Sr. takes a little time off. For the record, he told me that the Festivus Feats of Strength wore him out more than usual this year. Personally, I think he's secretly rehearsing with his Styx coverband.

In the meantime I'll do my best to hold down the fort, and keep the goodies coming.


  • Two avis of French babe Claire Keim in scenes from from "Le Maître du Zodiaque". The first is a dark, but decent love scene. In the second she shows breasts in the shower.

  • Two avis of "Mission: Impossible" co-star Emmanuelle Béart topless (and showing a little bit more in clip #1) in scenes from "L'Enfer" (2005).

  • Here is Marie-France Pisier going topess and then eventually full frontal in a bathing scene from 1976's "Sérail".

  • Last but not least, here is Valeria Golino showing off some very nice legs plus a bit of bum in scenes from "Olé!" (2005).



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"Emanuelle in the Country"

Emanuelle in the Country (1978) -- The first thing to know about this film is that it is not an Emanuelle movie. Yes, it stars Laura Gemser, but it is actually an Italian soft-core comedy titled L'Infermiera di campagna, or A Doctor in the Country. Her character name is Selenia, not Emanuelle, and even in the terrible English dubbing, it is Barbara. Gemser arrives in a small town to become the new town doctor. Her looks immediately attract every man in town, and the jealousy of all the women. It is no wonder the women suspect their men of cheating, as they do so regularly. The story centers around a young couple. She is the daughter of the current mayor, he is the son of the former mayor, and their families forbid them to see each other, which means they sneak around a lot. There is also a pecker contest between the mayor and ex mayor over development and water rights.

The ex-mayor's son befriends Gemser, who tries to help him in his relationship with Anotnella Prati. Gemser has her own secret boyfriend, but the town, who spies through her windows, things she is doing the ex mayor's. The wives of the town seem to be out of their clothes and on their backs as often as possible.

We have a breast from Antonela Prati, full frontal and rear nudity from Laura Gemser, and full frontal from unidentified women.

IMDb readers say 3.6, and with only 32 votes. This is a total mess. The transfer is awful, made from a damaged print, and completely lacking in saturation or sharpness. The dubbing is the worst I have heard. The story is awful as well. The only plus is the nudity from Gemser. This, in its current state, is an F. A good transfer and new dubbing might elevate it considerably.

Antonella Prati showing a little breast exposure

LauraGemser bares all 3 B's

Unknown ladies showing assorted naughty bits



Teri Polo stars as an assassin who latest job is a mob accountant. Soon she realizes she has been set up and takes off to settle the score. Typical B-Action movie, at least Teri looks good.

Teri Polo

From "Club Dread"...the very sexy Jordan Ladd bounces around and gets topless.


Today Mr. Nude Celeb serves up some of the highlights from "The Last Kiss".

We round up the usual skin suspects for this one....Some toplessness, some girl/girl lovin' and a semi-well-known babe (Rachel Bilson from "The O.C.") showing most, but not quite all of a breast during a side view -thankfully what we do see is quite nice.

Cindy Sampson Lisa MacKay and Patricia Stasiak Rachel Bilson

Pat's comments in yellow...

Paris Is Burning - Fred Khalilian, owner of Club Paris, two Florida night clubs named after Paris Hilton, announced that he's "fired" Hilton as a spokesperson before she gives the clubs a bad name. He said, "She's created a circus for herself. It's all about, "How has she screwed up now?'" She was paid to appear four times a year, but repeatedly failed to do so. She even showed up six hours late for one club's grand opening, telling the impatient crowd that she'd been skiing in the Swiss Alps and got delayed at the airport.

*The crowd forgave her because, hey, who hasn't been there?
*You know you're out of control when you're partying too hard to represent a nightclub named after Paris Hilton...And you ARE Paris Hilton.
*She can't sing, can't dance, can't act; she just "appears" for a living...And she can't even do that.

Licentious Inspector - Kevin Chagnon, a state license inspector from New Britain, Connecticut, was charged with coercion after allegedly persuading a woman to strip to get her driver's license. He was giving her a road test, which she had flunked repeatedly, when he allegedly told her he'd give her a driver's license if she took off her clothes. Police say she reluctantly took off some clothing, but wouldn't take it all off. Chagnon gave her a license anyway.

*But since she didn't strip completely, it's only a learner's permit.
*He did take 10 points off her score for failure to yield.
*It was an honest mistake: he'd misread his job description and thought he was an "Official Breast Inspector."
*As a driving tester, he should've known to proceed cautiously around dangerous curves.

"Taste" Is Donald's Specialty - Donald Trump is reportedly mulling an offer from Playboy to photograph rehabbing Miss USA Tara Conner for their cover. A pageant insider told the New York Post that "if Trump allowed her to do it, it would have to be in good taste," which they assume means with her clothes on.

*Then they'd better use a camera with a really fast shutter speed.
*Why would they assume THAT?
*If you want to see her naked in Playboy, you'll have to wait a few months longer.
*Playboy will be the only magazine on the stands without nudity on the cover, including Good Housekeeping, Popular Mechanics and Knitting World.