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Kate Winslet first looks at the flesh scenes in Phillip Kaufman's "Quills"
Kati Winkler the figure skater in action
Jordan (1, 2) a photographic history of the model (aka Katie Price) as she grew before our eyes. Well, part of her grew, anyway.
Faith Hill very odd-looking upskirt. The magazine thinks that we're looking at some 'tang, but I'm not entirely convinced.

"Blowin' Smoke" (1999)

Blowin' Smoke (1999), which IMDB calls Freak Talks About Sex, is a curious comedy centered around David Keenan, played by Josh Hamilton. He is a college graduate and wannabe writer, who spends his time working in a clothing store in a mall, hanging out with his stoner friend Freak (Steve Zahn), and avoiding his college girlfriend. His life is on hold, and we are not sure why. He probably isn't either. Action fans should avoid this film, as nothing much happens, and the best jokes are verbal between Freak and David. Freak's wisdom is decidedly offbeat, for instance, he launches into a proof that tit-f***ing is the most degrading thing you can do to a woman, and is the ultimate control trip.

The exposure comes from Kim O'Mara in her second role. She is a High School friend of David who is now married to the manager of a strip club, and is the clubs headliner. She invites David to catch her performance, and gives him a real show when he visits the club. When the film ended, I asked myself what it was really about. As near as I can figure out, it is saying that the millennium generation can be just as lost as the gen-xers. I have to say that I enjoyed the film, even with no action and not much of a story. When you make a character portrait into a film, the characters must be interesting, and the performances must be good. Blowin' Smoke got both right. Josh Hamilton gave the required low key performance, and Steve Zahn did an excellent job as the stoner. IMDB readers have it at 7.5/10, but with only 23 votes. Apollo readers say 73%. As near as I can tell, it had no theatrical release, although it did air at the Seattle Film Festival. Comments at IMDB praise the intelligent humor. I doubt that it will give you many belly laughs, but it should keep you entertained.

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  • Kim O'Mara (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16)

  • Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy)
    In an interview this week, Pope John Paul II revealed that the only world leader he was never able to have a conversation with was Bill Clinton. The Pope said when they were alone together in a room at the Vatican, Clinton seemed to be staring at the frescoes and not listening to anything the Pope was saying.

    Scoopy's top things Clinton was thinking of:

  • "Cool place. No ash trays"
  • "How come they use that unleavened bread instead of French Fries?"
  • "I wonder if that sanctuary thing still works?"
  • "Man, the babes didn't wear no clothes in that Eden place"
  • "These Italian restaurants always have such elaborate decor. "
  • "If they want to hear my whole confession, they'll need a younger priest"
  • "He doesn't have that long to live .... I need a job ..... hmmm. Say, if the pope declares blowjobs aren't sex, that makes it true, right?""
  • "Additional note to self: long robes could hide a hard-on"
  • "I wonder if the ring-kissing thing could be a cock ring"
  • "If I wanted to talk to someone infallible, I could have stayed home with Hillary".

    What's this? TomCat came up with some women with no "z's" in their names!

  • Jane Seymour in "Lassiter". (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) Ya gotta think that Seymour couldn't tell how much was showing here. I don't think that the normally g-rated beauty would have let them shoot a camera up her butt if she knew what the result would look like. This movie was about the closest that TV superstar Tom Selleck ever came to movie stardom. Not very close. Which was still closer than some other TV superstars like David Janssen, Larry Hagman, and David Hasselhof.
  • Lauren Hutton in "Lassiter"
  • unknown in "Lassiter"
  • Sharon Stone in "The Specialist"
  • more of Sharon Stone and Rocky Balboa
  • Lara Belmont in "The War Zone"
  • Karen Allen in "Backfire"
  • I always felt this was a tremendously exciting scene in the offbeat "Eating Raoul". Mary Woronow was the Parker Posey of her time, the indy queen of an era in which indies weren't treasured as they are now.
  • more Woronow
  • Susan Napoli
    Comments by Brainscan:

    So I capped a few images of Susan Napoli from New York Nights but PETScan did the real work by scanning the pics of her from the Feb '86 issue of Penthouse. (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10). Nice portfolio. Real nice. He made me choose the ones to send along to youse guys, which make up about half published in the magazine. Susan is no ugly duckling, and I see from IMDB that she has as many credits in movies for her voice as for her acting. Anyway, tomorrow there is be more of her and of four other Pet-type persons from a nekkid workout video. Patience, gentlemen.

    Comments by Mr. T:

    Seeing the Susan Napoli vidcaps today jogged my memory. At Northern Illinois University in DeKalb, IL there was (and might still be) a weekly newspaper called "The DeKalb Night Weekly." It was free, and it had really only two redeeming features: 1) TV listings, and 2) a picture spread of an NIU coed or a local girl. Probably the most famous girl to be photographed was a very young Cindy Crawford (she was born in DeKalb and I believe her parents still live there.) I have Cindy's pics around here somewhere, but the reason for this note is Susan Napoli. Right around the time of her Penthouse spread in February 1986, either just before or just after, she did the "DeKalb Night Weekly" pictures. Here are the only two I could find. (1, 2) Sorry for the lousy quality, but remember it's a newspaper and it's almost 15 years old now! Could be worse.

    Mr. T

    P.S. I don't know the name of the girl in the pics with Susan. I seem to remember they were sorority sisters, but I no longer have the accompanying article so I just can't say for sure.

    "Demonwarp" (1988)
    From VHS. Commentary by Mongoose.

    One of those "Bigfoot kills a bunch of campers out in the woods" movies. I like the Bigfoot movies but this one's a little weak. See...this bigfoot type creature has been killing folk out in Demon Woods. He even burst into a cabin during broad daylight and killed George Kennedy's daughter right in front of him! A group of young people form an expedition into the woods to find the creature and, I guess, kill it. Pamela Gilbert's one of the young people and in these pics she's screwing her boyfriend. (1, 2)

    Colleen McDermott is the other chick in the group. Here she is taking a shower. (A nip peek)

    Her boyfriend scares the crap out of her by peeping on her while wearing a gorilla mask. Of course she doesn't cover the window and of course there's no steam on the window. And of course her boyfriend is immediately killed by the monster.

    Here's the best reason to watch this see Michelle Bauer's tits. Gorgeous tits. Michelle's always been of my favorite B movie bimbos. Michelle and her friend are out in the woods looking for a marijuana crop. The plants are gone but the gals decide to get a little sun anyway. Here's Michelle topless.

    These are just a bunch of caps of tits . The monster walks up on them and grabs Michelle's friend's head, twists it and yanks it off tossing it at Michelle! Classic!

    More of Michelle's tits as she runs from the monster.

    From being a barely decent hairy monster in the woods flick this movie degenerates into a carnival of demons, aliens, zombies and other crap. The ending really blows. The only good thing about it is another peek at Pamela Gilbert's tits

    Alexandra Kamp

    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)

    in German FHM. No nudity, but the first and last ones come close.

    Liv Tyler paparazzi

    (1, 2, 3)

    not great quality, nothing that clearly visible, but anything of Liv is worth a look. I love the butt shot. The last one is just a bikini shot.

    Schmutzfink is the Jerry Springer of imagers, with a different theme to every show, like left handed Estonian lesbians who work as carpenters. This week - Bond babes getting naked in Sinbad movies.
    Caroline Munro in The Golden Voyage of Sinbad
    Jane Seymour in Sinbad and the Tiger's Eye
    Ursula Andress in "L'etolie du sud". I believe "sud" is the French abbreviation for Sinbad
    Claudine Auger in "Sinbad eats Lobster for Breakfast"
    Maria Grazia Cucinotta in "Sinbad's High Risk". OK, maybe some of these weren't really about Sinbad.
    ... and
    Samantha Morton in Band of Gold, from EM

    Samantha Morton in Band of Gold, one more time

    Kim Cattrall in Killer Instinct

    Mel B nice upgrade of an older paparazzi shot

    Jennifer O'Dell in the immortal cinema classic, "Point Doom"

    Drew Barrymore in Rolling Stone

    Drew Barrymore more from Rolling Stone

    Heather Graham from another st8
    Courtney Love is suing the ex-wife of current boyfriend Jim Barber, claiming that his disgruntled ex is "stalking" her. Courtney claims the woman tried to burn down her house and plant cocaine in her car, and drove over Love's foot in her Volvo, causing her to miss out on a role in a horror movie.

    Jeez, yeah, that's how I missed out on that lead in American Pie. Spacey ran over my foot, the rest is history.

    In a VH1 poll of music experts, "Revolver" was named the best rock album ever, and the Beatles landed five in the top 11. Plus, their greatest hits CD is #1 on the charts, making them the first artists to top the charts in two different millennia. I wonder how Shatner's "The Transformed Man" placed in the balloting.

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