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"The L Word"

Season three in 1920x1080

episode 9

Alexandra Hedison film clip (samples below)




Triple Dog


Johnny's comments:

Triple Dog is a Canadian drama about a group of girls celebrating Eve's (Alexia Fast) birthday and when things get a little boring, the game of Triple Dog Dare is suggested. This is when one of the girls in the group gets to suggest a dare for another and if the person who has to do the dare does not complete it, they have to shave their head. As the dares unfold, there is the overhanging spectre of the death of a local girl from a so-called suicide and over the night, it becomes clearer as to what actually happened. An OK film that's aimed directly at teenage girls. Would have like to have seen some sexy stuff from Brittany Robertson though, but she plays a tough talking skater girl. Ah well...

Emily Tennant (minimal nudity; collages below)




Film Clips

Hot stuff in HD: Rinko Kikuchi in Map of the Sounds of Tokyo (2010; 1080p)

Louise Bourgoin in Les aventures extraordinaires d'Adele Blanc-Sec (2010;1080p; samples below)

Christa Theret in Le bruit des glacons (2010; samples below)

The women of Tierra Lobos (2010 Spanish TV series)

Adriana Torrebejano, s1e2

Berta Hernandez, multiple episodes

Dafne Fernandez, multiple episodes

Sara Rivero, s1e5

Silvia Alonso, multiple episodes


Maja Martina Merljak in Pokrajina Stevilka (2008; samples below)


The Women of Cold Heart Canyon (2008)

Aubrey Caldwell

Cassie Courtland

LeeAnne Davis

Holly Morgan




We were so excited about the Menounos lip-slip that it took us five days to figure out that a bikini that small couldn't contain her butt!

Emer Kenny in Coming Down the Mountain

Lucy Pinder

Vicky Scott in Fanny Hill

Suzy Silvey in Fanny Hill