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Shadow Man


Leading off today with Corina Toader with some mighty fine ass:




Eaten Alive


Then the Time Machine goes back to 1980 for a cannibal gorefest in which Janet Agren shows off a very nice set and even has them gold painted. Caps and 4 clips.









Notes and collages

Pennies from Heaven

Bernadette Peters








"The Hunger"

Season 2: "I'm Very Dangerous Tonight"

We got an episode on Season One entitled "I'm Dangerous Tonight", and this one, with the VERY imaginative title, is the follow-up. The killer dress is back for this episode, in which Henry buys his wife, Sarah, the dress only to see her to prove irresistible to others. Little does Henry know that the dress turns women into dangerous horny bitches, and Sarah gives some very useful info to a cop about her husband and does Henry's father just for fun while he is being interrogated. Sabrina Boudot was in the movie "The Kiss" with Joanna Pacula, at that time she was blond and didn't have the bazongas she has in this fun episode of The Hunger.


Lara Boyd Rhodes

Sabrina Boudot







A film clip of Jessica Moore and Adriana Russo in The Broken Mirror
A film clip of Elisha Cuthbert's body double in He Was a Quiet Man

Some HD caps from Cat People:

Annette O'Toole

Nasty Kinski


Johnny Moronic stays on top of Satisfaction, the randy Aussie soap. The only nudity this week (episode six) comes from Alison Whyte. (Sample right)
Two interesting shots of Rebecca Romijn in body paint

Some HD caps from Shoot 'em Up

Monica Bellucci

Ramona Pringle







The Comedy Wire

Comments in yellow...

Thursday, Iowa Caucus voters turned out in record numbers to prove they weren't impressed by money or privilege, opting for the candidate of "change" in both parties.  On the Democratic side, Barack Obama took 37.5 percent, with Hillary Clinton slightly behind John Edwards with just under 30 percent each.  Hillary had presented herself as the inevitable winner, but Obama beat her in every demographic except women over 60, who told pollsters they want to see a woman president before they die.  

*  Obama's success proved that America already has a female leader: Oprah.

On the Republican side, the predicted squeaker between Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney wasn't even close.  Huckabee trounced Romney 34-25 percent, despite Romney outspending him 20-1.  Romney spent $7 million on ads in Iowa, and got 28,367 votes, which
means each vote cost him $246.77. 

*  Mike Huckabee could buy two suits for that much money.


Britain's Travelodge motel chain released a list of the oddest items that forgetful guests had left behind in their rooms in 2007.  Among them: false teeth, sex toys, a suitcase full of diamond jewelry, a $24,000 (US) necklace, a pet cat, an urn of cremated ashes, a glass eye, the keys to a Bentley, prosthetic limbs, a 6x6-foot remote control model helicopter, a lucky charm Buddha that the guest returned from Dubai to collect because he was having bad luck ... and a small child. 

*  Britney Spears left that.

*  Actually, all of these things were left in one room by Michael Jackson.


Some Purdue University students have taken on an unusual after-school job: sniffing livestock feces.  Agricultural engineering Prof. Albert Heber is studying ways to improve methods for estimating a farm's odor emissions, so he is paying students $30 per session to smell samples taken from barns full of hogs, cows or chickens to see how well various odor-fighting methods work.   He said if the smell has to be diluted 1,000 times to be undetectable, "that's a pretty strong odor," but he's had samples that had to be diluted 10,000 times.  

*  Taking a job sniffing bullshit also earns you credit toward a political science degree.