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Young Casanova (2002)

Young Casanova is a two-part German TV movie which has been combined into one long (180 minute) DVD. It covers a very brief period in Casanova's life, basically is youth in Venice and Paris. Scoopy previously reviewed this one, and I can't think of a single thing to disagree with him about, either in general or in detail. The film is true to the spirit of this period in Casanova's life, although small liberties were taken to make it more cinematic.

IMDb readers say 4.7, which seems way too low to me. IMDb has applied secret recipe reduction from 6.1. which seems like a more accurate score to me. This is a C+. It is VERY well done, and beautifully shot, if a bit long for my taste. If the genre interests you at all you should enjoy this one.

As Scoopy mentioned, it is not yet available in Region One, but the English dub in the Region 2 DVD is excellent. (See Scoop's review for a link to buy it from an American importer.)


Barbara Shulz shows breasts, buns, and maybe a hint of bush.



Catherine H. Flemming shows breasts and buns.



Christiana Capotonti shows breasts.



Claire Keim shows full frontal and rear nudity.



 Roberta Mosca also shows full frontal and rear nudity.


Scoop's note: I have no hesitation about recommending this DVD if you can play Region 2 DVDs. Three hours of good nudity and interesting scheming, nice photography, and a very decent English sound track. Tuna is completely correct about the low IMDb score. It makes no sense at all. One would expect this to be in the sixes, and the actual raw votes show exactly that - mean 6.1, median 7.0.








Hola, ¿estás sola?

Trini and La Niña are the same age: 20, and have the same uncomplicated way of going about things; they simply go ahead and do them. The two girls also share the lack of a mother. During their trip, they share everything, including Olaf, a Russian who knows not a word of Spanish and with whom La Niña has an affair. They have a mutual letdown: Mariló. La Niña finds love and loses it, finds her mother to lose her again, but also finds a friend, Trini, whom she is certainly not about to lose.

The fraternal relationship between the two young women is very cleverly constructed. There is no false step. And the two leading actresses, Silke and Candela Peña are up to the level of the rest of the film.

Silke Klein




"Rembrandt" is a visually impressive film about Rembrandt's life. Like many biopics, there are too many events crammed into it, and little room is left for character development. The representation of the 17th Century Dutch society is both well-researched and a visual treat. The movie does a great job of being faithful to Rembrandt's vision, and is eventually much more moving and fascinating than the average "tormented painter" film.

Romane Bohringer


The Time Machine travels back to 1971 today for an endearing star (in this old guy's mind anyway): Ann-Margret in "Carnal Knowledge." Annie looked gorgeous in this flick and showed off a little T & A to boot. For my money Jack Nicholson never had it so good.


Dann reports on Mad Cowgirl:

IMDB shows the genre for this 2006 Indy film as: Drama/Horror/Romance/Thriller. They're right on every count. It's strange, to be sure, but a great story, and excellent acting by star Sarah Lassez, and Star Trek's Lt. Chekov (Walter Koenig) as a lecherous priest, make this an excellent film.

To tell you much of the plot means giving away too much, so I'll only tell you this film follows the life of a woman dying of a brain disorder. As she gets worse, she descends into a surreal world filled with unbelievable events and violence.

No matter which of the four genres you like, this is a sure-thing film.

Sarah Lassez





Notes and collages

Jennifer Connelly in Career Opportunities

...consider this a commercial in my supernatural series -  JC looking her hottest on roller skates in this film....









Ageless Emmanuelle Beart running around in the buff, still lookin' pretty much like Manon of the Spring

Jamie Lee Curtis in Trading Places

The beautiful Angie Harmon in a strange dress which probably serves our purposes better than it served hers.