The Virgin and the Gypsy (1970)

This a film based on a lesser-known D.H. Lawrence novella, as translated to a screenplay by Alan Plater, and directed by Christopher Miles, the older brother of actress Sarah Miles. Although all but forgotten now, and not well-respected (5.6 at IMDb), this film was then deemed worthy of a Golden Globe nomination (Best English-Language Foreign Film).

The Plater and Miles team was especially interested in D.H. Lawrence, having also scripted and directed Priest of Love, an early-80s Lawrence biopic which starred Magneto.

For our purposes, the key point is that The Virgin and the Gypsy features ol' Pussy Galore (Honor Blackman) nekkid as a jaybird, albeit a jaybird photographed from behind.

Honor Blackman
Here's the 8-second film clip. (Zipped .wmv)


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Lindsay Lohan shows some of the good stuff to Vanity Fair.

  • Well, sorta good.

The big game was as even as could be, but Texas ended up with three more points

  • It was dead even in total yards, dead even in first downs
  • Yes, the Longhorns have a one-man team, but that one man proved to be enough! 40 passes without an interception, and 200 yards rushing in his spare time.

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Gone, Baby, Gone is the upcoming movie with the words we've been longing to hear: "written and directed by Ben Affleck"

  • Affleck will not act in it, which makes it a lot like his other films

Cheerleader Guy's recommendation for maximum Rose Bowl enjoyment tonight: The Brent Musburger Drinking Game

Short films: Fast Times at Hero High

  • Funny mini-parody of Fast Times. The teacher knows who ordered the pizza in class (Luthor) because it has double pepperoni and Kryptonite.

The perfect combination of elements? Many would argue for beer and football, but I have to go with chocolate syrup, partially naked co-ed wrestlers, and saxophone music

'Futurama' may get a new lease on life

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URL says it all except "why?":

Scientists prove soccer is the most exciting game

  • Their logic is that it is the game with the highest likelihood of a "giant killer" upset
  • Well, yeah. I'm not surprised by that, since every game ends in a 0-0 tie, and they break the tie by playing a completely different game.
  • By the same logic, the same scientists narrowed the data to the past ten years, and found that baseball is the most exciting game over that period!
  • The same logic demonstrated that American football is the least exciting game
  • My proposal to make American football more exciting (by this definition): play only one quarter, which will cause a lot of games to end in ties or upsets. When the score is tied, settle the tie by a "penalty kick" contest of field goals in which the better team has no better chance of winning unless they happen to have a better place kicker. Then it will be just as "exciting" as soccer. (And baseball!)
  • Fortunately, those scientists have never seen any sports games, so they are able to view this with complete objectivity.

London's Daily Mail says: Gwyneth seeks ghostbusters to get rid of ghastly apparitions in her home.

  • Of course, the Daily Mail also says that we are being threatened by Outer Space Yogurt Monsters
  • I'm going to take a guess that those emaciated, pale visions she sees are some newfangled things called mirrors.
  • For the record, Paltrow says there's not a ghost of a chance that this story is true
  • Also in the same story: "Orlando Bloom was spotted with Kate Bosworth at a 7-Eleven in Stockholm, Sweden asking where he could buy a lobster." Because, surprisingly enough, Swedish 7-Eleven clerks are considered to be the premiere sources for lobster-related info. If you want to know about crabs, however, you have to go to Circle K.

Letterman to O'Reilly: 60% of what you say is crap

  • O'Reilly, as always, feels that he's been underestimated

At last! An instructional video that we realy need. "How to talk your girl into Anal Sex"

Lettermania: Top Ten Ways New York Will Be Different If Donald Trump Becomes Governor

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From our "sounds boring but is kinda cool" department: A time-lapse video of the seasons in Norway, ranging from bitter, joint-numbing cold all the way to winter.

Some gorgeous old Marilyn Monroe pics

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  • "April's Shower" is a comedy of love, romance, and expectation. We meet the eclectic cast of characters as they arrive for a seemingly traditional wedding shower. Alex, a chef, put out by her efforts to host the perfect shower, struggles with her tangled relationship with the bride-to-be. Unpredictable twists and turns climax in a tender but madcap finale as Alex reveals her secret, not only affecting the course of her life but almost everyone at the shower.

"PARIS HILTON RESOLVES TO BE EVEN SLUTTIER IN '06 ... Hotel Heiress Setting Bar Impossibly High, Experts Say"

"Jesus and his disciples used cannabis to carry out miraculous healings."

  • Original title of The Last Supper - The Last Munch-Out
  • This is not a Weekly World News thing. It is from a legitimate news source. (Well, almost. It's from The Guardian.) The analysis has supposedly been done by biblical and historical scholars.

The Swedish Ministry of Health and Social Affairs shows how easy it is to change someone's appearance

  • I wonder what Dick Cheney looked like before his make-over



Movie Reviews:

Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe). White asterisk: expanded format. Blue asterisk: not mine. No asterisk: it probably sucks.




Second Time Lucky (1984)

Second Time Lucky (1984) is a rather silly film made in New Zealand, based on the premise that Satan convinces God to start over with Adam and Eve, but this time, for winner take all. Gabriel is assigned to assist (but not interfere with) Adam Smith (Roger Wilson), a nerdish college student. Eve is played brilliantly by Diane Franklin. The two meet rather badly at a frat house party. Next thing you know, Gabriel rushes Adam off to the Garden of Eden on a motorcycle, where he encounters a completely naked Eve. Satan wins round one when Eve eats the apple, then gets Adam to do the same.

Round two is fought in ancient Rome, where Adam is a victorious officer, and Eve is engaged to Caesar. Caesar doesn't take kindly to finding Adam on his marriage bed with a topless Eve. God picks the venue for round three, the great war (WW I), with Adam as an RAF Lieutenant and Eve as a French nurse and enemy agent. We then move to 1920s USA with Eve as a blonde floozy who rats out the mob to detective Adam. The last round is fought in the present. Satan is a rock promoter, and offers Eve to popular singer Adam, if Adam will sign with him and sing his material.

The story line required Diane Franklin to essentially play 5 different women, and she was equal to the task. Roger Wilson didn't do nearly as well, nor did Jon Gadsby as Gabriel. God was played by Robert Morley.

Diane Franklin, clearly the only highlight of this comedy, showed all three Bs. There are also assorted naked women at the frat party, and again in Rome.

IMDb readers have this at 4.2. Scoopy awarded an E, pointing out that, once the two are expelled from Eden, there is not much left worth watching. I disagree. Franklin rose above the bad material, and is worth watching in each major segment. Her blonde 1920s bimbo was excellent. I would call this a low C-, and Franklin fans will enjoy ports of it. I do suggest that you keep the remote on hand for fast forward, however.

Diane Franklin





Bobbi Harper in "Hollywood Sexcapades"



First we take a look at Rome Episode 9: Utica.
Caesar's last enemies bite the dust and he obtains dictatorial powers from the senate. He claims he'll give the power back to the senate when he has set things right again. Doesn't that sound familiar?
Meanwhile his former mistress Servilia, who vowed to bring him down, tries to find out what Caesar's big secret is  that has to stay hidden from the public. Octavian knows what it is (epilepsy) and that is why she suggests to her lover Octavia she sleep with her brother. Bro grabs the opportunity but is smarter and shrewder than his naive sis suspected. When their mother Atia, who strongly rejects incest for people of their rank, learns the truth about what happened, it's payback time of course and Servilia will feel it.
Nuditywise I've got the following 3 clips: 
  • Indira Varma as Niobe: serious pokies, probably caused by the fabric she's wearing.
  • Kerry Condon as Octavia: one breast in bed with her brother.
  • Lindsay Duncan as Servilia: breasts and top of buns during the reprisal attack, shot from a distance. Possibly a body double, possibly not, you be the judge. Keep in mind that a search in the back issues informs us that Lindsay was naked in 1989's Traffik (highly marked by Tuna in his review) and sexy in 2003's Under The Tuscan Sun.
We leave Rome now and head for Germania where Gruschenka Stevens (1, 2) , born in Colonia Agrippina, sings and swings in the nude in her apartment in Verschwinde von hier (1999).
And we end today's contribution with a very short full frontal clip of Jeanette Arndt in Mein unbekannter Ehemann from 1994. 

A quick and easy post today.  Here a mess of Pets, Penthouse variety, who made their collective way into
movies.  All of these are the work of brother Tuna, with a little after-market work by moi.  Most of them
came from the Citizen Kane of lesbian reality show parodies, Survivors Exmposed, which holds the record
for greatest number of former Pets in a movie (5). 


Aimee Sweet Alexus Winston Alexus Winston Aria Giovanni Donna Barnes Julie K Smith
Sandra Taylor Sandra Taylor     Shauna O'Brien Shauna O'Brien






Today we have more from "Haunting Desires."

Fallon Pfeifer topless on stage.

A topless trio of Fallon Pfeifer, Beverly Lynn & Jenna West on stage as they strip a drugged Beverly.

Jenna West with the vampire and as a menaced "Babe in Bondage".

And wrap it up with Fallon Pfeifer & Jenna West.







We've all seen her in A Sheltering Sky and An Officer and a Gentleman, but here's a little bit more action from Debra Winger in four obscure movies. First: Slumber Party '57 (1977)  
Debra Winger in Mike's Murder (1984)  
Debra Winger in Everybody Wins (1990)  
Debra Winger in Wilder Napalm (1993). It may be because I was living in Hungary in 1993, but I have never heard of this film.  
Valerie Blanchon in Le Coupeur d'Eau.  
Beate Jensen in In flagranti.  

Pat's comments in yellow...

Starting in February, the downtown library in Dallas, Texas, will start banning people who smell really bad.  They'll also ban sleeping, eating, loud talking, fighting, bare feet, washing and having sex.  Crowds of homeless people in downtown Dallas have practically moved into the library.  Charity groups denounced the ban, saying that with a shortage of facilities, the homeless need libraries.  But officials say regular users are fed up with the smelly, dangerous atmosphere.  They added that librarians will decide  fairly, on a case-by-case basis, who stinks badly enough to be kicked out.

*  This is the only library that spends more on potpourri than books. has declared "King Kong" the king of goofs.  So far, alert viewers have spotted 40 blunders in the three-hour film.  Among them: mud magically disappears from Naomi Watts' dress, food changes positions on a table; a bullet wound on Kong's chest disappears; and Kong tears up a New York street that an instant later is pristine, with all the cars parked neatly.

 *  That's the most glaring blunder in the movie: where is there a street
like that in New York?!

A study by three business professors at New York University found a link between Hollywood hits and fast food.  It turns out U.S. movies have higher box office returns in countries that have more McDonald's outlets.  They assumed that the number of McDonald's in a nation indicates the level of "Americanization," so maybe that's why American movies do better there.

So if people like sugary, processed products that have lots of filler and are promoted by clowns, they'll love Hollywood movies.