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Olivia Llewellyn bared her buns in the season two premiere of BBC's The Musketeers

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Jeune & Julie



The next few days will feature Marine Vacth in this contemporary film which is already on its way toward becoming a nudity classic. All the stills are in the January 3rd edition.

It's TV Day

Continuing with the caps - TV shows made in the United Kingdom. There are seven shows represented. Not a lot of nakedness but they are lovely looking women.


This was a short-lived show (13 episodes were made) starring the best bum for 1981, Felicity Kendal:

Series 1 Episode 2 (1981)

Cleavage by Debbie Wheeler

Series 1 Episode 4 (1981)

Pokies by Felicity Kendal

Series 2 Episode 1 (1982)

We get to see Felicity’s bum, unfortunately from a distance.

Series 2 Episode 3 (1982)

Pokies by Felicity Kendal

Series 2 Episode 7 (1982)

Pokies by Felicity Kendal

Helen West

Episode 2: Shadow Play (2002)

Pokies by Amanda Burton


Series 6 Episode 2 Life in the Fast Food Lane (1985)

Debbie Arnold is in her underwear

Series 9 Episode 12 A Taste of Money (1993)

Pokies by Nikki Coghill

Pennies from Heaven


The musical extravaganza based on Dennis Potter’s book:

Episode 2 The Sweetest Thing

Cleavage by Gemma Craven

Episode 3 Easy Come, Easy Go

Gemma Craven is topless

and Cheryl Campbell is in her underwear

Episode 5 Painting the Clouds

A bit of crack by Cheryl Campbell

Take a Letter Mr. Jones


A short-lived series that starred John Inman.

Episode 1 The Interview

Gina Maher shows a lot of leg

Episode 5 The Trade Fair (1981)

Rula Lenska shows a bit of leg

The Armstrong and Miller Show

Series 1 Episode 1 (2007)

An above average British comedy show that has Karen Hayley ready for a bit of S & M

The Pillars of the Earth

Some brief breast exposure by Hayley Atwell in the mini-series The Pillars of the Earth (2010).

Por un Punado de Besos


Ana de Armas film clip (collages and stills below)

"Trailer Park Boys"

 (Netflix series, episode: "Friends with Benedicts," s08e06)

Agnes Laan (brunette) and Francesca Barnett-Cowan (blonde): both topless, having some lesbian girl-on-girl action.'

SwearNet: The Movie


Xmas DVD release from the Trailer Park Boys.

Samantha Barrett: one-timer provides the only toplessness.

Sarah Jurgens: almost flashes all the goods getting up nude after massage, the brassiere and panties crotch shot as Sebastien Bach's drunken groupie.

Shannon Leroux: bouncy bikini top having fully clothed sex.

Mishael Morgan: nice cleavage.

Jessica Rimmer aka Jessica Phillips: cleavage as Sunshine Girl.

Tanya Feifel: sexy as Sunshine Girl: cleavage as Sunshine Girl.

Emily Mountford (red), Ann Pirvu (yellow bikini) and Fiona Carver (blonde): all sexy.

Mandi Knight: butt shot.

Trish Rainone: sexy as Sunshine Girl (she's the brunette behind Ricky).

Carly Marie: unfortunately this nudie model wore a full grease monkey suit.

various: other Sunshine Girls and others very sexy.


Trish Rainone: sexy in a clip from her demo in the short Sinkers.

Sick: Survive the Night


Another zombie flick.

Christine Aceto: topless.

Jennifer Polansky: sideboob.

Sex on the Saddle


This is hosted by Malika Kinison, the wife/widow of funnyman Sam Kinison and was made around the same time she alslo hosted the Playgirl sausage-fest "The Great Canadian Centerfold Search." There's other nudie pics of her and her sister Sabrina Souiri in some very old back issues of Celebrity Sleuth and Celebrity Skin.

Malika Kinison: full frontal and gyno-cam.


"Mohawk Girls"

(TV series, episode: "Freaksville," s2e02)

This episode takes place in a very PG-rated fetish club.

Brittany LeBorgne : cleavage,

Maika Harper: fully clothed sex.

Victoria Barkoff: very sexy as GILF dominatrix.

various: members of fetish club.


(TV series, s4e07)

stripper: bra and panties poledancing.

Samantha Brownlee: bikini top.

The Great Chameleon

(2012; trailer)

Dakota MacLeod: nudie model is topless.

"Naked News"


Eila Adams: a rare but natural pose for this news correspondent, nekkid in bed.

The Date

(2015 short; trailer)

Katie Boland: very nice legs.

Whiskey Business


Talia Russo: the omnipresent Toronto Sunshine Girl dancing with Pauly Shore. I sure hope she got sprayed for cooties.

Out avec l'ancien, avec la nue...

"Lance et Compte"

(le TV series; le 2015)

Umpteenth reprisal of the Quebec hockey series will provide even more nudity this year.

Lise Martin: topless.

Sarah Dagenais: topless.

"Coming Out"

(les web series)

Quebec LGBT web series starring Melanie Pilon, the lesbian prison guard from Unité 9.

les épisode: "L'Art D'être en Amour" (les s1w02)

Melanie Pilon: cleavage.

les épisode: "L'Erreur" (les s1w03)

Ariane Castellanos: bare back after night of lesbian sex.

Melanie Pilon: partial boob after night of lesbian sex.

les épisode: "La Curiosité" (les s1w05)

Ariane Castellanos: cleavage in sports bra.

les épisode: "Les Décisions" (les s1w12)

Melanie Pilon: partial boob after night of lesbian sex.

Rosalie Julien: partial boob after night of lesbian sex.

Walk-in ou Se marcher dedans

(2007; le play; aka "Walk-in Closet")

Marie-Eve Milot (le right) & Marie-Claude St-Laurent (le left): in skivvies.

Le Kyste

(2009 short; aka "The Cyst")

Anne Trudel: cleavage having fully clothed sex.

The Interview


The North Korean babes are played by Canadian actresses/models from Vancouver. Lia Lam (aka Sarah Wu) is the only one to post pictures from her role on social media. Michelle Kim shares the name of a South Korean model and another Vancouver actress.  Her pics on her IMDB profile were mysteriously removed days after the movie was released and the nudie pics posted online.
cast: left to right (1st pic): Lia Lam, Peenkay Tang, Hazeltine Gariza, Michelle Kim.

Michelle Kim (left) & Peenkay Tang (right): lesbian kiss.

bonus modeling pics

Peenkay Tang aka Pinky Tang: butt and partial boob.

  Hazeltine Gariza: bikini.

  Michelle Kim: sexy only from her past IMDB profile and Facebook account.

  Lia Lam: bra and panties, wearing nothing but a towel.

additional BONUS

  Lia Lam aka Sarah Wu: sexy as nurse in a Canadian short "The Appointment".

  Ally Maki: bra and panties as North Korean spy in an episode of "The Big Bang Theory".

Sarah-Lynne Davidson

Sarah-Lynne Davidson who appeared completely nude in a Clutch episode a few years ago is also known as nudie model Sarahh Davidson akd Sarah Valentiine aka Sarahh Valentine.

Sarah-Lynne Davidson: full frontal in Clutch episode.

bonus modeling pics:

various full nude including some fairly explicit simulated sex pics.

Sarah-Lynne Davidson aka Sarahh Davidson aka Sarah Valentiine aka Sarahh Valentine.

Put it back on...

  Kathy Griffin: stripped down to brassiere in promo for New Years Eve special.

Last but not least...

  Eugenie Bouchard
 Canada's athlete of 2014 showing the tennis version of a farmer's tan.

TV and Film Clips

Sonia Suhl in When Animals Dream (2014)


Jennifer Lawrence in Serena