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"The L Word"

Season three in 1920x1080

episode 8

Erin Daniels film clip (samples below)

Rachel Shelley and Alexandra Hedison film clip (samples below)





Bonded by Blood


Johnny's comments:

Bonded By Blood is a British crime film, the 3rd film about the infamous Essex Boys murders after Essex Boys and Rise of the Footsoldier (I reckon there's a 4th, someone could help me with that, I was thinking Resurrection Man but that's Irish and I think set in the 70s, correct me if I'm wrong). In prison, low level drug dealer Darren Nichols causes a scene and catches the eye of Mickey Steele and takes him under his wing. Also in prison, Mickey makes acquaintance with Pat Tate and they decide to start a drug business with Mickey bringing in the drugs and Mickey and his new acquaintances, wannabe big shots Tony and Craig. Things get tense with Pat concerned about the bad batch of drugs they are receiving from Mickey and by now Pat and Tony are coked up to the eyeball, paranoid as hell and decide with Craig to off Mickey and his cohorts. But, Mickey is suspicious of Pat and decides he is going to off Pat, Tony and Craig and does so, creating the famous image of three men murdered in a Range Rover at a farm gate in snow. Nothing new here, but as with Rise of the Footsoldier, the treatment of women is absolutely appalling and quite profane. Mercifully, the film is a good half hour shorter than Footsoldier which is an absolute mess, two lengthy films in the one experience. I can't remember much of Essex Boys outside of Alex Kingston's full frontal scene and Sean Bean (or someone else) saying cunt a lot. At least there's some good nudity from Kierston Wareing, probably her best nudity so far, although she's only very briefly in this film (and her character gets treated like shit...).

Kierston Wareing - 1080 film clips (collages below)

other nudity- 1080 film clips only


More thoughts from Johnny:

Oh, and my top 5 favourite series that I captured for 2010 are:

  • 1. Viva Bianca in Spartacus: Blood and Sand (favourite surprise of the year)
  • 2. Elena Anaya and Natasha Yarovenko in Habitacion de Roma
  • 3. Gemma Arterton in The Disappearance of Alice Creed
  • 4. Claire van der Boom in The Pacific
  • 5. Amy Beth Hayes in Misfits

And special mention to Lisa McCune from Rake, Keisha Castle-Hughes from The Vintner's Luck, Valentina Novakovic's first scene in Neighbours, the girls of Dance Academy and Emma Stone from Easy A. And very special mention to Camille Keenan from Satisfaction, sure her best stuff aired in December 2009, but Satisfaction continued on in 2010.

I wonder how well 2011 will turn out. Stuff I'm looking out for includes Sleeping Beauty with Emily Browning apparently having an erotic awakening (hmmm... who knows?), X with Viva Bianca and Hannah Mangan-Lawrence, and Melt with Rachael Taylor and Adrienne Pickering etc. etc.



Film Clips

Gemma Atkinson and Meredith Ostrom in Boogie Woogie (2009; HD)

Heather Graham and Jaime Winstone, also from an HD source of Boogie Woogie

Louise Bourgoin in La fille de Monaco (2008; HD)

Fanny Gautier in Mi Casa Es Tu Casa (2002; sample below)

Katherine Heigl's bare and youthful butt in Prince Valiant (1997)




Here's the Menounos lip-slip in one more view and some collages!

DiCaprio's impossibly beautiful girlfriend, Bar Rafaeli

Kate Beckinsale see-through

Monica Bellucci

Elli Medieros in Lulu (2002)