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"Las Vegas"

Lara Flynn Boyle shows some PG-13 nudity in ultra high definition.

Lara Flynn has a beautiful face, but I wonder what kind of craziness she must have buried inside of her psyche to hold on to Jack Nicholson as long as she did. After all, he was never facing a minimal number of choices for female comfort. That crazy streak, whatever it is, has never really been reflected in her screen characters.

Film clip here, collages below








Fraternity Vacation


Today is a "Hankster Light" day as the Time Machine goes back to the Eighties for "Fraternity Vacation." Barbara Crampton and Kathleen Kinmont were topless and just oh so cute in these caps and two clips.







Notes and collages


"Las Vegas"

Season 3

Aesthete covered LFB above.

 Rok went after the other side of the bra size spectrum with Nikki Cox.

s3, e9

s3, e3

s3, e5









Season 1

The rest of the series created by Kenny Hotz of Kenny vs. Spenny fame.

episode "Abstinence Underwear"

Devon MacDonald: sexy as nurse.

Ashley Wolstat: partial boob first collage.  Ashley was the mystery hooker who gave Michael Madsen a blowjob in the first episode of "Tilt" several years ago (second collage)

Christina Notto: sexy.


episode "Jellybean Omellettes"

Diana Cofini: sexy as nurse.


episode "Kicking the Bucket List"

Theresa Joy: upskirt as PMS girl.


episode "Mr. Pain and Danger Lad"

Lizz Alexander: sexy as dominatrix.


episode "Pinaeapple Shampoo"

Natalie Brown: "Sophie" sexy.


"Kenny vs. Spenny"

episode "Who Can Bone More Women?"

Despite having eight prospects, this was a boobless episode. The only chesecake worth mentioning was delivered by Elle Patille, a Toronto area model who once did a Hefmag lesbian shoot with Amy Lynn Grover in a newstand special, "Girls with Girls."

Elle Patille










More of Amy Winehouse flashing her breasts at the beach. She is looking healthier, but that's about like saying that Generalissimo Franco is looking less dead.

Megan Fox in some European magazine. Nothing showing, but hot.


AnnaLynne McCord at the beach.

How exactly do paparazzi work? Does every single celebrity have at least one nut following him/her around? AnnaLynne is getting pretty far down the C list, so there must be photogs following just about everyone. I guess that the advantage of following somebody like AnnaLynne is that you're probably the only one in the game, so your pictures are exclusive. Lohan, for example, is much more famous and much more likely to do something ... er .. newsworthy, but if you get the shot you'll have to try to sell your version against 50 other paparazzi with the same shot.

It's a helluva way to make a living, following minor league stars and eternally hoping that they'll do something interesting. Anyway, here's AnnaLynne, and she's not even naked. (Slow day in the paparazzi biz, except for the Winehouse entourage.)

Lisa London shows off her jumbo jacks in Sudden Impact

Flora Martinez in Rosario Tijeras


Tilda Swinton doing full-frontal nudity 15+ years ago in Orlando

The Girls of Craig, a Danish flesh-fest:

Sara-Louise Christiansen

Alice Haaber

Christa Neilsen. Specialty look. Fake boobs on a rail-thin body.

Trine Starup


Film Clips

A comprehensive look at Madonna in Body of Evidence

Ava Fabian in Ski School

A different look at Rose McGowan in Doom Generation. Good quality and full screen.

Monica Bellucci in Malena: Unrated. Even if you have seen the movie you may not have seen the full frontal when the kid undresses her. Plus it's Monica at her peak in a tremendous film.