Good Luck Chuck

Here are some DVD-quality clips from the critically reviled film.

Here are some captures of the first four

Yasmine Vox
Chelan Simmons
Annie Wood
Jessica Alba

And here are the women who get naked in the montage:

Carrie Fleming
Susan McLellan
Michelle Andrew
Simone Bailly
Eliza Bayne
Victoria Bidewell
Viviana Dal Cengio
Zara Taylor
Kari-Ann Wood

The other women in the montage are: Elizabeth Schnitzker (clinging to ceiling), Annie Wood (who won't remove her top - you see her above with the three breasts), Jessica Olafson (kitchen counter), and Tammy Morris (the contortionist). The unknown woman in the group above may be Michelle Andrew from a second angle, but I'm just not sure.


  • * Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe).

  • * White asterisk: expanded format.

  • * Blue asterisk: not mine.

  • No asterisk: it probably sucks.


Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.









Abi Titmuss
Adriana Lima
Allessandra Ambrosio
Amy Smart
Ana Alvarez
Annie Friel
Ashley Judd
Bianca Gascoigne
Christina Milian
Demi Moore
Elle Macpherson
Eva Herzigova
Jennifer Garner
Julie Ordon
Kader Loth
Kim Delaney
Lily Allen
Lindsay Lohan
Lucinda Rhodes-Flaherty
Marisa Tomei
Nicolette Sheridan
Rebecca Gayheart
Sarah Harding
Tamara Beckwith











"Masters of Horror"

Episode: "Right To Die"

We have two lusty, busty ladies to drool over. Julia Anderson shows off her Robo-Hooters in the hot tub.


Robin Sydney with lots of T& A, seducing a guy and then nice boobage on an operating table, doesn't look good for her.







Notes and collages

Wild Things (XXX)

Christy Canyon


...just a change of pace for me, some R-rated collages from an X film: the lovely Christy Canyon in her prime...






Here's the video of Lysette Anthony from Tales from the Crypt, s5e3. The collage is in yesterday's page.






"The Hunger"

Season 2

Episode: The Suction Method


One day, years ago, I was doing some zapping and I saw one channel where David Bowie was talking, so I left it there to see what it was. A minute later the episode began and WOW, I knew it was a great show, since the first thing in the episode was a sex scene - very hot, probably the hottest in a Sci-Fi or fantasy series, with full frontal nudity from a great-looking gal. Since that day I've been watching the Hunger. Now I own both 2 seasons and I'm mad there weren't more.

In this episode, middle-aged Max celebrates after having his wife leave town on business. He calls his lover and tells her to come to his home. But his wife booked a carpet cleaner before leaving and he has to take care of them first. But Redemptive Cleaners is not a normal company, they send a very beautiful woman wearing spandex to clean the carpet. Max can't believe how lucky he is, but when the girl starts to make advances, he thinks is a trap set by his wife to get a divorce and keep everything. Max is just too horny and can't stand his wife anymore so he decides to go for it anyway. But this cleaner has the most unique method of sucking, and Max is in for an experience heŽll die for, literally.


Anne Lishman







Clip: Aitana Sanchez-Gijon in Carta Esferica

Clip: Angela Dodson in Pretty Cool Too

Clip: Monica Bellucci in Napoleone Soulsauce



Clip: Veronica del Castillo - Beach Paparazzi (sample below)



Jennifer Aniston (left three) and Courteney Cox (right two)

  show off the booties in Mexico this week



Shalom Harlow from Purple Fashion, Winter 2007-08





More (different) bikini shots of Nicolette Sheridan





Melanie Lynskey in Park



Marcia Cross. Only one I've seen without the watermarks.