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"Life of Brian" (1979)

Life of Brian (1979) is widely thought of as a spoof of Biblical movies, but was actually intended as political satire in a historical setting. Not the most humorous, but probably the most controversial of the Monty Python films, it has a few great comedy moments. My favorite is when the people hanging on the cross at the end start singing "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life." The film starts with the birth of Brian in the stable next door to Christ, and the visit by the Three Wise Men. When the star adjusts to the right stable, they come back and take back the gifts. Brian grows up, becomes involved with an underground movement, and then becomes a very reluctant prophet. When the multitudes begin to follow him, he tells them to "fuck off." They respond in unison with, "How shall we fuck off, Lord?"

The film is all about religious and political intolerance, and about blind faith. True to its theme, the film was banned in several US cities, especially in the deep south. It is the most coherent of the Python films, as it sticks pretty much to a linear plot. The exposure is provided by Sue Jones-Davies as Judith, a Brian groupie who sleeps with him. She has made several films, but is even better known for her singing, and her appearances on Welsh language TV. Indeed, she is called a "Welsh Tart" in the film. Maltin loves it at three stars, and I agree. IMDB readers give it 7.8/10, which makes it #186 in the top 250 films of all time. As for the controversy, I can't imagine why anyone would want to spend eternity with a God who wouldn't find this film funny.

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  • Sue Jones-Davies (1, 2, 3, 4)

    "The Seniors" (1978)

    The Seniors (1978) is a third rate sexploitation film about four guys who are about to graduate and hate the thought of leaving college. They hit upon the idea of obtaining a grant and staying on. With a little trickery, they land a grant, and start a sex study. They pay volunteer "liberated college girls" $20.00 an hour to have sex with them as part of the research. Things go well, but they realize the grant money won't last forever. They hit upon the idea of allowing other men to participate, as long as they donate $50.00 per hour to the study. Next thing they know, they are into high finance.

    The plot is inane and the direction spotty, but The Seniors is partially saved by some of the character actors, including Priscilla Barnes and Dennis Quaid, both of whom would probably like to forget this one. The DVD quality is simply awful. It was clearly mastered from a very poor print, and nothing at all was done to clean it up. Maltin rates this 2 stars, and the handful of IMDB people who have seen it say 4.2. It has some historical value as a good example of late 70's sleaze.

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    Winona and Rhona

    A pretty good week for new releases. Winona shows her nipples, and Hollow Man's deleted scenes turn up more of Rhona Mitra.

    ... Autumn in New York is a very bad movie. Worse than bad.

    But ...

    and this is an important 'but' ....

    how often have you seen Winona Ryder's nipples? She shows them twice in this film. So it may be a bad movie, but it represents a bit of a historical landmark for celeb nudity buffs.

    The word was that she did a topless scene, but if so it is nowhere to be seen. But at least we have these. (the fifth one is a spare capture - I don't think there is anything there, but maybe you want a quick look to see for yourselves):

    Winona (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)


    .... one more try at Hollow Man, this time with my captures.

    Notice that collage #1 of Mitra includes a shot from the deleted scenes, and you may not have seen it before.

    Rhona Mitra (1, 2, 3, 4)

    Kim Dickens (1, 2)

    There is no nudity in Crime and Punishment in Suburbia, a film with artistic aspirations, a reasonable budget, and some fairly big names (Ellen Barkin. e.g.) that took in $26,000 at the US box office. No, that isn't a misprint. Not 26 million, but really 26 thousand.

    Comments by Brainscan:

    Youma Diakite

    Youma Diakite is a fashion model who gets my vote as the woman with the perfect skin and perfect bod. If'n you know a better combination pass it right along, won't you.

    Gena Lee Nolin
    (1, 2)

    What with all the interest in Gena Lee Nolin, now that is she is Sheena, I was happy to get 'hold of the original paparazzi pics of her on the beach. Took some serious editing, but here they is. The first collage is better than the second.

    Jr here...I watch a lot of TV. Some say I'm a couch potato, but I prefer to think of it as celebrity research. Anyway, does anyone else remember back about 2-3 years ago when Gena Lee was doing about every other infomercial? One in particular has stayed with me, it was her endorsing a foam rubber pair of boobs designed to pad the bras of lesser endowed housewives (or crossdressers I suppose). Why do I remember it? Because Gena Lee flat out lied and said that she had small boobs and used the rubber cones to stuff her Baywatch suit! Anything for a buck I guess.

    Dee Iversen

    Dee is the page 3 babe de jour. She is on the opposite end of the hooter spectrum from Linsey Dawn and her cohorts.

    Dimitra Matsouka And then there are some vidcaps, edited from the hard work others have done. Can't remember where the Dimitra Matsouka caps came from and have no clue from which movie they were captured, but she is a beauty and I figured you wouldn't mind seeing her.

    Juliette Cummins Juliette is one B movie actress I would like to meet because truly I have seen every movie she made; she's a former gymnast and star of five movies, all in which she got nekkid. These are Tuna originals from Slumber Party Massacre II.

    Monique Parent We end with Tuna's caps of Monique Parent in Desert Winds. Monique looks particularly good in these.
    Comments by RDO:

    I set out to rent "Anaconda" yesterday, and came home with "Any Given Sunday". Wrong disk in the box. But w'at de 'eck, eh? Dere's some skin in this baby anyhow. I've seen caps of Liz before, of course, but it took me awhile to determine that she really is wearing a thong in the backside shots. Oh, well.

    The credits at the IMDB list no less than 24 "party girls": 01 Meira Moet
    02 Rhonda Adams
    03 Glynnis Lawson
    04 Jessie Alexander
    05 Melissa Jayne
    06 Sarah Bredell
    07 Michelle Beisner
    08 Cleo Bayla
    09 Luna Abdi Mohamed
    10 Olivia Fullerton
    11 Biba Mbayi
    12 Jaime Bergman
    13 Dawn Crawford
    14 Gwendolyn Osborne
    15 Celia Evans
    16 Nichole Robinson
    17 'Jaman' Janet Manns
    18 Andrea Horka
    19 Hermine Kraljevic
    20 Mercy Lopez
    21 Maria E. Heredia
    22 Jeannie Mustelier
    23 Delia Sheppard
    24 Donna Preudhomme

  • Anyone know who this one is? It's not Delia Sheppard, but beyond that I'm stumped. (1, 2, 3)

  • Elizabeth Berkley (1, 2, 3, 4)
  • Rasslin' with Crow
    Stephanie McMahon
    (1, 2, 3)
    Apparently Steph had a little trouble keeping her top on Monday night.

    Kate Moss
    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7,
    8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13)

    More Moss! The only nudity in today's batch is link #10.

    Diane von Furstenburg

    Geri Miller

    Jerry Hall

    Linda Evangelista

    Margaux Hemingway

    Monique van Vooren

    Karen Mulder
    (1, 2)

    Naomi Campbell
    (1, 2)

    Rene Russo
    (1, 2)

    Sarah O'Hare


    Continued coverage from Scavullo's "Nudes". You'll find the most visible goodies from Diane, Geri, Jerry, Margaux, Naomi #1, "Various", and of course, the best of all...Rene Russo!
    The Funnies
    New Year's Resolutions

    Are you sick of making the same resolutions year after year that you never keep? Why not promise to do something you can actually accomplish? Here are some resolutions that you can use as a starting point:

    1. Gain weight. At least 30 pounds.
    2. Stop exercising. Waste of time.
    3. Read less. Makes you think.
    4. Watch more TV. I've been missing some good stuff.
    5. Procrastinate more. Starting tomorrow.
    6. Don't date any of the Baywatch cast.
    7. Spend more time at work, surfing with the T1.
    8. Take a vacation to someplace important: like, to see the largest ball of twine.
    9. Don't jump off a cliff just because everyone else did.
    10. Stop bringing lunch from home: eat out more.
    11. Don't have eight children at once.
    12. Get in a whole NEW rut!
    13. Start being superstitious.
    14. Personal goal: bring back disco.
    15. Don't wrestle with Jesse Ventura.
    16. Don't bet against the Minnesota Vikings.
    17. Buy an '83 Eldorado and invest in a really loud stereo system.
    18. Get the windows tinted. Buy some fur for the dash.
    19. Speak in a monotone voice and only use monosyllabic words.
    20. Only wear jeans that are 2 sizes too small and use a chain or rope for a belt.

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