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Rosemary Mosbaek

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Frankie Shaw

Some Crappy Movie

After watching Courteney Cox’s cleavage in Cougar Town, I became interested in what nudity she has shown over the years. After going through some of her movies, I am pretty sure she hasn’t shown any. The three movies, Blue Desert, 3000 Miles to Graceland and Commandments, where it is supposed to be her, I think are body doubles.


Commandments shows some serious side-boob by Courteney but the HD version doesn’t show much.

Of more interest is Joanna Going’s breasts,

and then there’s Pamela Gray’s cleavage.

Death Kiss

Part 2


Brainscan's notes:

The additions to Death Kiss were most welcome.  All of us should and do appreciate Eva Hamilton's willingness to give it her all in what are otherwise unwatchable movies, but that scene from Death Kiss really says something about her acting chops.  She is in a scene with a guy who I swore was Charles Bronson but turns out to be someone named Richard Bronzi - not makin' that up - but of course the scene is shot with the camera on him for one take and then on her for another.  Ain't no one else in the room but the cameraman and director.  The point is this: the noted thespian, Bronzi, does a much better job convincing us he is honest to goodness talking to somebody.  Eva just emotes, or comes as close as she can.  While topless.  That's the important part.

Now, about the gal named Stormi Maya, I will send along some pics of her with her natural hair but nothing else at all in the least not the slightest bit natural.  Nope.  Nothing. 


Palm Swings


Johnny's comments:

Palm Swings is a relationship dramedy where a young married couple Allison and Mark (Sugar Lyn Beard and Jackson Davis) move to Palm Springs for Mark's work and immediately meet their very forward neighbours Claire and Jim (Diane Farr and Chaka Forman). Turns out they are swingers and after a bit of reticence, the need to make new friends draws Allison and Mark into Claire and Jim's world. At a big swingers night, Allison and Mark take the plunge with Allison attracted to hot rock star Lance (Jason Lewis) while his wife, the very picky Rachel (Madison McKinley) sets her eye on Mark and by the end of the night, Allison and Mark have well and truly entered the swingers world. Mark is a bit nonplussed by it all, but it stirs something in Allison, who is extremely attracted to Lance and starts seeing a lot more of him which puts a strain on their relationship and ends it when Mark finds out. Allison is distraught that their marriage has ended and put out all stops to get back together with Mark.

OK movie that is a fairly frank look at the swingers world, taking a mostly positive view of the world which is definitely a change from the usual moral scolding. While it starts out as a bit of the comedy, once the relationship drama begins, the comedy stops which is a shame as it was working well as light comedy. Still a pretty watchable movie though; plenty of sex and nudity too.

Sugar Lyn Beard, McKinley Madison and Diane Farr film clips

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Sugar Lyn Beard

Diane Farr

McKinley Madison

Manon Pages in The Demonologist (2018) in 1080hd

Elitsa Bako and Lora Burke in Lifechanger (2018) in 1080hd

Milo Moire in Unum (2017) in 1080hd

Marie Luise Stockinger in Maria Theresia (e2, 2017) in 720p

Zuzana Stivinova in Maria Theresia (e1, 2017) in 720p