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The latest episode of Naked News ended with three of the anchors (Eila, Carli and Cat) celebrating the New Year. The women are usually careful about avoiding open leg shots, but I'm thinking Carli wasn't just pretending to drink that champagne, because she ended up in some exposed positions.

Man, they really know how to celebrate the Old Year (literal translation) in The Netherlands. Sorry, I don't know the performer's name, but I wish our networks did this instead of letting Anderson Cooper babble.

Best Nude Scenes of 2015

The 2015 summary is complete.

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"The Knick"

Season 1


Today: Episode 10. The last one in this series.

Rachel Korine

Continuing with the films of 1994

Ace Ventura - Pet Detective

There’s no nudity in Ace Ventura - Pet Detective (1994). Some nice cleavage by Courteney Cox

and Rebecca Ferratti.

Sean Young is down to her underwear

and there are some sexy cheerleaders.

Against Their Will - Women in Prison

Pokies by Judith Light in Against Their Will - Women in Prison (1994).


Pamela Gidley gets naked in Freefall (1994) and you just get a glimpse of her breasts.

Golden Gate

Golden Gate (1994) has some side-boob by Joan Chen.

Improper Conduct

Lee Anne Beaman shows the lot in Improper Conduct (1994).

 Kathy Shower

and Tahnee Welch are both topless.


Sandra Bullock looks good in Speed (1994)

and there is an upskirt by an unidentified woman.


Brainscan starts to look at some of the stars in the world of modeling

Today: Kacy Anne Hill


Film Clips

Various women in Lumberjack Man (see below for IDs)

Nikki Seven

Andy San Dimas

Amanda Moon Ray

Vanessa Velacruz

Athena Paxton

Raven Rockette

Anna Giles in Scrapper (2013)

From the vault of obscurity: Lisa Fallon in FX2 (1991) in 1080p

This is the best version I have seen of Stefanie Powers in Crescendo  (1970)

Mara Lorenzio and Paula Romo (and others) in the bizarre El Topo (1970) in 1080hd. This competes with Don't Touch the White Woman and Greaser's Palace for the title of "weirdest Western."


Kinda interesting Whitney Cummings social media post