Most Popular Nude Scenes of 2014

It's that time of year. The annual poll for the most popular nude scenes returns for the 16th year in a row.

Shocker: the completely naked Scarlett Johansson did not win. WTF? The winner was very deserving - you can imagine how good the scene must be to defeat a totally naked ScarJo.

Here is the write-up.

And here is the numerical summary, if you're into that kind of crap.

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Lie With Me


The 1080hd version of Lauren Lee Smith in this nudity classic will cover many days. All of the stills of her are in the December 28th edition. Today's section contains the last two videos.

Concluding the movies from the United Kingdom

A Dangerous Method

A Dangerous Method (2011) has Keira Knightley

and Sarah Marecek showing their breasts.

The Inbetweeners Movie

There’s some brief bum by Laura Haddock in The Inbetweeners Movie (2011),

while Jessica Knappett

and Lydia Rose Bewley are in their underwear.

The Meaning of Life

The Meaning of Life (1983) is a Monty Python classic. Patricia Quinn shows her bum and breasts during a sex ed class.

There are lot of breasts on show by some unidentified women. I have also included the topless dancers at the end of the movie although these scenes seem to involve prosthetics. One of these is supposed to be Jane Leeves, but it is impossible to tell who is who.

Perfect Sense

In Perfect Sense (2011), Eva Green

and Lauren Tempany are both topless.

Marfa Girl


Johnny's comments:

Marfa Girl is a drama about a bunch of characters living in the US/Mexican border town of Marfa. Adam (Adam Mediano) has just turned 16 and he has a cute girlfriend Inez (Mercedes Maxwell) who he really likes, his neighbour Donna (Indigo Rael) shows an interest in him, he has a teacher who's looking out for him, but there's also a border patrolman Tom (Jeremy St. James), a violent misogynist arsehole who makes trouble for him mainly because he has a raging hard-on for his mother and she won't reciprocate. Meanwhile, an art student only known as Marfa Girl (Drake Burnette) works her way through the town meeting various people including Adam and having sex with a multitude of men. Nothing much more than that although it will end in violence with Tom on the prowl.

Geez, has it really been 9 years since Larry Clark's (Kids, Another Day in Paradise, Bully, Teenage Caveman, Ken Park) last feature length movie, Wassup Rockers? Marfa Girl ticks off the usual Larry Clark themes of teenagers making their way sexually, lots of philosophical thoughts that are possibly bullshit and occasional bursts of violence, so, you know exactly what you're getting again. This film sort of meanders about with no real plot until its inevitable conclusion, not really having a point. I was never really bored by it, but I don't think I'll be watching again any time soon.

Drake Burnette film clips (collages below)

Indigo Rael film clips (samples below)

TV and Film Clips

Michelle Monballijn in the latest episode of Tatort, "Der Irre Iwan" (2015)

Jillian Murray in Cabin Fever: Patient Zero (2014) in 720p

Gaite Jensen in Supernova (2014)

Gaite again, this time with Elise van 't Laar, who is pictured below

Lisa Loven Kongsli in Force Majeure (2014) in 1080hd

Carice van Houten and all the usual Dutch suspects in Ik omhels je met 1000 armen (2006)

Van Houten


Maartje Remmers

Halina Reijn

Catherine ten Bruggencate

Maaike Neuville, who made our list of the top 25 nude scenes this year


Here are some stills of Eirini Karamanoli showing her breasts in The Lost Legion, but avoiding further exposure through the much-dreaded "Austin Powers technique."

This is C.J. Perry, the attractive improv-trained actress/singer/dancer who is currently better known by her WWE alias, "Lana," an evil Russian manager or diva or something who constantly refers to her hero, Vladimir Putin. According to her IMDb bio, she was born in Gainesville, Florida, but her parents are American missionaries, so she grew up in Latvia, where she really did learn to speak fluent Russian, although her ancestors came to America from Portugal and Venezuela. She ain't nekkid, but she's flashin' a lotta nice booty.

Here's an old pic I don't remember, featuring the petite princess of the scream queen era, Linnea Quigley. Her IMDb credits begin when she was just 17, and I guess she's still at it forty years later because IMDb lists her in 10 movies with a 2014 date and several more in 2015. I'm not likely to see any of those films, but it's still kinda sad for me to see that IMDb now lists her playing parts like "the old woman" and "gypsy woman." I guess that's the same relentless march of time that affects all of us. I just turned my back for a few minutes and the little cutie somehow became 56 years old.