"The End of the Affair" (1999)

It was hard to sort out my feelings about this film. One of the reviewers at IMDB said it was probably the best film that could be made from the novel. I probably agree with that. The settings and costumes were very appropriate for the period and location (WW II England), and soft focus and subdued lighting were used for atmosphere. The technique was effective, but not much help for capping.

Warning: Spoiler Ahead

The story is a simple one. Julianne Moore is married to a Govt. official, but it is a sexless arrangement. She has an affair with a friend/neighbor who is researching her husband for material for a book. When he is caught in a bomb blast and seems dead, she begs God to save him, and promises to end the affair in return. God keeps up his end, and she tries for two years to keep up hers. Meanwhile, the author feels it was his jealousy that drove her away and becomes very bitter. They meet again, and the author hires a Private Eye to find out who she is cheating with now. He discovers the truth, and falls in love with her all over again. Unfortunately, she is terminally ill with some un-named coughing disease.

End spoiler

Several things detracted from the enjoyment of this film for me. First, the sexual interludes were scattered throughout in a series of flashbacks, which kept them from developing any sort of sexual energy. Second, neither the author nor the husband were very likable. Third, the "miracle" at the end (she kisses the Private Eye's son on a strawberry birthmark that completely covers one side of his face, and it goes away after her death) was a little over the top for me, and not necessary to the story. Last, there was a serious continuity problem. She was baptized Catholic by her mother who was Catholic, but was not raised in the church because her father was Jewish. After her death, the priest she had been seeing said that she could have been given a Catholic burial because "the church recognizes baptism of desire."

For those who are not familiar with Catholic Doctrine, here is a brief explanation:
1) You become a Catholic by being baptized.
2) There are three kinds of baptism; water, blood and desire.
3) Water involves pouring, sprinkling or submersion, and someone saying the proper words: "I baptize you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost."
4) Blood covers those martyrs who gave their life for the church before they could be baptized.
5) Desire is the catch-all that makes every sincere person a Catholic. If you admit the existence of God, and desire to do everything necessary for salvation, you have a baptism of desire and are a Catholic. Given that she had seen the priest several times, and that she would have been asked by him about baptism in the first meeting, the priest would never have mentioned baptism of desire, as she already had the baptism of water.

IMDB readers have this at 7.2 of 10. Moore was nominated for Best Actress, and the film also received an Oscar nomination for cinematography. It was nominated for a host of BAFTAs. Ebert says 2 1/2 stars, and Berardinelli three. Rotten Tomatoes says 66% positive, but only 57% from the top critics. All in all, I would say that it is a well-made film (other than the continuity error above), and I enjoyed what was achieved technically, but I didn't relate to the story or the characters. C

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    Jamie Lee Curtis
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    Not one, but two topless scenes in "The Tailor of Panama". Still looking good at age 40-something!

    Elizabeth Hurley Baring her breasts in the UK TV movie, "Sharpe's Enemy" (1994).

    Julianne Moore Topless in a love scene from "The End of the Affair".

    'Caps and comments by Hankster:

    We return today to the "Amazons". First up is Fabiana Smith looking cute and naked. Then it's on to Danitza Kingsley in a love scene with the evil guy. Moving on to the "Babe in Bondage" scenes with two unknowns at the hands of some pretty creepy guys. The second babe is really good looking and gets rewarded with a knife to the belly (what a waste). Finally Penelope Reed winds up in bondage (sadly, with her clothes on today). The good news for her was she got rescued.

    French Movie Ads
    Gotta love those French when it comes their frequent use of nudity! Here is another round of production stills used as advertising featuring stars of various movies nude.
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    • Béatrice Dalle topless in the tub from "À la folie" (1994).

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    • Laura Antonelli, the Italian beauty bares her wonderful chest in scenes from "Malizia" (1973). (1, 2, 3, 4)

    • Marie-Christine Descouard, very nice breast exposure in all 3, a hint of pubes in link #3. (1, 2, 3)

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    Diane Lane

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    Virginia Madsen Showing off her all natural big'uns in a shower scene from "Creator".

    Ashley Judd Flashing a boob while sitting in a car with Salma Hayek.

    Leonor Watling
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    Excellent topless 'caps by Finn of the Spanish actress in scenes from "Son de mar" (2001).

    Linda Haynes
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    'Caps and comments by Tall Paul:

    Somewhere sometime I picked up a tape called "Human Experiments". When I finally got around to watching it, it turned out to be a hybrid WIP/psycho-medical thriller from 1980, sort of like a collaboration between Robin Cook and Roger Corman. It's a little better watching than you might expect, because of a fairly coherent script. But the good news is full-frontal exposure from Linda Haynes, who appeared as the designated blonde in several well-known films of the 70s. I think these are her best nude scenes.

    This seems to be pretty obscure stuff. Bare Facts cites the film in Linda Haynes filmography, but doesn't indicate that it has nudity. The Fun House Encyclopedia has a nude pic of Haynes that looks to be from this film, but without crediting the source. The Fun House search engine turned up no hits for the film s title, or for its aka Beyond the Gate (per IMDB).