Happy New Year

Happy New Year

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"The White Princess"

1987, 1920x1080

Jodie Comer

Fading Gigolo

2013 is this week's theme

Sharon Stone is topless in Fading Gigolo,

 while Sofia Vergara,

Vanessa Paradis

and an unidentified woman are in their underwear.


season seven

Brainscan's comments:

There is a rule for screens, big and small, that crooks hang out at strip joints, and a second rule has cops go in search of crooks at strip joints because the cops seem to be aware of the first rule.  That gives crook shows and cop shows the opportunity to put strippers in front of the camera for our edification.  Dexter was a series that took full advantage of the crook and cop rules, season 7 in particular.  Have done one or two things from that season before and here are a couple more.

They include Katia Winter in collages from two episodes:

s7e3 - with a clip


and another collage of an unidentified stripper in s7e1

Then there is Bentley Stingley, who IMDb tells me played a stripper in season 7, but I've not seen any clips of her, so I went in search of images and found a few

Also found a video of a photoshoot that the videographers did perfectly, so I grabbed some frames and stuck them together.

Deep Cover


Victoria Dillard film clip (collages below)


Irina Voronina in Scramble (2017) in 720p

Nadia Hilker and Augie Duke in Spring (2014) in 1080hd



Ariel Winter

Jade Chynoweth

Rachel McCord