That's actually a picture of Toronto. I'll bet Rob Ford had a more exciting New Year's Eve than I did.


The 15th Annual Top Nude Scenes Poll

The Best of 2013, in case you missed it yesterday

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TV Round-Up

A very nice scene from season two (episode seven) of Lilyhammer, featuring Victoria Winge

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  • * White asterisk: expanded format.

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"The Sopranos"




The caps for this week are from 2009.

Today's teaser:

Spring Breakdown

No nudity in Spring Breakdown (2009) but there are lots of sexy women:

Amber Tamblyn

Amy Poehler

Missi Pyle

Parker Posey

Rachel Dratch

Sophie Monk

Lots not identified


La Estrella


Ingrid Rubio film clip (collages below)



Sara Cozar film clip (sample below)

TV/Film Clips

Cheryl Sands, Heather Tyler and Sadie Katz in House of Bad (2013)

Anna Brueggemann in Drei Zimmer, Kueche, Bad (2012)

Alice Dwyer, also in Drei Zimmer, Kueche, Bad

Tuva Novotny in The Wedding Photographer (2009) in 1080p

Amy Adams in Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day (2008) in 720p

one more of Amy Adams from the DVD special features

Anna Falchi in Cemetery Man (1994) in 720p. A nudity classic!

Dominique Laffin in Tapage nocturne (1979)


SNL regular Cecily Strong (non-nude)

Victoria Silvstedt in Out Cold (2001; minimal nudity).
Bizarrely, Zach Galifanakis has not aged a day in the past 13 years.