Happy New Year.

Hope your year is starting better than mine. I have the flu and slept 14 consecutive hours before starting to write this page.

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Magic Mike


Olivia Munn - 1080p film clips of one of the top nude performances of 2012

Riley Keough

Mircea Monroe




Happy Holidays.  Thought it time to wrap up a long project. 

The video is called NoAngels.com and it is a faux documentary of a bunch of comely lasses getting together to start a softcore nekkid website. Throughout the video they maintain the fiction of a documentary by showing us that other cameras are filming the same scene and by doing the interview thing.  No problem with that because, in the end, you more than sorta get what you came for in this fine, fine cinematic achievement.  There are nekkid gals, more than a dozen of em, and they get nekkid for minutes on end. 

The five stars of the show include some veterans and two newcomers.  Two of the veterans are Nicole Martiano (aka Nicole Marciano, Penthouse Pet of the Month for January 2000) and Zoe Paul, who was a model for the Hefmag about a dozen times over the years.  I have sent along a picture from Nicole's Penthouse feature.  She wound up posing for many magazines and websites; if you Google her name you will find she even did some hardcore work for a fetish site or two.  The other veteran is Brandy Miller; she sheds her clothes most often in this video, as she was wont to do in several straight to video releases in the late 1990's.  And then there Karen Chasen, a real cutie, and Laurel Dunne (who has the look and after-market equipment of a stripper) are one-time wonders who complete the quintet.  All but Laurel appear in nekkid scenes during the video; then in the bonus features are separate photoshoots for each of the five and finally the longest scene by far (some ten minutes) has all five of them posing together.  In that prolonged photoshoot you come to appreciate just how good Zoe Paul was at her job.  She makes the camera love her.

Along the way, playing women who pose for the website, are the following: 1) veteran B movie star, Susan Hale; 2) One-time wonder, who calls herself Alice Inchains, and does two lesbian scenes with Brandy Miller; 3) Two models credited as Andrea Kovacs and Karry Brown. They are credited as "nearly nude models" or some such but Andrea gives us a fine view of the holiest of holies and the adjacent territory.  Funny and confusing thing about Andrea is she is a pornstar who performed with the name, Allyson Chaines; so this movie has two women who did or would use the same semi-clever nom de porn; 4) A whole lotta unnamed women who were interviewed or posed at some time during the video.  One of them is recognizable as Katie Lohmann - she would go on to be Hefmate of the month for April 2001. The others are unknown to me, although one (who I labeled model 1) is gorgeous.  IMDB also tells us that scream queen Victoria De Mare is somewhere in this movie but I'll be darned if I could find her.  Finally, two anonymous strippers shed their clothes.

That's the sum total of the bare breasts and bums (and a very occasional full-frontal) in this Lawrence of Arabia of soft-core porn website mockumentaries.  The producers aimed for a special target and hit it dead in the center.

TODAY: part 6 of many: Karen Chasen (plus additional Karen material from the disc bonuses)


Monkey's Mask


A few additional collages.

Susie Porter

Kelly McGillis


Film Clips

Full frontal nudity from Danielle Dwyer in Bad Karma (2012) in 1080p

Antonia Santilli in Il Boss (1973) in 720p


A Katie Holmes downblouse/upskirt. Not sure what we can see, but this is an awesome picture!

Laurence Flahault in Chambre 327

Alexandra Mason in Bro'

Celebrity Bottoms:

Alba Rohrwacher in Come Undone

Anna Faris in The House Bunny

Candice Souchay in the premiere episode of No Limit

Cortney Palm in Sushi Girl

Danica Curcic in Over Kanten

Darya Melnikova in Steel Butterfly

Ekaterina Volkova in About Love

Jynx Vandersteen in Locked Down

Kimberly Klaver in Crimi Clowns

Lindsey Grubbs in RealityShow, s1e4

Nadine Velazquez in The League (s4e8)

Nicole Kidman in Billy Bathgate