Happy 2010



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Happy New Year to All!

Today is a Time Machine day.

The Godson


First up the legendary Uschi Digard in the 1971 classic "The Godson." Caps and a clip of those awesome boobs.



Bordel SS


Then we go to 1978 for a "Babe in Bondage", Barbara Moose in the obscure "Bordel SS." Barbara is all full frontal as she gets the shock treatment in these caps and a clip.




TV Land

Then over in TV Land a short trip back to last year and keeping with our recent theme of MILF we have Brooke Shields all leggy on "Leno." Caps and this clip.



Superdupermodel Anja Rubik

Polina Agureyeva in Euphoria

Diana Gomez and Ariadna Cabrol in Eloise (clips on yesterday's page)

Cecilia Bergqvist in Emmanuelle's Intimate Encounters

Brandy Miller in Emmanuelle's Intimate Encounters

Alice Henley on Rome

Kerry Condon on Rome

Polly Walker on Rome

Jennifer Jason Leigh in Fast Times at Ridgemont High


Film Clips