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I couldn't believe it when I typed in the date for this movie. Has it already been a quarter of a century? Maybe they will finally do a definitive DVD set for this 25th anniversary year. I would love to have one set with both versions of the film, plus all the other scenes which were seen in the workprints, plus whatever other footage Ridley Scott might have lying around, plus commentary/debate from Scott and Harrison Ford, who have nearly opposite opinions on every debatable topic raised by the movie. (Movie House Commentary)

The film was recently broadcast in HD on German TV, so I made some new caps from the HD broadcast. Below are some collages, followed by the raw HDTV caps in their full size

Joanna Cassidy (collages)
Joanna Cassidy (raw HD caps)



  • Slaughter's Big Rip-Off is a Blaxploitation pic from that genre's Golden Age. Mr. Slaughter was kind of a rip-off himself,  being basically Shaft with a different name. The co-stars were football legend Jim Brown and Budweiser-drinking legend Ed McMahon. I'll leave you to guess which one played the tough black guy. The film is considered one of the best in the genre, but the DVD caused quite a stir because it did not include the original James Brown score, and the music was always the best reason to watch these things. (Well, except for the naked chicks, of course.) The women are Pamela des Barres, Gloria Hendry, and Judith Brown. (Three avis zipped together.)





Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.





Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe). White asterisk: expanded format. Blue asterisk: not mine. No asterisk: it probably sucks.





Coming Apart (1969)

A psychiatrist is in some sort of mid life crisis, and rents an apartment in Manhattan where he entertains women, and tapes these encounters. He is avoiding his pregnant wife, and supposedly trying to document his collapse. The film, which was made for $2,000 (that's not a typo), takes place in a one-room apartment and is shot entirely by a single stationary camera aimed at a wall mirror across the room. Thus the film consists entirely of conversations mixed with some sexual encounters.

Coming Apart (1969) was writer/director Milton Moses Ginsberg's first and last film. Critics at the time hated it with very few exceptions. It played a few nights in theaters at the time, was buried by the savage reviews, and then finally resurfaced on DVD.  Despite its failure, Ginsberg says he made exactly the film he wanted, and claims he would do nothing different.  He feels that he was simply decades ahead of his time. Probably true, although its difficult to calculate how many decades since his time has yet to arrive. If he's still waiting, I hope has a perpetual calendar.

There are some positives. Ginsberg feels (with some justification) that he got excellent performances from Rip Torn and Sally Kirkland. Those two made the action seem real and improvised, even though the film was tightly scripted. And then there is the nudity, which is top-notch, especially considering the year. The sexual content was enough to earn the film an X rating. That could have been because of an orgy which included a cross-dresser, but probably had more to do with a stark naked Sally Kirkland masturbating on camera by humping Rip Torn's leg. In fact, she took the gold medal for leg-humping that year, defeating a heavily favored Aleutian dog sled team and a particularly inventive gay Pomeranian.

The 7.1 rating at IMDb proves Scoopy's maxim that there is an audience for nearly any film. Such a high score clearly demonstrates that Coming Apart does have a narrow appreciative audience, but I suspect that only a select few of the cinema verité crowd really enjoy anything about this except the nudity. That makes our proper score a C-.


Nudity includes breasts from Julie Garfield, Lois Markle as a woman with dozens of cigarette burns on her upper chest, and Lynn Swann as a young mother who tries to sell her body to Rip Torn. Sally Kirkland is naked for half the running time, including full frontal and rear nudity before her implants.


Julie Garfield (breasts)



Lois Markle (breasts)




Lynn Swann (breasts)



Sally Kirkland (full monty)





Scoop's notes:

On a side note, you will see that this particular Lynn Swann was definitely not a wide receiver, or a wide anything.

I wasn't quite as charitable as Tuna when I reviewed this some five years ago:


Rip Torn plays a psychiatrist who keeps an apartment in the city. In that apartment he secretly tapes his encounters with various women, almost all of a sexual nature. The entire movie is filmed by a single B&W camera shooting into a couch in front of a mirror. Neither the zoom nor the camera's position ever changes, more or less as if we were watching a compilation of secret tapes made by the psychiatrist character with a hidden camera.

This movie came out in 1969, lasted about a week in the theaters, and then disappeared until now. I'm sure existentialists and proponents of cinema verité would argue that this is a lost work of genius, but I was basically watching it with my jaw slack, except when I was fighting to stay awake.  Roger Ebert can't ever sit down to write his column and say "Boy, is this movie fucked up," but I can. And hereby do.

I was impressed by the actors' ability to maintain the illusion of reality, and with the hollow irony of some of the conversations, but not with much else. Anyway, the quality of the film is irrelevant. The key point for us is that this was some pretty naughty stuff back in 1969, including Sally Kirkland full-frontals, transvestites, an orgy, and a very strange scene in which a naked Kirkland masturbates by humping Torn's leg. The film was simply the lame justification which allowed all of that to occur on camera legally in the sixties.

I think it was Leonard Maltin who wrote the famous one-line review of a movie called From Hell It Came. The review: "And Back to Hell it Can Go."

The same review could apply here.







Been out of the loop for a long time.  Thought I should make amends with a big-ass New Year's post. First part yesterday. Here's the second installment.

Here's a movie called Pastries. Hankster did a bit of this several days ago from a clip of Uschi Digart that showed up on another disk.  Pastries itself, is one weird-ass mofoing movie.  It is classified as XXX because the scenes shot specifically for Pastries are intercut with short, grainy clips from what have to be  8 mm stag films.  So you get lots of insertion and money shots but all that action is from nameless and largely faceless folk. What Pastries is supposed to be is Uschi telling a friend back in Sweden all about her escapades in the U.S.  In addition to Uschi, the movie also has crossover pornstars Sandy Dempsey and Sandy Carey and B-movie starlets Barbara Mills and Peggy Church.  The Sandy's are nice to look at; Ms. Dempsey, in particular, has quite the rack.  All of the acting looks to be one-take, without a bit of rehearsal and the transfer is absolutely, positively atrocious.

Uschi Digard


Sandy Carey
Sandy Dempsey


Barbara Mills
Peggy Church

This next batch includes collages from several movies and three TV shows.  This is me fooling around with the HDTV I got for my birthday. That's true for all the collages except for the last one.  That is of a beauty Tuna captured long ago, named Rikki O'Neal.  

Evangeline Lilly on Lost
Helen Shaver in The Osterman Weekend
Joan Severance in Black Scorpion (probably a body double)
Lolita Davidovich in Intersection
Maggie Gyllenhaal in Secretary
Evangeline Lilly on Lost
Melissa George in Dark City
Mimi Rogers in The Door in the Floor
Penelope Ann Miller in Carlito's Way
Sondra Locke in Suzanne
Rikki O'Neill

The Last up are edits of paparazzi pics, featuring the divine Vida Guerra.  She has to have the most famous rumpus on the planet, unless you calculate these things on a per-pound basis.  Here are 18 edits  showing see-thru hooter action, acres of bare bum and something special in the last one.  That final collage is said to be from a stolen cell phone or some such craziness.  There are other pictures of more intimate body parts that may or may not be Vida's, but the ones in that collage are certainly hers.

Vida Guerra




A Very Happy New Year to all. On this New Year's Day the Time Machine travels back to 1985 and a rather obscure flick called "Christina." This one stars B-movie veteran Jewel Shepard and this cutie reveals it all in these caps and 7 zipped .wmv movie clips. The quality of the DVD was not the greatest but we have to look, because this is one hot babe who spends most of the movie stark naked, including some trademark "Babe in Bondage" scenes.





Notes and collages

The Supernatural Ladies

Cathy Podewell

 in Night of the Demons

Linnea Quigley

in Night of the Demons










Catch 'o the Day stars a new year looking pretty much the same as 2006 - with Lohan flashing. This time it's just a bit of a see-through in the Northern Hemisphere.

Lindsay Lohan



If my eyes are not playing tricks on me, it seems that the Olsen Twins are wearing the same dress except that one of them offers a see-through and the other does not.

Olsen Twins



Sons & Lovers

This was a two-part movie made for ITV in the UK. One IMDb commenter wrote: "The only good part of this long slog through the early part of the 20th century was that one of her sons had some pretty hot looking girlfriends who kept removing their corsets for pointless yet entertaining nude scenes. This at least kept me awake during the second installment.

Esther Hall


Sons & Lovers

Lyndsey Marshall