New Year's Day

Top 20 Nude Scenes of 2005

Now that they've spread out all the bowl games, the annual list of nude scenes is the only New Year's tradition really worth honoring


Rampage (2006)

I guess Brittany Daniel must have known the competition was stiff in 2005, so she postponed her big nude scene until the New Year. (The actual street date is January 10). Here she is in Rampage, the latest take on the Hillside Strangler affair. The caps are taken from these two DIVX .avis (1, 2). WARNING: the second clip is 28 meg, a monster for those of you without broadband.

Brittany Daniel


Other Crap:

Paris Hilton Digging for Crabs

Ricky Martin is absolutely not gay. Not even a little bit.

According to News of the World: "SUPERSTARS Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are expecting a baby"

'Sir' Tom Jones - Welsh Pop Star Knighted (Actual name: Sir Thomas Woodward)

Top 20 Public Domain Movie Torrents

Sports Illustrated Pictures Of The Year

Daily Box Office - Friday, December 30, 2005

  • No surprises. With no new releases this week, it's just more of the same. Narnia is back on top of Kong, but just barely
  • Munich is the highest in terms of revenues per screen.

The Dirty Dozen: The Twelve Worst-Reviewed Films of 2005

  • There were 32 films which received fewer than 10% positive reviews, per RT
  • Forty films had a Metacritic score below 32/100 (Equal to worse than one and a quarter stars out of four.)
  • 35 films were rated below 3.7 at IMDB
  • Twelve films appeared on all three lists, and they are summarized on the linked chart.
  • There was no consensus this year, unlike last year, which saw Superbabies crawl away from the competition.
  • According to RT, the worst-reviewed film of the year was King's Ransom, which received no good reviews at all out of 42. Running neck and neck with it was Alone in the Dark, with 1% positive reviews out of 111.
  • According to Metacritic, the worst reviews belonged to David DeFalco's Chaos, with an impressive average score of 3/100!
  • According to IMDb voters, the worst film of the year was In The Mix, which is currently sporting an 1.5 score!
  • In comparing all three lists, I concluded that the consensus "winner" was Ewe Boll's Alone in the Dark, followed by King's Ransom and Son of the Mask.
  • I was very fortunate this year. The only one of the twelve I had to watch was Dirty Love.

The Onion's Ten Best of 2005

Viral Video: The 10 Best of 2005

retroCRUSH: The 100 Most Annoying Things of 2005

Tom Cruise Voted "Most Irritating Star Of All Time"

  • More annoying than Julia Roberts, Ben Affleck, or James Spader? Come now. Cruise is only annoying off screen, and I never see that anyway.

POLL: Laura Bush is significantly more popular than her husband.

  • Of course, the importance of that accomplishment is diminished somewhat by the fact that Charles Manson and Carrot Top are also more popular than the President.

Naked women. The most important New Year's tradition of all.

PC Christmas Carol for Next Year: Unisex-Name the Colored Body-Part Animal

Scientists Discover Most Boring Substance Ever

  • Surprisingly, it has nothing to do with Al Franken

The Worst Gifts of 2005

  • My First Deep Fryer
  • Betsy Crapsy
  • Chevy Chase Show DVD Boxed Set

Dick Clark 'Not 100%' as Clock Is Ticking

"A rash of stolen toilets in Jacksonville has city police thinking the previously unthinkable: Serial toilet thief on the loose."

RIAA lawyers bully witnesses into perjury

  • This is scary. When caught in the act, the lawyer who suborned perjury said, "It didn't matter, someone is going to be responsible and someone is going to have to pay." Then the lawyer threatened that unless the defendant paid $4,000.00 immediately, his client authorized him to conduct extensive discovery which would only increase the amount that he would eventually owe.
  • Translated out of lawyer talk, he said, "You have caught me committing s serious crime which should get me disbarred and possibly even have to face prison time. To punish you, my client will sue you for far more." Nice racket!

Out of Africa Asia.

Previously unknown Windows security flaw is 'severe'

Recording Industry vs The People: Programmer Challenges RIAA "Investigation"



Movie Reviews:

Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe). White asterisk: expanded format. Blue asterisk: not mine. No asterisk: it probably sucks.




"Hotel Exotica"

Hotel Exotica (1998) -- What do you get when you take all of the simulated sex and most of the nudity out of a soft core? Hotel Exotica. This film is supposed to run 88 minutes, but this "Directors Cut" DVD version is only 71 minutes. So what was in the additional 17 minutes? All of the simulated sex, including a purportedly sizzling girl/girl scene between Ahmo Hight and Taylor St. Claire, and most of the nudity. Ahmo Hight, Landon Hall and Gal Lawrence show breasts and buns, and Nikki Fritz, in a 9 second scene probably recycled from another film, shows breasts.

After this castration, the film is mostly very boring relationship talk. Hall is the unsatisfied wife of a workaholic lawyer. In hopes of revitalizing their relationship, she books a weekend at the Hotel Exotica. When he bows out, she goes anyway, taking her sister, Ahmo Hight, who has just discovered her boyfriend cheating with Nikki Fritz. Her husband and his partner show up after all when the client they were working hard for drops them. Eventually, Hall and her hubby get together, and Hight and the partner become an item. Taylor St. Claire plays the resident psychic, but all of her nudity was cut. Gal Lawrence, as the hostess fo the hotel, does a mild dom thing with the partner.

IMDb readers have this at 4.1, but some of the higher scores came from people who viewed the uncut version rather than the DVD director's cut. It is easy to see from the comments which version each person watched. The only reviewer also despises this version. The transfer is clearly done from a VHS version, and is grainy and mushy. Avoid this at all costs. E.

Ahmo Hight

Gal Lawrence

Landon Hall

Nikki Fritz


The Ghost kicks off the New Year with Wendy Rice baring breasts and bum in scenes from an episode ofthe late night series, "Best Sex Ever".

Happy New Year to all!!

On this first day of the New Year, we take the old Time Machine back to the seventies for a visit with venerable B-Movie babe Pam Grier in "Foxy Brown".

So here's Pam Grier as she winds up as a "Babe in Bondage" with those mammoth hooters exposed.

Next up we have Pam Grier and Juanita Brown both in their undies.

First of all I wish our founding father, Uncle Scoopy, his gang and of course each and every one of you a Happy New Year.

And let us start 2006 with a Fun House regular of whom we've hadn't clips before, if my memory serves me right. Asia Argento is no stranger to this page and today we'll uncover her in 10 clips from B. Monkey (1998). If you download all the clips you'll get more about 7 minutes of Asia in various degrees of undress.

If you want to know more about this movie, please read Scoop's review in the Movie House


Hollywood Sins (2000) is an exuberant erotic drama with more than a little to entertain. I will get to the details tomorrow. But for now let us consider she who is somtimes known as Mia Zottoli, other times as Ava Lake, occasionally as just plain Mia, once as Ava Niche (apparently to fill a niche market) and twice as Phyllisha. IMDb has her in 36 movies of one sort or another, a few videotapes and several titty-cable shows. Spiffy.

There is no rhyme and no reason to Mia’s change of names. She started out in 1997 as Mia but broke out with a vengeance in 1999 with at least seven direct-to-video productions. Sometimes she was still Mia but sometime in 1999 she took on the name of Ava Lake. In all the 1999 productions (e.g. Forbidden Highway, Carnal Desire and Hot Club California) and in several dated 2000 (Diary of Lust and Hollywood Sins) she sported a nice, natural body. Mia has long legs, narrow hips and killer abs. She once had hooties that were not Jennifer Connely’s, to say the least, but were just fine thank you. But starting with Last Lane to Vegas (2000) and for productions thereafter Mia displayed an enhanced superstructure. Enhanced in terms of size. Quality is another question.

In Mia’s career she has played a stripper a half-dozen times, done at least that number of lesbo scenes and sport-humped her way through one picture after another. I more than sorta like her. When her hair was long her large eyes and athletic figure made for some impressive scenery. Nowhere is that truer than in Hollywood Sins. She is at her most attractive in this movie, and for that reason I capped the living bejeebers out of her scenes...two sport-humpin with a guy, one muff-diving with Kim Dawson and one post-coital scene in which she wander around fully frontally nekkid. Good stuff.

There is one interview of Mia online in which the one critical question (Why the name changes, dearie?) was never asked. One very good question was asked-- does she feel the competition for screen time and extreme body exposure that has happened with the introduction of so many pornstars in erotic movies? Her claim is that she feels no competition because she is moving on to other, more mainstream adventures. Uh huh. She was in nothing last year and except for an episode of Boston Public in 2001, when she played a stripper, there is not much sign of movement to anything outside DTV and titty cable erotic productions. She might have also reminded the questioner of her performance in Hollywood Sins, because in this movie Mia shows absolutely, positively everything. The gynocam comes out a couple of times. She are talking legs spread mighty wide. Even the protocam makes an appearance as Mia’s boyfriend grabs her cheeks and spreads em. Not one inch left covered and unexposed.

Well, because Mia looks as good as she ever would in this movie and because she gives up such major goodies I grabbed over 200 frames and put the best of em together in 23 collages. Took me forever. Kinda worth it, though.


Mia Zottoli
"Hollywood Sins"




'Caps and comments by Dann:

France's strange 2002 drama/romance with a touch of fantasy/Sci-Fi requires some patience of the viewer as it plods in parts, but your patience will be rewarded with a very different and mostly interesting movie.

Graham suffers from recurring memory loss. He may remember you for an hour or so, sometimes longer, but he most likely won't know you tomorrow. He doesn't recognize his wife, son, or best friend, except as entries in a notebook he keeps with him to define his identity. Since he can't remember his family, he lives alone.

Graham works as a photocopy clerk for a conniving female boss who uses his problem to have sex with him every day. Of course, he never remembers it. A newly employed young woman falls in love with Graham, but she is confronted with having to conquer him anew each day. To cope, she'll have to remember for both of them.

An interesting if slow-paced movie, with a slightly twisty ending.

Anna Mouglalis Paz Vega

From is Canadian babe Brigitte Bako baring breasts, a hint of pubes and gettin' freaky with a snake in scenes from 1993's "Dark Tide".

The Skin-meister helps us kick off the New Year with Catherine Hicks showing just a bit of nipple in scenes from "Eight Days a Week" (1997).

Most Fun Housers probably know her best from "Star Trek IV", or as the Mom on the long running WB series, "7th Heaven".